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Hawk Chronicles - Intro
Posted By: Vector40<brandon@berkeleyhigh.org>
Date: 25 July 2001, 7:29 am

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Unit data/Fleet west/Ground-Special/Irregular/Merc/~SilverHawks~

Identity: Silver Hawks
Affiliation: Mercenary
Origin: Unknown
Operational areas: Any
Assignments: Restricted
Status: Fully operational.
Location: Unknown.


The mercenary group Silver Hawk was founded some time between the twenty-first and twenty-second century. Its place of origin is unknown, as is its original members. Its work first appeared in the notorious Alpha Centauri workers revolt of 2132, later proved to be incited by the work of dissident factions. The team coordinated with local military and peacekeeping authorities, maintaining a defense against the attack, and eventually single-handedly infiltrated the dissident headquarters, disabled the computer system, deactivated the defenses, locked down the exits to all but external access, released a neural gas into the base which rendered 98% of its inhabitants unconscious, and captured the leader of the revolt without harm. They asked not to be named in the press or interplanetary media reports, and "a team of special police" was attributed credit for the takedown.
After the revolt, the group became involved in a series of other actions, spread out through a number of planets, in the employ of SolCore, planetary, and local forces, as well as a number of associations pressed with criminal charges- the Democratic Uprising of Mars is an example, in which the Hawks were rumored to ask no pay of their employers. As their name began to spread and gain notoriety among higher political and military circles, they began to receive more and more sensitive assignments. Occasionally, if and when a Regular Army SpecOps team could not be obtained with suitable rapidity or experience for a task, the Silver Hawk team would be given word, along with (as specified) a presigned contract for a flat amount, and the problem would be resolved. If the team declined a job, there would never be any possibility of reconsideration; they would not be found again. Every attempt to place surveillance or undercover operatives to monitor the Hawk group met with failure, and after a time, the issue was discarded.
In recent years, the Silver Hawk group has become more obscure, its assignments utterly black, granted by the highest authorities and denied by all. There is even rumor that the team was present at the rec--/CENSORED_LVLRESTR_ORDER:ADMIR*NEVSKY/******


The Silver Hawk mercenary team has a reputation unmatched in all of space. It accepts assignments considered impossible (or recklessly foolish and wasteful) for entire brigades. It retains a flexible, adaptive, whip-crack approach to any task; if a situation changes, they move to accommodate it, and if a plan is rendered invalid, then they restructure and create one on the spot- but with such speed, agility, and talent that they lead most observers to believe it had been considered for weeks. The fact that the team has completed every mission ever assigned to it, with acceptable or favorable outcomes, and without suffering more than minor wounds, is representative of their immense inherent ability to complete any task, regardless the circumstances.
Every member of the group is rated at least Expert-Plus with every infantry weapon commonly utilized, as well as a number of Special Forces, classified, and terrorist weapons. Three members (Macedon, Salvador, Hackenberg) are rated as Dunadin School Masters, and it is rumored that one of the Hawks possesses the legendary Wizard badge for small-arms (it is not known who). All team members are certified demolitions instructors, and all have at least rudimentary piloting, stealth, electronics, and communications skills- most have far more than advanced abilities in these fields.
All are in top physical and mental condition. The team is entirely self-sufficient- it can be dropped in a hostile environment, behind enemy lines, or completely abandoned, and it will be able to survive, contained, for an indefinite period of time. It carries with it all necessary supplies, weapons, replacements, vehicles, and shelter- anything it is not supplied with, can be procured with ease from the enemy. It has the psychological, martial, logistical, and physiological strength to remain, on its own, until the age death of every of its members.
In the process, it will remain able and ready to complete its task.

Member Profiles (abrid.)
All dossiers and information contained within procured through Intelligence Bureau. All data rated Secret. Direct all queries to SCIB. For full personnel files, contact SCIB Filing.

John Banning

Gender: Male
Age: 32
Nationality: Sirius-born.
Position: Commander.

Commander of force. Very little is known, due to widespread classification of record. Graduate of OCS(A) and TCS with honors; duly involved in a number of skirmishes, in which he acquitted himself admirably, and received the Shining Star for excellence in command in the face of danger. Dishonorably discharged, with no charges pressed, due to an incident on Tau Ceti- the Unit clause was invoked, and the matter retains a time-stamped Unreleasable rating, except by administration-level access. He has a mind born to lead; he can grasp all possible permutations of a conflict, effects of action, the lines of influence, morale, and ability. He is flexible, resilient, but retains at all times a view of his ultimate goal.
Banning seems to prefer to lead battle from the front, seeing with his own eyes everything that transpires; in lieu of this, his preferred choice of weapon is a custom-built auto-rifle he made himself. He is constantly modifying it, but is it known to possess personally-molded fittings, four types of interchangeable or compatible optics, and multiple loads of ammunition. He wears an antique battle harness obtained from Earthbound days. He is quiet and thoughtfully introspective in battle, but while relaxing is known to be on equal terms with his men, with whom he is known as "Birdeye", or merely "Bird".

