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Stormbringers Part 4: Infiltration
Posted By: WildebeestNZ<wildebeest_nz@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 December 2002, 10:08 pm

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"OK, so no-one knows we're here. Yet. But we've got to hurry- the longer we're here the bigger the risk."
"Roger," replied Benson and Jarvis in unison.

Jenkins was giving his usual pep talk. Jarvis was very similar to Jenkins, but Jenkins talked quite a lot- and rightly so, he was the leader- whereas Jarvis didn't talk much at all. Jenkins knew that there was something special about Jarvis- he was glad to be working with him. And Benson too. Benson was a total maniac, but he also was a damn fine soldier, and loyal friend to both.

There was a sort of bond between the Stormbringers- like a brotherhood. If one was in trouble, the other two would risk everything to help them.

"I'll hit the door switch. Jarvis and Benson, take out anything that you see as the door opens."

Jarvis was surprised to find nothing waiting for them.
They made their way into the outer reaches of the compound without incident- the Covenant had either put all their guards in one place (the entrance path), or there were more in the inner section. The latter possibility worried Jarvis a lot- if there were even more Covenant troopers in this compound, then there was something really important in this Research Centre. Perhaps ONI knew a lot more than they divulged.

Jarvis glanced at his motion tracker. Four enemies were slowly moving-obviously walking- in their direction. Because they were walking, Jarvis guessed it was just a patrol- they didn't know about the attack. He breathed a sigh of relief.

The three men pressed themselves against the wall, obscured from the view of any being making its way down the corridor. Jenkins signalled the two men to hold their fire.

Soon, three unwary grunts and a Jackal wandered past them. They were chattering as they walked by. Jenkins signalled the men to listen:

"Stupid techie. They do something strange in there. Won't let us in."
"Yeah. I want another job. This place sucks. The techies are crazy. Have you seen them? They are all acting strange."
"What do they do in there?"
"You hear the Noise sometimes? I do. I woke up when I heard it at night. Techie told me it was just a faulty vent. But I know it isn't. They treat us like we're stupid. Like dog-poo."
"What's dog-poo?"
"Shut up! Listen!"
A loud humming sound permeated the silence. The grunt, hearing this, panicked.
The grunt broke into a sprint down the corridor. By chance he saw the three Agents standing right next to him.
Jenkins nodded.
Several distinct "phuts" rang out from the silencers in quick succession.
The grunts and the Jackal fell to the ground.

"Looks like we're looking for some serious stuff. If Covenant technicians won't let grunts into a research centre then there must be something pretty interesting going on in there. And what the hell was that noise?" Benson muttered, allowing his rifle to drop to his side.
"I don't know, but I want to find out. Shall we?" Jenkins pointed down the corridor.

Soon they were outside a very large blast door.
"How the hell do we get in there?" whispered Benson.
"I don't know. But I've got motion all over the place in there. There's ten -no-eleven guys in there. By the looks of it, eight of them are guards." Jarvis replied.
"How do you know?" Benson asked Jarvis.
"You can tell. Guards have regular movements- like patterns as they patrol the rooms."
"Right. Back to the task at hand. How do we get in there in the first place?"
"Blast our way in?"
"They might run when the doors explode."
"Is there another way in?"
"Ventilation system is way too small- it's only designed for grunts-for grunts to crawl through."

The three men stood in silence.
"Why don't we just knock?" broke Jarvis.
"You got some funny ideas. Let's knock then shall we? Let them all know we're here!" rebuked Benson.
"No, wait -Jed, he has a point. If we sound like we're guards or something and we need to get in, they might open the door."
"You're kidding."

Jenkins pulled out his translator, and Benson moaned.
It was worth a try. Jenkins held the translator up to the door.

>>Patrol reporting in. We found a dead human, it's got a funny looking suit. Need you to take a look at it.>>
>>Human? Here? Go back to your post soldier!!!>>
>>Really. A human. One man fighter crashed near here. We think....we think it's the Green One.>>
>>The one who supposedly escaped from Halo?>>
Jarvis stood tense. It was a difficult ploy.
>>Yes. We think so. Open the door.>>

The last thing the guard at the control panel saw was a flash of light. He fell to the ground, a plasma-tipped bullet lodged in his neck.
"Let 'em have it!" Jenkins screamed.

The room was filled with screams and silenced gunfire. Jarvis took down three elites with his rifle, and then turned to find another standing right in front of him. Its arm was raised above its head to strike. He flinched as the blow threw him off his feet, his shields destabilized.

The elite pointed the rifle at his face.
"Die scum!"
Fortunately for Jarvis, the elite lived out it's own command.
Benson appeared behind it and smashed his rifle into the back of its skull. In a single movement, he kicked the body out of the way and helped Jarvis to his feet.
Benson had proved his loyalty yet again.

Meanwhile, Jenkins was looking around the room, standing atop the bodies of two guards. Save one technician, all the Covenant in the room lay dead. Jarvis raised his rifle and pointed at it, and Jenkins spoke into the translator....