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Covie In The Crib
Posted By: WolfgangMjolnir<WolfgangMjolnir@aol.com>
Date: 29 April 2002, 11:41 pm

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Covie in the crib - eatin' human rib!
Elites in the hood - doin' what they should!
Jackals with their shields - stationed in the fields!
A big blue ugly beast - the thing I want to see the least!
Rove around like a pack of dogs - wreak and sniff like a buncha hogs!
On board the PoA - This is what they had to say!
Flee! Run! Let him be! - No! No! Don't kill me!
The Grunts grovel and howl - Oh whatever shall...
They do! They'll take me! They'll take you!
Take no prisoners - Yet they'll take us!
You whine and cry and they ask, "Why the fuss? -
We're only going to kill you quickly, not slowly."
All the Covenant view us as lowly
Plasma bolts in the air - For whatever shall they care!
Searing targets and a home - All we need is biofoam!
The Covenant got pissed at us - And we wonder why the fuss!
As it was stated before - We didn't start the war!
Yet here we are dying left and right -
We have to continuously fight, fight, fight!
We get our noses broken, we have fractured ribs -
All 'cause the Covenant are in our cribs!