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Master cheif is da man!!!!
Posted By: White boy loves rap
Date: 1 December 2004, 7:34 AM

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Sup folks..,. some friends of mind, said my stories were 1337 and I thought I would share them with you. This one is called Master Chief is the man. hopefully u will like my story cause everyone has been saying it's unique. Later homies.

Master Chief ran down the hill, with his gun... before he saw a grunt. THe grunt saw him and fired his plasma rifle. The chief jumped backwards and fired of his gun which hit the grunt in the head. It died.

Masterchief went to the grunt and kicked it, and laughed. "HAHAHAH" you can't beat me, I'm too well trained. All of a sudden 3 jackals came over the hill. The cheif turned and fired his gun but it was two late, he was hit and his shilds went out. Luckyily he was ready and he hit the ground. The jackals turned and waited for his next action. Chief fired his gun and pwned all 3 jackals very quickly. But it wasnt over.. 12 white coloured elites came down the hill and he was screwed because his shileds were charging back up from the jackals taht had shot him.

Then the chief heard what he wanted to hear, lots of marines came running down the hill firing there guns. THe 12 elites all died in 3 secs flat. "We with you cheif" said the marine leader and the chief was happy. "When we get back I will update you all to sargents" All marines looked happy except one. He was a ODST which stood for orbital drop super trooper, and he was angry. "What is the matter solder" said the chief. "I wanted to kill more" he replied. "HAHA very funny son, you can fight them later" Said the Chief.

He then heard Cortana "Chief we have to go flood are attacking more marines over by that river" so he was on the move. but before that happened a grenade went off near his feet. He went into the air and hit the ground hard. and then all of his marine that just saved him were dead. He saw a elite come at him but he used karate and fly kicked the eltie and snaped his head of. Nice try he yelled as he picked the elites headup and kicked it like a soccer ball

(HAHAH yeah I know you would all like that part, cause when people read that part of my story they say it funny)

He got to the flood and they were going pyscho... all mairnes were alredy deead. He raised his gun and blew away one flood, and it died. "Thanks chief said cortana, i will repay you later in the bedroom" and chief smiled.

But there was to many of them and they came at cheif but then ODST came and helped fight int he battle. But they were pussies and all died within 10 seconds. "Pathetic" said the chief, he would have to do it all again. So he killed all the flood and did a victory dance on there dead bodys.

"Well down cheif said cortana mission acomplished" and with that a pelican plane came from space and landed next to the cheif. He got in the pelican and saw the female pilot winked at him so he joined her for some fun in the cockpit with cortana.

(I reckon that is the best part in the story cause I know how much u guys like cortana")

Then they flew into space, but a elite ship waas following them and fired a big plasma beam at them. The pilot dodged the attack before turning around and fioring a nuke at the ship. It blew up in a big explosion but the pelican survived beacuse of the metal it is made out of.

Master chief got away and wondered what he would do next, so he took of his helmet and by surpise by everyone he was black. But no one cared caused he was kool, and showed them all how to rap dance in the year 2500. THE END.

Thank for reading my story doggs, when i got the good comments i might right a sequal. Soz about my spelling and stuff i suk at it and about the proof reading cause i dont do that, you should be able to read it anyways. Hopefully u liked it and look forward to my next story because most people who read it are.

PS- I am 15 years old so im not really old, but i havent read any other sotries on this site but im sure mine is just as good as the others.

PSS- Im, white but black people are kool.

PSSS- If you wana play CS with me just reply to my story.