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7 is the Lonliest Number [2]
Posted By: Wasted Potential<sawshurtlimbs@netscape.net>
Date: 27 May 2004, 9:56 PM

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       "Well, hello Jack. Nice to meet you!" Jack's heart nearly stopped. He saw Master Chief putting the knife away. He was going to be here awhile. Jack slowly walked over to Master Chief, and spoke to him.
       "Maybe we should talk somewhere else," Jack said softly, and Master Chief nodded. "Alright, well let's go to the interrogation room. It should be pretty quiet there." Again, Master Chief nodded. "Alright, let's go." They both walked off, down the hall.
       The door slams. Master Chief sits down. Jack sits down. They both start to twitch, mostly Jack due to his nervousness. Suddenly, Jack starts talking, breaking the silence. "Alright, what do you want with me? I know you did something, so just please, tell me why you are here." Master Chief sat silently, unknowingly with a smile on his face. Jack stands up, and rolls up his sleeves. He is sweating now, and his face is getting red. "Just tell me why you are here! Listen buddy, I have something on you right now, something you seem to be stuck in, so if I was you, I'd start talking! Alright!" Master Chief's smile slowly fades away, as he quickly stands up and pushes Jack 3 feet to the other side of the room.
       "Listen Jack," Master Chief says sarcastically. "Right now I wouldn't be talking. If you threaten me, or call me another FUCKING name, that I will beat you to death!" Master Chief suddenly heard his own words, and slowly sat down. "Sorry, Jack. I tend to have outbursts. Please don't arrest me," Master Chief said sarcastically again, laughing between words. He grabbed a book, and walked over to Jack, who was huddled in a corner, acting like a cornered animal, which is what he was.
       "Jack," the intercom spout, "Jack, are you there. Well anyways, you have a call on line 3... it is Sergeant Collins. He seems angry." Jack suddenly stood up, wiping himself off, with a smile on his face.
       "Send him in, Cindy. Thank you," said Jack while pushing down the talk button. "Alright, you shit eater. Let us see how Collins reacts to your little attitude, shall we?" Master Chief's silent laughter suddenly stopped. His face turned serious, and he went back into the Master Chief that had entered Jack's office about 5 minutes ago, calm and quiet. Jack sat there, a wide smile on his face. The door suddenly opened, revealing Collins.
       "Private Alepino, that you?" Collins squinted his eyes, to try and find Jack under all the blood. "Listen, I don't know what your secretary's problem is, but I'm not angry. I came here to apol..." Collins neck suddenly spouted blood. As he reached for the wound, a hole in his head suddenly burst into view. Jack jumped back, as Collins fell to the floor dead. He turned to Master Chief, who was holding a smoking Silenced M6D Human Pistol. Master Chief brought the barrel of the gun up to his nose, and smelled the smoke, inhaling and exhaling loudly.
       "All right. You have done enough talking, Jack! Come on don't flare out on me. You little women, you are getting sick over blood? You little pussy. Come on, I need your help to get him propped up. You deaf? I said help!" Jack suddenly felt sick, as Master Chief propped the body up easily. Why did he need help? Jack saw Master Chief reload his weapon. He took out the black clip, and pushed a red one into the butt of the gun, pressing the safety button to off. He aimed at Jack's right shoulder, and fired not missing by a millimeter. Jack suddenly felt drowsy, and passed out. The last thing he remembered was seeing Master Chief lift him up off the floor, and carry him to a desolate area. Jack had been passed out for nearly 9 hours. A lot had passed!

       Jack woke up to the sound of screaming. He shook his head, and his vision cleared. His head quickly turned to try and find the sound. "Oh, you want to see this. Well, I guess if you really want to," an unknown figure said. It wasn't until that moment that he knew he was tied to a chair. The chair wheeled around, and Jack could see James was tied to a post, and being beaten. Master Chief was the beater, and the forceful blows he threw at James were hard to watch. Blood covered the corners of James' lips, and trailed down under his nose. James looked at Jack in a pleading manner, as if Jack was somehow behind the horrific beating he was receiving.
       Jack saw a knife appear in Master Chief's hand. He held the knife up, slowly pushing it against the skin on James bare legs. Master Chief, in a jagged motion, suddenly dug the knife into James' ankle and wrenched it up all the way to James' kneecap, pulled the knife out, and tearing the kneecap away from the bone. Jack saw James' expression suddenly change, as he screamed out in horror. Master Chief then cut down James, after a little bit of mocking and laughing at James. He threw James over his shoulder and walked out of the room, but kept the door open.
       The next few minutes were horrific, as all Jack heard were the terrible screams of James as he was being cut limb from limb. When Master Chief fully removed the limb, he would toss it out into Jack's room, in a pile. When everything seemed stacked out, Jack thought something was missing. Master Chief suddenly walked out, carrying James' head out buy the hair; a lifeless stare remained on his face.
      Master Chief set the head on Jack's lap, "I thought you might of needed some company. Well, I think you two will be best friends." Master Chief's head tilted up, and laughter burst out of his mouth. As soon as Master Chief's mood seemed to change to happiness, it quickly turned into anger. He swept the head off of Jack's lap, and screamed in his face. "Alright, what do you know? I know you know something, so don't try to bullshit me!" Master Chief placed his bloody hand on Jack's face, and smeared it all over, even in Jack's hair. "I hope your friend didn't have AIDS. Probably did, that little gay!" Master Chief pulled his hand away, and made a fist. He threw a catastrophic right, and connected, nearly shattering Jack's jaw into 7 pieces. Master Chief turned around, and strutted out of the room.

       Jack let out a scream as his shoulder dislocated, and he somehow managed to slip out of his restraints. He fell to the cold, hard concrete, only making the shoulder worse. He wiggled around for a few seconds to wipe off the pain, and to pop his shoulder back into place. He finally stood, and had a devilish look on his face. He lifted his prison chair, and slammed it to the ground, grabbing a piece of the jagged wood that resulted from the impact. He tried to remember the route that Master Chief took out of the room.
       He decided to try the 'dissecting room', as Jack had called it due to the horrible images, screams, and objects that came from it. He slowly walked up to the door, and kicked it off. He quickly ran to one side of the room, checking out the rest it in the process. Empty. He ran back to the original room, and slammed through the next door, which led to a dark hallway. Jack crept through it, and found the restrooms. He smiled. He could catch Master Chief off guard. He slowly opened the door, just enough to peak through. Master Chief was in there!