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At the End of the Tunnel: A Poem
Posted By: Xaos Rapture<rahke@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 September 2004, 12:46 AM

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Down, down, the demon.
Down he goes,
Past the world,
Past the snows.

Lie there he does,
Fighting for an unjust cause,
He took his own life,
By facing me.

But more are coming.
Victory won't last.
Do we even have a chance,
At survival.

What reason is there?
Because their gods said so,
But what is god but what you make of it?

We must regroup,
We will survive.
Doom shall not take us this day,
Only the next.

Terra cries her final tears,
As the sun sets on her final day.
Before the night,
As the moon shines.

Neither Alpha or Omega,
Only somewhere in between.
But that is how it shall remain.
I am making sure.

The end is coming,
But I won't let it.
As he lies here,
He is only mortal.

As I