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Visions of Purity Part 1: The Spartan
Posted By: xitWOUND117
Date: 19 February 2004, 11:25 PM

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0835 Hours, September 2, 2552 (Military Calendar)/[LOCATION CLASSIFIED]

      John, his back against the wall, slowly walked forward. He set his foot down as quietly as he could, but there was still a slight metallic clang at every step. A red dot blinked to life on his motion sensor. John stopped moving and put his MA5B against his shoulder. A blue-armored Elite walked through a nearby doorway ten feet away from John. The Covenant warrior looked at the Spartan pressed against the wall and roared. John jumped into the air, set his feet against the metal wall, and launched himself at the Elite. The Elite hastily tried to fire at the human, but John's armored fist impacted with the alien's face. The Elite crumpled to the ground. Bones jutted out of his mutilated face at odd angles. John stepped over the body and walked through the doorway.
      Purple, blue, and red lights from holopanels filled the room John was now in. Code written in weird symbols scrolled across the walls; three-dimensional displays of Covenant ships were scattered around the room, made entirely of light.
      Aside from the light given off by the holopanels, the room was extremely dark. John cautiously stepped further into the room, his rifle aimed straight ahead. Suddenly a series of footsteps thudded across the room. John spotted an Elite emerge from the dark corner of the room. The Spartan tightened his grip on the assualt rifle and watched to see if the Elite had spotted him. The Covenant soldier, clad in yellow armor, stopped at a holopanel and began sorting the code into divisions of light, oblivious. John slowly crept up behind the Elite and pulled out his M6D pistol. Stopping a few feet behind the massive alien, John raised his sidearm and held it a few inchs away from the Elite's neck. Two flashes of light lit up the room and a loud scream echoed off the silent walls.
      John clicked on his COM channel. "I'm in."
      "Good," replied a voice, "Look at the walls. There should be some Covenant code projected onto them."
      "I see them," said John.
      "Find the source of the light. There should be some form of a memory card inserted into the source," instructed the voice.
      John looked around and saw a large purple machine projecting the code onto the walls. The Spartan walked over to the machine and searched for something that looked like a memory card. A small rectangular object was barely protruding out of the code-projector. John carefully pulled the object out and looked at it. It sure looked like a data storage device.
      Suddenly the machine emitted a loud noise as the parts of the projector folded into itself. With a loud metallic bang it reduced itself to an oddly shaped metal rectangular box; what looked like a keyboard and display panel stuck out of the front of the box.
      John turned around and surveyed the room. The code no longer scrolled across the walls, making the area darker than before. He walked out of the room and over the dead Elite's body, then climbed up a nearby ladder. Pushing the hatch at the top open, John looked at the area beyond. Mostly Grunts and Jackals patrolled the large docking bay; a few Elites could be seen commanding the lesser aliens.
      John pulled out a plasma grenade and hit the activation button. He quickly determined the distance to his target and threw the grenade at an angle. The grenade hissed as it came down on an Elite's head. The Covenant warrior shook his head as hard as he could, screaming, trying to get the grenade off while the Grunts and Jackals around him dove for cover. The glowing blue grenade exploded in a bright blue flash of plasma. Purple blood spurted everywhere as the Elite's body was ripped apart by the force of the explosion. John jumped out of the ladder-well and aimed his assualt rifle at a group of neaby Covenant, squeezing the trigger. Grunts screamed and ran while Jackals desperatly tried to mount a counter-offensive while hiding behind their shields. John stopped firing once all the Grunts had been massacred and aimed his rifle at the feet of the Jackals. The slightly exposed flesh was enough to doom the aliens. John lightly pulled the trigger of his rifle and two rounds tore through a Jackals foot. The alien put his shield over his head and tried to run, but John mowed him down with a hail of bullets.
      Two other Jackals panicked and ran. John whipped out his M6D and put a round into each of the Covenants' heads. Their bodies dropped to the metal floor and their shields shut off. A single Grunt remained, who ran around in circles; frightened. John walked over to the screaming alien and grabbed him by the shoulder. Picking him up, John brought the Grunt face to face with himself. "I am going to let you live," said the Spartan. The methane-breathing animal just growled and threw his pistol at the human, then started reaching for a plasma grenade. John slammed his fist into the Grunt's chest, sending it flying into a nearby wall. A fleshy 'thud' echoed around the docking bay as John wiped the light blue blood off of his armor.
      The sound of a Pelican engine broke the silence in the bay. A Pelican dropship set down on the bay floor near where John stood. The Spartan jumped into a seat, buckled himself in, and the dropship took off again.

