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The Beginning of the End, Part 2
Posted By: Wonga<jruppel@cox.net>
Date: 28 August 2002, 4:22 am

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      The Chief got up, and staggered. The adrenaline in his system was wearing off, and he would soon pass out from near exhaustion. He staggered down the tunnel to the newly created opening, and walked inside. There, standing before him, were 3 Spartans. A great feeling of relief coursed through The Chief. At last, he thought, at last I'm home. And with that, he collapsed.

      He awoke with bright light flooding into his eyes. He blinked, then coughed up the cryo inhalant, and gagged. He heard Cortana's voice tell him "Please swallow the cryo-inhala -" " I swear," The Chief interrupted "If you finish that sentence, I will take you offline, permanently." He climbed out of the cryo tube, and felt as though someone faced a Spartan. "We had to freeze you to keep you from going into anaphylactic shock. You had so much adrenaline in your system, that if you had continued functioning at that level for another five minutes, you would have killed yourself." she said. "Kelly? Is that you?" John said, hardly believing what he was seeing and hearing. "Yes, it's me. It's been so long,.." she said trailing off. She removed her helmet, revealing her blue hair, which she had grown down to shoulder length and currently had it tied in a ponytail. She snapped a salute, and he returned it. "How did you survive when those bastards glassed Reach?" he asked, a tone of awe in his voice. "We retreated into this facility, where they had installed a larger scale version of our shields, but it was barely enough. At the last second, it gave out and the entrance at the top fused shut. Those arrogant covenant bastards, thinking their all-powerful plasma would without a doubt kill everything on the planet, didn't scan for life forms. Two days in, our oxygen reserves ran out, and we began to weaken. By the time you found us, we had all fallen unconscious. We woke up, and found you lying there. We took you to the emergency cryo bay and froze you. The adrenaline in your body degraded in the cold. And, that pretty much brings us up to where we are now." The Chief sat down and took it all in. Then a question formed in his mind. "How did the others die?" he asked quietly. "What?" she said. "How did they die?" asked solemnly. The battle was going well. The auto defenses on the fusion reactors were being a big help. Even when the hunters showed up, we were okay, the mini - MAC guns went through them like butter. But then,.." she said, and a shadow passed over her face. "But then they showed up.
      They were 20 feet tall. They had small fusion reactors on their backs that powered a shielding system. They walked on 6 legs and had two arms, and they had pulse lasers mounted. A few Spartans seeing these things, tried to play dead, but these things could sense they were there. We ran for CASTLE. Five of us were going to make it, but then Kyle got hit, he fell down and then James snapped, turned around, and started running at them. The last we heard from him was " Die, you dirty bas-" and then he dropped of the radar. We made it to CASTLE and the elevator was down at level 236, and there was no time. We ripped off the doors, and jumped down the shaft, we grabbed the cable, and slid down. We were almost there, but then we hit some sort of invisible wall. They had installed shielding in the 90th level of CASTLE. We thought we were finished. The covenant were clearing off the planet, so we knew that they were getting ready to glass the entire place In less than ten minutes that shaft we were in was going to be filled with plasma. But, then they destroyed the last MAC fusion reactor, which also powered the shield system around CASTLE. That caused a 2 second lapse in the shield as it transferred to internal power. When it disappeared out from under us we started falling again. We made it to the bottom floor and waited." She said. That sat for several minutes in silence. Then Cortana came on the loudspeaker. "Chief, we've found a downed Covenant cruiser about 200 kilometers from here. The reactor was taken offline by a MAC round, but the rest of the ship is intact. It's strange though, it seems to have been shot down after the planet was glassed, which is odd because 95 percent of the,.." "Okay," the Chief interrupted, " lets get moving." And suddenly sprung into action.
      They walked into the main hanger where the Chief had come from. " Luke, Anna, arm up, were going after a downed covenant cruiser. Our mission to capture a Covenant leader still stands." They nodded, and went over to the armory, a large room, that held numerous weapons. In the case of ever having to hold off the covenant, the defenders would be well armed. The pulled many weapons off the rack, all of which The Chief recognized. Then, Luke pulled something off the rack he didn't recognize. "What's that?" The Chief asked. This is a new form of weapon, not only is it new, it uses a new form of weapons technology. It's like a MA5B, except with one major difference. The name should be enough to explain. The new name is the MAC5B." The Chief smiled inwardly. Just typical of the tall-fore headed types at Naval Weapons research, uncreative as ever. " It has about a fourth of the original's fire rate. But it as at least six times the power. It has the newest Capacitor/supercharger technology, so it only needs to recharge every 60 rounds, while you're reloading." The Chief grabbed one. He couldn't wait to get the chance to try it out. The all piled into the longsword, as their was only four of them, it was no tight squeeze. The longsword took off, and they flew towards the unknown, but at least they were together.