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When Worlds Collide {Part One}
Posted By: Void<gregoryprill317@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 April 2004, 6:15 AM

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Shipmaster Ruma 'Hatorka was on a basic border patrol mission. The kind of duty elites like him shunned. There was no honor in going back and forth through space watching out for the Infidel Humans, who, if rumor could be trusted, couldn't possibly spare a ship let alone a Battlegroup, which is what it would take to get past a Border Patrol Vessel such as this, which were second only to the Homeguard Fleet Vessels.

"Sir' I'm detecting a dimensional window opening!" yelled a Blue armored Elite across the control room.

"Battle stations!" 'Hatorka yelled. "The humans are coming out of slipspace!"

"No, sir. It's not slipspace window." Replied the same Elite who had spoken before.

"Then what is it?" Ruma inquired, with a note of sarcasm in his voice.

"I don't know sir, but it's pulling us toward it!"

"All engines full reverse!" yelled Shipmaster 'Hatorka. It had no effect. They were going to be pulled in. To where though, that was the question.
Anubis' Mothership was hovering in front of the portal. He had paid a high price to obtain this relic of the Four Races. Nearly four thousand Jaffa and three Hutak class vessels. This particular engine was of the Ancients, who built the Stargates, design.
The portal was trans-dimensional in nature. He hoped that the disease that caused the Ancients downfall in this dimension had not in the alternate reality. If there were living Ancient's there, he could turn the tide against the Asgard, Tok'ra, other Gou'uld, and especially those troubling humans, the Tau're, from Earth. Oh how he would relish the destruction of the Terran's homeworld. Of course, some would escape through the Stargate, but they would be few, and easily dealt with.

"My Lord, something is coming through." Stated the Jaffa, his First Prime, from the sensor station.

"Nature?" Anubis inquired about the nature of the ship.

"Unknown my Lord. It is nearly..." His eyes bulge with surprise,"Six cubic ranged units long." No one, thought Anubis, except the Ancients could have built a ship of that magnitude. I have truly found them! He rejoiced. "My Lord, they are demanding that we show ourselves on the view screen."

"Viewscreen on." The Jaffa complied. The Screen activated and Anubis gasped in horror. Before them stood a humanoid figure, in gold armor, it had long face that ended in four mandibles, and it wielded what looked like a sword made of plasma. But that was impossible. Plasma couldn't be contained like that.

"Human." it stated with surprising dexterity, "You are human. That cannot be. Human do not build vessels this large. You must have stolen it from a Forerunner repository. Yes that's isn't human? It said the word human with a sneer, and made it sound foul, like something he didn't want to touch but had to.

"First creature, I am NOT human. I am Gou'uld. And I am your God."

"Ha!" sneered the creature, "The only gods of this world are long gone, and you are most definitely not Forerunner." To someone off screen he said, "Prime the plasma cannons" Back to Anubis, "I pity any heathen fool who would worship you. Know this Human, your race is now at war with the Covenant. Fire!" he yelled at someone off screen, but to Anubis to. He wanted Anubis to know he was going to die, and see the fear in his eyes. He saw nothing but an unearthly glow. High-density plasma was hurled at the Mothership, but simply rebounded off the Ancients shield technology. Anubis laughed.

"Foolish creatures! Feel the wrath of this "heathen" God! Ha ha ha ha ha!" he ordered the Jaffa manning the weapons station to fire the main cannon, and weapons developed by the Ancients and recovered by the Gou'uld, coalesced into a fiery ball of pure negative energy, and hurled toward the Covenant Cruiser. The shields flickered in protest for a moment, and then gave out, letting negative particles to combine with the positive particles of the ship.

For a moment, all in the battle paused to wonder in the beautiful light it produced. It was pure white and filled them with joy, but there was just as much dark as light, which filled them with not fear, but hate. Absolutely pure hate. Then it was gone. The dark particles used up, and the front half of the cruiser gone. Not destroyed, for there was no wreckage. It just was gone. Completely and utterly consumed. Escape pods flew from the ship, as flies feeding on a carcass disturbed by passers-by.

"My Lord, should I send out gliders to destroy the pods?" a Jaffa inquired.

"Yes. But instruct them to let some pods back through the rift. The will tell the stories of the Mighty God Anubis."

"Yes, My Lord. It shall be as you command." One-man Death Gliders launched from bays all over the huge pyramid shaped ship. They destroyed the most of the pods. Those that survived made back through the rift. Some believed that they were outgunned by the humans, some that they were being punished by the true Gods, but a few believed that they had witnessed a true God. And in their minds grew the seeds of rebellion...