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Halo: The Accident.
Posted By: WingXero<WingZero356@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 June 2004, 1:07 AM

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(Note, this was to be a Battleground: Halo forum thing. All the characters are real people over at BGH. I have obtained their full Permission.)

Halo - Installation 989 - Grid 5484 - 245 - 2
Time 9:37 - Day 1

The Spartan clad in all-black armor landed hard and tumbled down the sand cliff. The two ghosts pursuing him soared over the mound, sending blue streams of plasma fire into the loose sand and creating a shower of molten glass. The Spartan finally came to a stop at the edge of a beach, and, dazed, he managed to pull himself to his feet. As he got up he searched briefly for his hunters, and with relief discovered the ghosts wrecked and lying in the cool water before him. Two alien bodies floated unmoving in the waves, their forms charred by the heat of their vehicles destruction.

As he looked on at the beach he was on, he looked at the ocean with longing for home and some rest and relaxation. Life pulsated around him, but he could never see it. As he got up he looked around once more. A forerunner installation lay behind him, scarred by plasma and alien blood.

"Damn" the Spartan muttered uneasily, rubbing his sore legs. "How did I get into this mess?"

Suddenly it all came back to him. He remembered two teenagers waking up beside each other on a barren beach. A young black boy wearing a now soaked and sandy tuxedo reeled back in alarm. "What the hell-- who are you people, where the hell am I?!" The other- a tall, sandy haired boy sporting a pair of sweats and a plain grey shirt looked at his new found companion. He had been either awake for some time or in a severe state of shock as he was visibly less ruffled by his new surroundings. After sizing up the boy with one look, he turned his attention back to the ocean waves breaking on the shore. The tuxedo wearing boy felt even more displaced by the stranger's decided lack of interest, but still pressed on. "I'm Yasir. You are..?" Finally the boy turned his attention to Yasir. "I'm Da-"

"DANNY!" A loud crackling voice boomed from Danny's radio. "Where the hell are you?"
"Damnit, I told you not to call me Danny! It's Daniel!"
"Whatever, Dan. Where are you?"
"Triangulate on my signal if you want to find me so bad."
"Fine. I'm taking a pelican out to grab your sorry ass. Hold on."
"As if I have somewhere to go?"
"Shutup for a little bit, will ya? My ETA is 18 min. By the by, I found some kid, knocked out by the river bed east of your location. I picked 'em up, thought he'd make a real nice present."
"Nice. Now hurry up."
"ETA is still 18 min, ass."Time 9:55 - Day 1
The pelican banked out of the clouds and quickly descended to the ground. It's twin large jets twisted loudly and kept the massive hulk at a stable altitude a few meters off the ground. Slowly it began to lower itself down, but the engines cut out and it dropped the last few feet with a thud. Surprisingly, it was relatively undamaged.

"Nice, you learned not to crash it this time."
"It was my first time driving anything, I think I did pretty good."
"You blew off the right side stabilizers."
"That's what erasers are for. Something's different about you, did you get a haircut?"
"Just a half-ton Spartan armor."
"I could've sworn it was your hair, where'd you get the armor?"
"Follow me."
"What about the kid? Who's gonna carry him?"
"Fine I will, he's a light weight unlike you."
"Lets just go."

As the pelican flew over the field, wreckage littered it. Wheat fields grew tall, peppered with metal wreckage and on the horizon, lay a giant 2 Km ship. The Pillar Of Autumn. All life devoid of it, it was Halo's equivalent of a haunted house.

As Yasir and Dan landed the pelican and walked towards the POA's broken tail section. Which was surprisingly small, only 10 feet high, and containing a sealed off locker room, which had been blown open, courtesy of Dan.

Inside lay a large locker room, large benches were bolted to the floor while some lay across dented lockers, as a result of the crash landing.

As they both walked inside, the strange boy began groaning and moaning, and waking up.
"Urgh, whaza happened?" He muttered sluggishly.
"Noc! Wake up" Yasir slapped him lightly "Wake up man."
As he drifted in and out of consciousness he muttered odd words and phrases, "Wha...what's this? No! That burnzz...Don do dat..." And then he passed out again.

"He's not coming to man, we better stay here until he comes to." Said Yasir.
"Sure, come over here man, and look at this..." cried dan, from the end of the locker room.

As Yasir ran up he jaw gradually dropped open. There was a cryotube, but more surprising was what was inside, a young boy, wearing army fatigues and blue sunglasses, with blond hair. He looked young, somewhere around 13.

"Another one? Shit, we gotta get him out of here, where are the controls?" muttered Yasir...
"No idea, it looks like it was a rush job, the controls are messed up, I'm gonna have to interface with it, anyway, go check locker 49."

As Yasir walked down the room, he passed by the strange boy, still muttering nonsense. He picked him up and lightly placed him on a bench, then kept walking down, feeling the embedded numbers neatly lined up. He found the locker, which was odd. Since the locker sequence was "4, 5, 6, 7, 49, 8, 9". He opened the locker while stepping aside, incase of booby traps, but as he opened it, he found something incredible.

A white MJOLNIR Mark VI suit.

"Whoa..." Yasir gasped, as he stared at the giant suit, which has the name 'WingXero' engraved on the right chest plate. He began putting it on, first taking off his tux, which slumped onto the ground, then began putting on the 'wetsuit', then the armor pieces.
"Danny! Come help me put on the armor!" He cried down the room. The strange boy muttered and rolled over, falling off the bench, Yasir attempted to pick him up but was restricted by his 'wetsuit', which seemed thin but very restrictive. Dan came rumbling down the room, helmet off.
"Turn around, let me put the torso plates on."
"I'll be damned if I turn my back on you. Actually more sodomized than damned."
"Just turn around."

After 15 minutes Yasir was fully suited up, and only needed to put on his helmet.
"Oh, before you pu- Shit." groaned Dan, feeling empathetic.

As Yasir put on his helmet and the suit began pressurizing he felt an extremely sharp pain at the base of his neck.
The pain built up, and up. Suddenley, the last thing he heard was a drill.

Well, this was the first chapter, please e-mail me with some constructive critism.