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"In the Zone"
Posted By: Tycho [OSC]<eaglsfanatic@halo-net.com>
Date: 23 January 2000, 4:07 p.m.

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" Ah, good morning to you good sir." I heard Mike say as I woke from my slumber. " It's your turn for watch "

"Oh" I said rather glumly " Goodie"

" Ok Lieutenant, take watch up on the ridge just north of where we ambushed the Covs yesterday." Dean told me.

As I grabbed what was left of my ammo and headed off I wondered if my two new pals would mind joining me in getting revenge on the fallen 109th. My plan was to get Mike and Dean to tell me where the Covenant base is that they were going to sacrifice me in, and completely raze it. I really hoped that they would help me, cause I don't think that I could do it alone.

The spot I chose to set up my watch was well hidden in the rocky ledges overlooking both the small pass that I was rescued in and the next valley. I choose to hide in a crevasse that was covered by shrubbery that would serve to give me complete camouflage. The only way I was going to be spotted was if the Covenant were to trip over me.

I had just gotten comfortable when I heard group of Covenant coming up through the woods near the small pass. As shifted position to get a better view of the entire pass, I made sure to check my weapons safety ... I wasn't going to get taken by surprise again. I radioed Mike and Dean back in the cave that we had company just as the Covenant group came into view.

The group of six troopers had paused at the mouth of the pass and scanned for a potential ambush. By the way that they looked around I thought that they had heard my radio call. My fears were dispelled as the small group proceeded into the pass. I checked my clips, and was not happy that I only had two spare, and a meager 18 rounds left in my current one. That would mean only 3 shots per target.

"Outnumbered and alone, with only 18 shots ... this was going to be fun." I thought as a sadistic smile crept along my face.

I sprang my ambush right as the group reached the same spot that I had been rescued on. As I emerged from my hiding place that strange calm that happens every time I fight overcame me. I saw everything as if it were happening in slow motion. I methodically pumped 3 shots into the trooper closest to me as I worked my way down the slope. Before the first trooper even hit the ground I was tracking my fire to my second and third targets. I squeezed the trigger six times, making sure to keep and even pace to my steps and shots. As I saw the droplets of blood burst from my second target I, without a pause in rhythm, moved onto my third target. I heard him fall with a muffled thud as I ducked the first shot that the Covenant offered me. On my way walking down the hill I moved between cover, never stopping even once ... for I knew that as soon as I took cover I was going to be surrounded and killed. As I reached the bottom of the pass I dropped another 3 shots into the only trooper who had been alert enough to return fire. With the return fire silenced, and only two more troopers armed with plasma knives remaining, I took one knee and lined my last shots. I carefully depressed my trigger as the first trooper charged. I missed with the first shot, as the damn cow had been expecting me to shoot at his head. Fortunately for me the next two shots connected and managed to fell the trooper. The bellow of pure rage that sounded just as the fifth trooper fell warned me of the attack before I saw it. I rolled forward ... barely dodging the hot plasma as it streaked by my body. With a calm, fluid motion I came out of my roll and steadied my gun on my assailant. My last three shots connected directly with the enraged beast's chest. Expecting him to fall I began to stand up and reload.

I should have made sure he was down.

His next shot grazed my left side and caught me entirely by surprise. I fell to the ground, unable to keep my balance. My gun was lying three feet away, with no clip currently loaded into it. Seeing an opportunity the Covenant trooper charged. From my vantagepoint on the ground I heard the individual footsteps accompanied by the small clods of dirt impacting with the soft ground coming closer to me. I brought my knife out as I got up onto one elbow. With a wild, uncontrolled look in his eyes the zealot struck. I thought my arm was going to break under the stress of the blow, but I held the parry. I saw the zealot rise up again, preparing to strike the deathblow. I knew that I could not take another strike of that strength and ferocity. Just as its swing reached the pinnacle of its arc I heard a loud shot echo through the pass. The single report from a marine assault rifle sounded like so much music to my ears, as I watched the covenant trooper drop his weapon and fall to the ground next to me in a heap.

" Wow, nailed 'im right between the eyes!" I head Dean exclaim as I picked myself up off the ground.

" Why didn't you wait for us Lieutenant?" Mike said inquisitively

" What are you talking about ... it took you guys so long to get here that they could have walked to the other side of the HALO!" I replied in my defense.

From their confused looks I knew that my argument was completely unfounded. I looked at my chrono for the first time since I had radioed my comrades.

The time difference between my radio call and now left me speechless, only able to stare dumbfounded at the alien bodies and the two marines standing in front of me.

It had taken only 30 seconds for them to respond to my call.