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Halo The Movie
Posted By: woongsin<woongsin@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 20 September 2004, 4:46 AM

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Reach 14:42 pm -There is wasted building fallen to the ground as covenant swarms single out weak points on the planet

Captain Keyes : God damn get him on the Autumn men!
Marine 1: Oh my god watch out for that!!! .... (A huge blue explosion sends the marine flying)
Cpt keyes : Owwwww!!!! my knee (holds his knee with both arms covering the wound to stop the bleeding) Medic!!!
Medic: coming captain (dodges a plasma burst)
cpt keyes: how the hell did we not see this coming?
medic: (reparing cpt keyes' knee with an injection) i dont know sir but we really need to get off REACH!
Marine 2 : (rushes down to where cpt keyes and the medic are ) oh no johnny! he had 3 more moths of service.
keyes: marine im sorry to break up this sad moment with you and johnny but get master cheif on the ship!
Marine 2 : yes sir!
medic : all done now bye captain i need to help the other injured
keyes: thanks soldier.. now go help those marines!
medic: yes sir!

(keyes walks into a huge entrance at the back of the pillar of autumn along side 100,000 marines that can stand, they take a ride along a horizontal elevatore moving towards the front all feeling relieved that the ship is protecting them rom plasma or fuel rods, but can still feel shaking on the outside)

(keyes is the last to get off the horizontal elevator near the bridge where he would take off the ship into deep space accompanied by a highly advanced super soldier that would become an important part of HALO:COMBAT EVOLVED)

keyes: alright lets get this ship off the ground!
pilot 1 :aye aye

(the ship elevates then a P.A. spread throughout the ship warns people to buckle up with a whoosh the 800 million ton ship blasts off into space not so far from the planet)

pilot 2 :sir enemy aircraft(banshees and dropships) are surrounding us!

keyes: damn this use the accelarators we need to escape them!

(there is a large rumble a part of the ship has been

keyes: god damn they got in send some marines to take care of the covenant

keyes: (inserts a chip no bigger than todays ritz cracker near the ships controls)
CORTANA we need help.

(a blue and purplish hologram pos up from a projector)

cortana: gotcha captain, im coming up with a battle plan...
got it. Watch me. (the ship's makes a noticable turn as if she were controlling it)

keyes : you know what your doin?

cortana: of course i am the smartest ai in reach
now we need to move the covenant away from reach so i making sure they follow us and then at the nearest blackhole we accelrate , escape the black hole , and the covenant will probably be lost.

keyes: ok so its good ill give you that

( a few twists and turns from the ship to dodge plasma bursts, the autumn is closing on a black hole they do the battle plan and the covenant are sucked into it while the autumn is accelerating at a faster than light speed towards antoher galaxy )

cortana:wait a minute this is the exact location where the covenant have appeared? we are heading towards were they came from to attack reach
hold tight were entering a star region

keyes: its gettin hot!

cortana: told ya we needed air con

keyes: its no time to joke

cortana: ill have to use up the full accelaration to get us outta here faster but itll cost us we might need it...
captian wheres my manners your in control what should we do?

keyes:lets get the hell outta here im sweatin

cortana: roger

(the ship gets a boost faster than when they were when they diverted the covenant)

(everything is blurry, turns to black)

(a few seconds later evrerything comes to place, but there is something out there its a huge planet with one moon and a mysterious looking ring shaped figure in between both)

Cortana:keyes we here, where the covenant came from

keyes: what is that ring figure

cortana: analyzing... it is a planet similar to earth it uses oxygen but the weather patterns are... artificial?
some planet it can do anything its defense system is created with plamsma and water ...strange

keyes: we might need help cortana its time wake him up

cortana:alredy done

(picture goes to two men dressed in uniform with badges they press a code and steam comes out from a tubular case which the hatches open and a man in a green titanium suit wakes up standsup and gets out of the tube)