      Ano 'Ikamamee walked into the bridge of the Herald of Justice. The gold-armored Elite a few yards away looked at him. "You summoned me, Excellency?" said 'Ikamamee.
      "I did," answered the gold Elite, who was in command of the entire ship. 'Ikamamee had always marveled at the unimaginable lengths one had to take to gain command of such a ship as the Herald of Justice. The Herald of Justice was an impressive ship, not including the fact that it now carried the newest weapon of the Covenant.
      "'Ikamamee, yesterday I ordered you to slaughter the "shipments". Why are they not dead?" the Elite demanded.
      "I ordered a great deal of our warriors to kill the new filth, as you wished. Every soldier of ours was murdered without a single loss to the disgusting rats, Excelleny," 'Ikamamee replied.
      "Very well," said the commanding Elite.
      "Shall I order more of our warriors to exterminate the filth?" asked 'Ikamamee.
      "No. I will consult with the higher ones. These new humans may prove very useful..." answered the Elite.
      "Will you have me do anything else, Excellency?"
      "No, return to your post, 'Ikamamee."
      "Right away, Excellency." 'Ikamamee spun around on one foot and walked off the bridge.

      John felt the tug on his harness as the Pelican landed in the UNSC Kahldana's docking bay. He released his harness and stepped out of the dropship onto the docking bay's gray metal floor. A private walked up to him and saluted. John returned the salute.
      "Captain Hollbright wants you on the bridge right away, sir!" said the Marine. John nodded.
      "Thank you, private," John said.
      "Of course, sir!" The Marine walked off to return to his post. John walked over to a nearby elevator and stepped in. He hit a button and the doors closed. The elevator lifted him to the bridge of the Kahldana without John noticably feeling the movement. Soon the doors reopened and John stepped out. He marched over to the doors leading to the bridge. The doors slid open and John walked past the officer stations to where the captain stood.
      "Captain Hollbright," said the Spartan, saluting the grizzled old soldier. Hollbright turned around and returned John's salute. An eyepatch covered the Captain's left eye, partly covering up a scar that ran down his forehead and onto his cheek.
      "Spartan-117," said the Captain, nodding.
      "Good work. Give me the memory card," ordered Hollbright. John took out the card and handed it to his superior.
      "Yes, the Colonel will be very pleased with this," Hollbright smiled. The Lieutenant in charge of the COM station suddenly whispered, "Good god," and got out of his seat, walking over to the Captain.
      "What is it Lieutenant?" asked Hollbright.
      "New orders have arrived for the Spartan, sir. And... they are pretty unbelievable," answered the officer. Captain Hollbright walked over to the Lieutenant's computer and surveyed the screen. Hollbright's eyes widened suddenly.
      "Spartan, come 'ere," said the Captain. John walked over to the COM station.
      "Does this make any sense to you?" the Captain asked, pointing at the screen. John leaned over to see the screen and read the new orders. They read:

      United Nations Space Command Priority Transmission 09973A-20
      Encryption Code:
      Public Key: file/ackerson/colonel/siireachorder/
      From: James Ackerson, Colonel (UNSC Service Number: 09361-22478-JA)
      To: Captain Hollbright, Commanding officer UNSC Kahldana/ (UNSC Service Number: 17508-20737-LH)
      Subject: NEW ORDERS/J-117
      Classification: SECRET (BGX Directive)

      /start file/

      Much information about the Spartan's next mission is classified, and will remain so, so I will make this brief. Reach has fallen into the hands of the Covenant and they have glassed almost the entire planet. A small portion of Reach has been left untouched and they are currently landing troops onto the surface. All of the human forces on the planet are presumed dead. Spartan J-117 must be secretly dropped onto the surface and detonate the prototype bombs named "Novas". Arming procedures and satellite photographs showing the location of the bombs are attached.

      Colonel Ackerson
      /end file/

      "Not really, sir," said John, "I had no idea Reach had fallen."
      "This information is very grave. If what he says is true, humanity has little time left," said the Captain.
      "Well, let's see how many of those bastards we can take down." Hollbright turned to the NAV officer.
      "Lieutenant Evenka, set a course for the Reach System," he ordered. "Lieutenant Brevins," he said to the COM officer, "send a transmission to Colonel Ackerson that the Spartan will be dropped onto the planet's surface as soon as possible."
      "Yes, sir. Right away, sir," said the Lieutenant.
      "Get yourself to the cryobay, Master Chief," said the Captain.
      "Yes sir," said John, saluting, and he walked off the bridge.

Thanks for reading this, and please give me some feedback. But please do not tell me my date is messed up, and that there is no way John was doing these things. There is an explanation that will come in the later parts of this story. Also, I'm sorry its so short, but the next parts will be longer. This is just my first time returning to writing in a few months.