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Longsword Landing
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevilR2@aol.com>
Date: 19 August 2003, 10:18 PM

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      Field Master Zuna 'Miuramee shielded his eyes as he watched the Ancients ring world break apart in the sky. He stood on the soft dust of the moon, Basis, stationed there as part of a research team. He stood a yards off from the research team's command center, a large, lavender-purple metal dome. The Elite wore a bulky space suit in place of his armor. 'Miuramee lowered his hand and turned around, walking towards the command center. Passing two Ghosts, four Banshees, and a Seraph, he strode up to the airlock. A light panel came on in front of the airlock, displaying several symbols. He touched one of the symbols and the airlock door opened and 'Miuramee stepped through. Once the door had closed and atmosphere had filled the room he pulled his helmet off and turned off his suit's breathing unit. But when the second door opened the Elite saw ten Grunts sitting at a table talking.
       "Yerig! Balap! Why aren't you at your posts?! And the rest of you! Why aren't you at your stations?!" 'Miuramee yelled at the Grunts. Two of the Grunts, Yerig and Balap, ran over to the airlock and stood on each side of the door, taking out their needlers and began looking very important.
      The other Grunts, except for one, scampered over to sensor readout stations, sat in their chairs and faced their computers. The one remaining at the table stared defiantly into the Elites eyes. "Why?! It's not like we do anything important around here!" said the Grunt. "Jaraw, get to your station!" yelled the Elite, walking over to the Grunt. Looking up at 'Miuramee, Jaraw pulled out his plasma pistol and aimed it at the Elite. "No," he said, firmly. Suddenly 'Miuramee raised his foot and kicked the Grunt in the chest, sending him flying into the wall across the room. Jaraw's broken body bounced off and fell onto the floor, leaving blue blood splattered on the wall.
      The other Grunts continued what they were doing, pretending like nothing happened. "Gargep! Scan the area where the ring world was and inform me if there is any human craft in the vicinity," ordered 'Miuramee. "Right away, Excellency," replied the Grunt at the station nearest to 'Miuramee. "Yaraf, give me the location of the closest warship of ours to here," the Elite ordered another Grunt. "Of course, Excellency."
      A few seconds later Gargep reported to 'Miuramee. "Excellency, there is a small human attack craft headed this way, it appears to be suffering some sort of engine failure," the Grunt said. "How long until it lands?" asked 'Miuramee. "A few micro-units, Excellency."
      Yaraf reported next. "The closest warship is the Redemption, which is stationed on the far side of Threshold, Excellency." "Very well. Yaraf, send out a low-priority transmission that a small human fighter has escaped the ring world and is about to land here. Gargep, Yerig, Balap, Rurig, Darep, and Yuran, come with me. The rest of you stay here," The Elite commanded, putting his helmet back on.
      Four of the Grunts sitting at the computer desks got up and pulled out their plasma pistols and walked over to 'Miuramee. 'Miuramee walked back into the airlock and the Grunts followed. When the door closed behind them 'Miuramee turned on his breathing unit while the atmosphere was sucked out of the airlock. The second door opened and 'Miuramee stepped out of the command center. "Excellency, look!" said one of the Grunts, Yerig. 'Miuramee looked at where the Grunt was pointing and saw a human ship smash into the moon's surface, dust slowly mushrooming upward in the low gravity.

       "Chief? Chief, are you all right?" Cortana's voice echoed in the Master Chief's head. Ever since he turned the engines back on everything went wrong in his Longsword. First, the starboard engine overheated due to a coolant failure, causing the emergency computer to permanently shut it down. Then an ammo explosion blew the port wing off, forcing the Chief to steer the fighter toward the moon and buckle up.
       "Yeah, I'm fine," said the Spartan. "Good, because we've got company," said the female AI. The Master Chief got up and climbed out of the back of the Longsword. Approaching him were an Elite and six Grunts, their weapons drawn. The Chief pulled out his assault rifle and sprayed the Grunts with armor-piercing rounds. Four of the Grunts went down before the Chief had to hide inside the Longsword away from the needler rounds. He saw blue plasma shots zipping past the exit ramp, now pointing upward.
      The Chief stood back up and fired, bringing the Elite's shields down and a bullet penetrated his head, sending his brains drifting downward. The last two Grunts tried to run, but the Chief sent bullets ripping through their environment suits, methane pouring out, sending their bodies slowly spinning toward Threshold. The Chief dropped from the Longsword onto the ground and walked over to the large metal dome. He climbed into the Seraph and flew off.

      Lapag the Grunt sat at his sensor station. "What was that?" he asked the only other Grunt in the room, Rayag. "What was what?" Rayag said. "That noise. It sounded like a Seraph taking off," replied Lapag. "Maybe that stupid Elite ditched us. Good riddance I say."