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Posted By: Wraith<demented_lemon@yahoo.com>
Date: 10 June 2004, 1:43 PM

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      Off in the distance, the remaining Ghosts and the one Wraith could be seen entering the city limits. A report of an explosion set off by a destroyed Ghost confirmed that the Marine resistance had engaged them. The whine of plasma fire could be heard in the far distance as the Covenant returned fire.
      Urging the 'hog to go faster, Yolando closed the gap between them and the enemy. When they got within reasonable distance, Aaron stood up in the passenger seat and took careful aim with his rocket launcher and fired. A Ghost that had been staying stationary and acting as a turret burst into flame as the rocket scored a direct hit. When the trio got within 600 meters of the fight, Aaron could see that the humans had set up rocket jockeys on the sides of the street. There were also two gun emplacements on top of two separate two-story buildings, high enough to where the Ghosts' plasma weapons couldn't reach. The Wraith soon realized this problem and fired upon the nearest one. The orb of fire lobbed through the air and narrowly missed the building the turret was on. The mortar tank began to charge another shot when Aaron sprung into action.
      The Warthog had just caught up with the fight when Aaron primed a plasma grenade and jumped out of the passenger seat. He ducked and stuck close to the ground while the momentum from the Warthog carried him underneath of a Ghost. As he rolled under the Ghost he reached his hand up, placed the plasma grenade inside of the vehicle's engine, and in the same movement rolled onto his feet. The fall had caused 60% of his shield to drop, but was slowly starting to recharge. He reached to his belt, grabbed two fragmentation grenades, and held them in both hands letting them cook. After counting to three, he pitched them in quick succession underneath of the Wraith. The grenades detonated and there was a rewarding third explosion from the tank as something important blew. Somehow, his rocket launcher had managed to stay in the harness on his back and survive through the whole ordeal. The Spartan dove to the side to escape being run over by a run-away Ghost, the driver hanging limply off to the side. A volley of rockets, all targeted on one Ghost, flew by in front of Aaron and promptly blew up their target. Aaron quickly unslung his own launcher and set to work on the few Covenant that remained.

      'Oglamest roared in fury. This was a huge failure; he was going to die either way. Then he saw the "super-human." The primate was easily seven feet tall, but extremely agile. In a fraction of a unit, he had blown up a Ghost and very easily taken out the Wraith; all in one quick movement. If he was going to die, he was going to take that human before he did. Since he was already on the ground, (his Ghost being blown from underneath of him when the Wraith blew) he charged.

      Aaron was busy sighting in a purple vehicle from Hell, when a series of plasma bolts, coming from his left, grazed his helmet. The barrel of his launcher took a direct hit and promptly melted rendering it useless...for firing. The Spartan grabbed the former weapon by the barrel and turned to face his assailant. Aaron dodged to the side as the Elite brought its plasma weapon towards his head. The human swung the launcher like club and nailed the shield generator on the alien's back. The shield flared, but held. The Elite stunned by the Spartan's quickness back-pedaled and rained plasma on the human. Aaron's own shield flared and was dropping rapidly. Ducking behind a downed Ghost, he drew his sidearm and, momentarily, allowed his shield to recharge. He jumped up from his hiding spot and looked through the M6D's scope. The alien had had just backed into a wall. No where for him to run. Aaron opened fire on the unlucky Elite. The first two rounds broke through the Elite's armour and tore two huge holes in its arm. The third took the alien in the chest and the fourth penetrated the alien's curved skull. Aaron sighed. Some of this was just way too easy.
      The Spartan looked around at the carnage that had resulted from the battle. Only half a dozen human live had been taken. Not too bad considering what could have happened.
      The sound of battle rang out from near the center of the city. Some of the rocket teams had already started toward the moise. Yolando and Ardin pulled up in the, now beat-up, Warthog. Ardin had a long burn mark across his face and was looking pale. Aaron had Ardin take the passenger seat and then took residence behind the LAAG.
      "Alright guys, let's smoke this joint." With that, Yolando set off toward the ongoing battle. They had some soldiers to save.

Author's note: I know this is a bit short, but my next entry should be bigger. Untill then, enjoy.