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For the Ancients
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevilR2@aol.com>
Date: 15 August 2003, 9:51 PM

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Ship Master Garbeg 'Ikoturamee watched from his contol room through a data projection as the Ancients' holy relic slowly broke apart in the silence of space. Without knowing it, his mandibles began to click very fast from the rage he felt. Not only had the disgusting filth destroyed a holy structure, but they had killed hundreds of thousands of Covenant warriors. "And here demonstrates the consequences of failure," said Hura 'Rakilamee, speaking on the Minor Prophet's behalf. The Prophet hovered next a few feet behind 'Ikoturamee. "The burden of this war has now increased on every soldier in this Covenant because of this," he continued. "The one responsible for the destruction of the sacred relic is a human called Masster Cheef. If the warrior 'Zamamee had killed this Masster Cheef, for such were his orders, this would not have happened. But now we all have paid for his failure. So this must be asked of you, 'Ikoturamee, what will you do to right this failure?" 'Ikoturamee suddenly stopped clicking his mandibles. "What I will do, Exalted? The question should be HOW I am going to do it! Because I will track this filthy, revolting human and I will capture him! Then I will enjoy killing him myself for this crime against the Ancients! He will pay for this resistance against the power of the Covenant!" yelled 'Ikoturamee. "Remember that you are speaking to an Exalted One, but the raising of your voice will be forgiven this time, for the Exalted One is pleased to see this eagerness to seek vengence. But remember, rashness is the path to failure," responded 'Rakilamee. 'Ikoturamee pulled up another data projection, showing the craft that the human had escaped in. He touched symbol on a light panel, which began to glow red. "'Yazaramee, track that human craft. Report to me immediatly any changes."Yes Excellency," replied a voice. Never had a holy relic been destroyed, espiecally by humans. But to have one human destroy a relic? He was indeed worthy of death. Thousands of buried secrets had been lost to space, never to be discovered. Yes, 'Ikoturamee would enjoy personally breaking this humans limbs off one by one... "Excellency, the remaining parts of the sacred structure have cleared, and an odd looking craft remains. What shall I do about this...thing, Excellency?" asked a voice coming from the light panel. 'Ikoturamee looked back at the first data projection, which displayed a small blue sphere flying around, with a light source at it's center. "Launch a Seraph to capture it. I want to know what it is," answered 'Ikoturamee. "Right away, Excellency." 'Ikoturamee had the fortune to partake in many of the Covenant assaults against the filth. His ship was responsible for the annihiliation of over twelve of the vermins' space craft in the battle for the planet that the humans called 'Reech'. But 'Ikoturamee had never seen a human as strong as this Masster Cheef except on one occasion. He saw the destruction of four of the Covenant's greatest ships by one human 'destroyer', as the humans called them. But, 'Ikoturamee had soon learned, the Ship Master of that ship, called 'Keez', was killed a few days ago. "Excellency," said a voice from the light panel, interrupting his thoughts, "we have the strange craft in the prison bay. You might want to talk with him, Excellency, he continuously babbles about finding a Reekliamer and taking an index." 'Ikoturamee pressed a symbol, "Bring it to me." "Yes, Excellency." Another voice, 'Yazaramee's, talked this time, "Excellency, the human craft has docked with a C-9 Human Attack Ship." "Prepare to fire plasma torpeados," 'Ikoturamee ordered. "It might not be wise to do that, 'Ikoturamee," spoke up 'Rakilamee. "And why not?! Every single disgusting creature on that ship deserves to die and you advise me not to kill them?!" 'Ikoturamee lashed out, turning around to face 'Rakilamee and taking a step forward. "As was said before, rashness is the path to failure. Did it not enter your thinking that since this human escaped from one of the Ancients' most holy structures, he might have taken some thing of the Ancients? For the Scripts of the Ancients tell of a sacred index. Would it not be possible that this Masster Cheef is the Reeklaimer that this odd thing speaks of, and he has stolen the index of the Ancients?" answered 'Rakilamee. "Apologies, Exalted," 'Ikoturamee humbly said. The Prophet behind 'Rakilamee nodded slowly, making him bounce lightly in the air. 'Ikoturamee pressed a symbol on the light panel, "Cancel the previous order," he said. After he took his hand away from the light panel he turned to face 'Rakilamee and the Prophet. "What is suggested that I do, then?" he asked. "Talk with this thing that speaks of an index. If the index is not aboard the human ship, you are free to destroy it. But if the Masster Cheef has possession of the index you must capture him," advised 'Rakilamee. "Yes, Exalted," said 'Ikoturamee. Suddenly two elites and a blue sphere hovering a few feet off the ground were lifted up to the command deck by a gravity beam. "This is the thing picked up from the relic's debris field," reported one of the elites, poking the sphere with his plasma rifle. "You," said 'Ikoturamee, addressing the blue thing, "what is this index you speak of and who has it?" "It is the index of all knowledge," said the sphere, speaking fluently in the elites tongue, "and it is needed to activate any ring world's defenses against the Flood," 'Ikoturamee winced when he heard the name of the most frightening of creatures, "And, as the Monitor of Installation 004, it is essential that I retrieve it to activate the defenses. The treacherous Reclaimer has the index." 'Ikoturamee brought up another data projection, showing the Master Chief slaughtering Covenant warriors on the ruined Halo. "Is this the Reeklaimer?" asked 'Ikoturamee, pointing to the data projection. "Why, yes. That is the Reclaimer," responded the blue thing. "How do these defenses work?" asked the elite. "They kill all sentient life, once all are active, for several light years, leaving no food source for the Flood. Will you help me retrieve the index?" asked the Monitor. Despite being kept and studied by the Ancients, 'Ikoturamee hated the Flood, but he would not allow them to be starved to death by the destruction of the Covenant. "We will retrieve it, but the defenses shall not be activated," 'Ikoturamee answered firmly. "If you will not assist me I must find another who will," replied the Monitor. Suddenly a voice came on through the light panel. "Excellency! Multiple aliens have taken control of the engine room! They are some sort of flying robotic craft, and they're trying to cause a plasma core overload, which-" there was a loud explosion and the transmission ended.

The Master Chief exited his Longsword fighter that he had used to escape from Halo and walked onto the deck of the Gargoyle, one of Admiral Freemont's cruisers. The Chief was greeted by Captain McDowland. "Welcome aboard Master Chief," the Captain said, "I would fill you in on what's happened in the last two weeks, but Admiral Freemont want to talk to you himself. Also, the ship is without an AI, so I would like to borrow Cortana." "No. She stays with me," the Master Chief replied without hesitation. Normally he would never refuse a superior officers orders, but Cortana had the index. "Chief, as a higher ranking officer, I order you to hand over Cortana," the Captain demanded. "She stays with me. She has the index." "What is the index?" asked Captain McDowland, but before the Chief had time to respond Cortana said, "Look!" The Master Chief looked out a window. A huge Covenant ship was approaching the Gargoyle at a fast rate of speed. "Mother of God," said the Captain, "we're dead." Suddenly a massive plasma explosion tore through the Covenant ship's center, splitting the ship in half, and smaller explosions followed. "What the hell is going on? I had better get back to the bridge," said the Captain.

When Captain McDowland returned to the bridge Lieutenant Hallings immediately reported, "Captain, I am detecting an small sphere shaped craft in the center of the Covenant ship's debris." "Is it Covenant built?" asked the Captain. "I don't know. I don't think so Sir," replied the Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Kedara, launch a Longsword to pick up this sphere thing. I want to know what it is."