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Darkside of War
Posted By: xX0 JACKAL 0Xx<jacaliber@gmail.com>
Date: 25 October 2006, 4:40 am

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What is the worst part of war. Is it the moral of it. The part where soldiers can't live with happy ever after.


"Strip that demon of his black armor and his rank. From there throw him in the cells with dishonorable discharge
Brutes." Ordered the brute officer.

As he lift the room. He muttered,

"There going to love him."

That was the last of the Squad Leader Sgt.Armstrong and the rest of the squad is killed by a brute firing squad.


Sgt.Armstrong was briefing in a garage.

"Alright men we are going to be pursuing a Sharpshooting jackal. ONI has intell on him around a storage facility near here. Any questions?"

PFC. Rojas rudely asked.

"Sir, why are we going after a jackal!"

"Why? Because our officers can't seem to keep there damn heads down. Because they love being loud mouth hotshots that look like squirrels like you."

"Any more questions>"

"Sir. What is our transport." Asked PFC. Rojas.

"Warthogs now shut up damn it before I beat you with the ugly stick."


"Sgt.Armstrong, I thought we were ODSTs."

The Sargeant looked at Cpl.Newlyn in amusement.

"Thats a good question. EVERYONE HUDDLE I HAVE A STORY!!!"

"Once apon a time there was a platoon and they all got stupid in there orbit pods and all got dead. United Nations Space Command Prohibited us from our wings.

Sgt.Armstrong slam his fist on the warthog and yelled everyone to double time it into the warthog.

By noon they were off.


To those who know eagle squad was Across the Bridge. At the front end of the storage flats. One Klick away from the back end. At the view was a straight alley big metal box after another. It look like it went forever.
The three warthogs went in a Triangular formation.

They were a quarter into there patrol when they encounterd a problem. A jackal came out of a storage unit. He grab from his back a beam rifle. He hold his breath and aimed and fired. The beam shattered the window and hit Pvt. Balto's torso. It had such great velocity that it caved in the torso.

The whole patrol stoped everyone got out and got cover.

Sgt.Armstrong yelled "Balto is dead!"

PFC.Rojas charged the jackal like a damn fool. He was running and gunning. The jackal quickly releave the rifle rolled into defence with his shield. As Rojas was charging after the jackal a brute intercepted him and pick Rojas up by his head. Rojas was roaring in pain and fear his face was turing colors. Next was a bunch of fluid spraying from Rojas head. The brute threw him to a storage unit.

PVT.Foster saw his friend die and horror. The brute lung a grenade at the spaced out soldier. Pvt. Foster felt the burning of the "stickie" on his back. He jumped on the Warthog and ran. It detonated killing him and blowing up a warthog. Shrapnel from the warthog decapitated PVT.Becker.

Cpl.Newlyn and Sgt.Armstrong focus there fire on the brute. It was a short shootout. The brute droped dead after two clips killed him. The jackal was retreating and Pvt. Rosales chased after him with his smg. A unexpected flanking ghost came from beside Rosales and hit him at top speed into a garage unit. Newlyn ran towards the garage unit that rosales was killed and cook a frag in it. Killing the ghost rider. Newlyn then chased after the jackal. He saw the jackal run around the corner. He followed him. It was there he saw two brutes looking down at him. He looked down and pulled two pins and close his eyes. PFC.Foster and Sgt.Armstrong heard the explosion. A dropship came from behind both of them. A firing squad landed and shot at PFC.Foster killing him.

The firing squad took Sgt.Armstrong as a POW and that was the last of eagle squad.

The only evidence is on the Videos that was recorded that mission by the dead soldiers.

The sharpshooting jackal is currently the highest decorated jackal. He is now known as Prophet of Truth most honored.

The area that Eagle squad was patrolling was soon taken by truth's military.

All the United Nations Space Command Officers were picked out one by one.