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No Other Alternative Part 1
Posted By: Watsaru<weston212@Mail.com>
Date: 1 April 2004, 2:41 AM

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The Matser Chief took cover behind a tree as a rocket wizzed past his head. "Damnit,Cortanna,thought of anything yet?" "Give me more time." He abandonned his cover and threw a plasma grenade onto a flood taken elite. "To hell,out of grenades!" A flood taken human whapped him in the shoulder. He took out his hotgun and blew its head off.
"Cortanna,now would be a good time for a last minute plan."
"I said give me more time.Five more minutes should do it."
He took cover behind another tree.A grunt came up to him with a fuel rod gun.He pistol whipped it,took off the bomb,threw it on a flood carrier,and ducked.It exploded and the carrier was in pieces.He quickly picked up the fuelrod gun and went to town.He tried to shoot one more time,but the battery was dead."I have it,go to the cliff edge."He did so."This better work Cortanna."A flood taken elite jumped at him."Dodge,now!" He dodged and the elite jumped straight off."That wont work for some Cortanna,it would've taken me five seconds to come up with that." He jumped up onto a rock and pulled out his assault rifle and started shooting them like mad.A flood virus carrier jumped and latched itself onto his arm. He shot it with the AR.There had to be hundreds of them.He ran out or AR ammo and he took out his shotgun."Die,die,die,die,die!"He yelled die everime he shot something,and it did."Damnit,DIE!"He took five shots to a carrier.It began to expand and he jumped for dear life as it exploded.The impact threw him more feet then he expected.He was thrown so far,he almost fell off the cliff edge.He landed face down in the dirt.He got up shooting his shotgun everywhere. Then a voice came into the com.."This is Pelican Echoe 419,anybody readin' me?" He laughed. "Loud and clear,Foehammer!"He dodged an attack by a humanflood."We need immediate dustoff,take'er down just above me so I can jump in." She came down five feet,and the Chief jumped up and grabbed the edge.A marine helped him up. "Heya,Chief.""Parez,thanks.""No problem sir,just doing my job."He sat down next to him."Now what,sir?" The Chief looked out the jump bay."No idea." A flood jumped up into the bay."Kill it,marines!" After two seconds,thousands of bullets came from the marines assault rifles. It started backing up,and finally fell out."Damn,those things jump high."He looked at them.They were battle worn,nervous wrecks."This is to much battle,even for me."They flew off,farther down the ring.

They finally stopped after eighteen hours of flying."Nice place."It was nothing but bodys and scorches.A few flood,alot of marines,and even more covenent."Looks like the covenent are losing just as badly as us,sir."He went up to one of the covenent bodys."Yeah,same."A flood body started to twitch.He took out his shotgun and emptyed the entire barrel on it."Over kill much,sir?"It was litteraly in pieces."Just making sure it was dead.They do get back up."He looked around and saw a flipped warthog.He grinned under his helmet.'Perfect..'He thought to himself.He motioned to two of the marines,Parez and Banks,and they followed him.He kicked over the warthog and got in the drivers seat.Parez got side seat and banks took gunner."Punch it!"He stomped the gas and it hit onehundred and fifty miles per hour in no time at all.A flood got up,but he made roadkill out of it."Nice one,sir!""Thanks."A plasma came out of nowhere and latched onto the gunner barrel.Banbks jumped off and rolled into a doorway.Chief and Parez jumped out as it was about to go off a cliff.It was about halfway down it when it exploded."That was close."
A yell boomed from the doorway Banks rolled into,and his headless body came flying out of it."What the hell...?"A flood taken Hunter came out of the doorway,actually,ten of them."Time to run!"Messaged Cortanna,and they did,like hell.The Chief turned around,running backwards,and started to shoot at them.Parez immediately stopped,but the Chief wasn't paying attention.Hey ran staright off the edge."GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"He kept falling.He fianlly hit water.He swam to the surface.

He got out of the water and onto a cliff side ledge and begam to climb. "This might take forever."Foehammer came out from ontop of the cliff and floated down to him.The chied took this moment and hurled himself tward its jump bay.He made it in,rolling.He immediately got up and strapped himself in."Glad to have you back,Chief."Said Parez.The Chief handed him his AR ammo."You're out,here."He counted the marines,there were only five of them left,including Parez."What happened to the others?"Parez looked at him."Dead,those hunters took them out with ease."The Chief sighed."Perfect,now we don't even have enough force to take on the flood."