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Soldiers & Saints (RD)
Posted By: xX0 JACKAL 0Xx<jacaliber@gmail.com>
Date: 9 January 2007, 5:05 am

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Mexico City,Mexico

Eight men went off patrol near a church. Sergeant Newburg barked to the crewmen. "Plant that Machine Gun near the Archway everyone else stay by the courtyard!" The Crewmen were biting on there lip. There nerves were nowhere related to the ODSTs. "You men are showing weakness. How can I focus if I cant trust a man who can't show control?" said Corporal Aarons.

In the courtyard Private First Class Baker yelled at Aarons. " Come overhere Corporal! Look what I found?" "What is it." In his gloves was a kitten.
Aarons eyes begin to water. "Are you crying?" "Shut your fuckin mouth! I remember having one as a kid." "You are! A Sarge---!"

A sharp beam rip the air. Corporal Aarons fell to his knees the kitten jumped and ran toward the bushes. Blood gush in Baker's face. He wipe the blood from his eyes and looked down and saw Aarons' visor there was broken glass with blood gushing out of a faceless man.

"SNIPER!" The machine gun nest openfired toward the trajectory of the beam. "Hold fire!" barked Becker. He jumped over the gated couryard and sprinted across the street to the deli buiding of the sniper location. He open the door and turn toward the half-open window and down were a jackal laid."son of bitch."

He went toward the window. and gave the all clear sign to the others across the street. As his eyes peeled at the sunset he notice a ripple. A reflection of him and a gorilla beast behind him. It roared. "Jesus."
He looked at the Crucifix at the church across the street. and felt the brute grab his neck. The world went dark.

From across the street the crewmen looked and saw a ODST figure thrown out the window. "Demons!" roared the brute. Sergeant Newburg announce over the com. " Men, I'm reading a pack of tangos." The ODST got in postions. Corporal Frost looked at the tinted glass window. "I'm sorry baby Jesus." He elbowed the glass. The others did the same. "Son of bitch." "Whats wrong Blackhawk?" "My window has the bushes."

Sergeant Newburg snap his fingers. "Here have mine." Blackhawk responed. "Dont snap your fingers." "Why im higher rank. So shut up and snipe." "Asshole." Corporal Frost Look at Newburg. "Frost if you wondering I'm going to say a prayer." "Grenade!' Order the brute. 7 plasma grenades shot up and arch down toward the archway sticking to the machine gun turrent.

Corporal Frost caught notice of the grenade and saw it stick to the machine gun turrent. He ran and pick it the turrent and tossed it toward the pack of brutes. He looked at the crewmen. He notice a burning sensation on his right arm. He lunge away and blew up. His body fell and was nailed along top of the gated courtyard. The crewmen got out there sidearms. The brutes went berserk. They charge toward them. They broke the gate and charge up the steps and smash crewmen Bulls' face in and threw crewmen Royce into the wall. Private Freeman close the double doors. The two brutes smash there way in. A brute caught some the door debris. Freeman looked in the brutes hand and saw a sharp piece of wood. It was then lodge in his neck. The brute then charge Blackhawk. Blackhawk crouch and jammed the sniper barrel into the beast and shot him. The brute captain pick up the Freeman's shotgun and fired a shell laying out Blackhawk. Sergeant Newburg came back to senses. He then looked up at the cross.He heard the footsteps. "This room is all lies demon." The brute captain cocked the shotgun and push it onto the back of his neck. In push the trigger. Blood sprayed everywhere.



The story is suppost be the opposite of SUPERMAN. You are not the center of the Universe. You are more connect to those around you in battle. In this story you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unlike most stories in this one you should remember what was once peaceful.

It was wrong for me not to give a great shootout but I wanted to paint a picture why BRUTES were BRUTES. Sergeant seem out of place but he did not want them to know they were screwed. When he prayed. He spoke for everyone. I Also think I felled to give a connection toward the Crewmen and the Marines. Well I dont know you be the judge of the story.