Correl Hailman

Gender: Male
Age: 29
Nationality: Earth-born
Position: Ground transport, armorer, technical advisor.

"Mechanic". Correl Hailman, known as "Hail" to his familiars, handles and coordinates the maintenance of the squad weapons and equipment. He also services the transport vehicles. His primary role, however, is as a driver and all-around technical guru. He graduated the University of Multi-Sci at L1, Sol, with three degrees in physical engineering, design theory, and his self-devised impromptu design. He served time as a company maintenance officer for the ground forces of Pluto Station 4, where he was personally responsible for saving the station from spontaneous immolation when its Fusion/Fission-Matter/Antimatter (FFMA) reactor malfunctioned, contaminating the control room where it could be switched off. He used a portable computer to hijack the wavelength the positron control computer operated on, and purely through inference, logical deduction, and supposition, scanned a reverse wave feed that disrupted the processor in a manner that caused it to cut its power and deactivate the reactor's operation.
After leaving the Navy, he drifted for some time, taking odd work in various places, and nurturing his life-long hobby- driving. He was picked up by the Hawks while staying on Interstellar Station 22.
While experimenting with a variety of different choices in weapons, it took many years before Hailman struck on his current choice- a standard pulse-assault, modified to the point of unrecognizability, with a short, heavy carbine barrel, lighter frame, and most especially an articulated stock that clips to his forearm and wrist, supporting the weapon, and allowing for one-handed firing while driving.

Raynor Carson

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Nationality: New Alaska
Position: Support rifleman

Raynor Carson is a heavy-support Silver Hawk, and the closest thing to unspecialized in their ranks. He carries the minigun, a squad-serviced chain gun he removed from its base, rebuilt, and now carries freely, due to his massive bulk and iron-hard muscle structure. He participated in a number of paid peacekeeping actions, mostly low-key. He was a participant in the infamous Ridley Robbery string, where a group of sixty armed men streaked across the Sirius system, stealing nearly 80 billion credits from more than sixty banks. When the array was caught and nearly exterminated on S6, he escaped with 100 million credits and leaving a note for the posse. It was his SolCorePol merc contract, authorizing the undercover infiltration of the gang, and ordering his observation and recording of all activities, ending with him leading the group to Sirius Six.
Though lacking any official training, it was said that the famous, aging Jason "Keen-Eye" Dangerson had taken him under his wing for a period of a year and taught him everything he knew. Dangerson died three months after the incident is said to have occurred, so it cannot be confirmed. It might be noted, however, that his body mysteriously disappeared from the possession of the police, who were investigating it for foul play, and ended up inexplicably on Dangerson's home planet of Reachguard, buried in his family plot- and Samuel Richards, the prime suspect in the case of his possible murder, was never seen again.
Carson joined up with the Hawks several years later.

Tal Wilder

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Nationality: Eta Centauri
Position: Computer expert, light support, backup recon

Tal Wilder, the youngest member of the Silver Hawks, handles hacking, breaking, and invading computers, as well as maintaining, servicing, and supporting those closer to home. He was a complete unknown to the galaxy until the day his virus, named the Spoiler and distributed throughout SolCoreNet for a period of months, activated. It was confirmed that almost 85% of active computers in the net were affected. No damage was done, no resources robbed. Instead, every single visual monitor display, be it 2D or three, flipped its axis and turned upside down. The best minds of the InfraNet Security Bureau were unable to fix a single afflicted screen or projection, until midnight (Greenwich Mean Time) struck, at which point every computer righted itself, the virus self-deleted, and the words "Right Shall ALWAYS triumph" flashed across.
A bit self-righteous, a bit flashy, and a bit inexperienced, Wilder is nonetheless one of the most talented computer manipulators currently living in human-inhabited territories. He has been approached numerous times by the military and intelligence services to speak of employment; he refused, even when offered outrageously vast compensation. He stated that he wished only to work free-lance, and continued to do so, until the day that he joined the Hawks for reasons unknown.
In addition to his technological prowess, Wilder- or "Wild"- possesses considerable talent at recon and light infiltration- probably an advantage in his line of work, where often to enter it, a computer must physically be reached. He carries two, very high quality light-bullet pistols in hip holsters. He was given them by a loftily-ranking military acquaintance, who likely owned them as a family heirloom- the innards are modern, but the frames are of an ancient design. On occasion, he wears a scaled-down version in wrist holsters, from which he can draw them in less than a quarter of a second. He also retains a great deal of talent in moving stealthily and acrobatically- he remains the only member of the Hawks who can keep up with Kris Salvador, and they often coordinate in reaching an objective, deep at the heart of an enemy's home.

Munn Hackenberg

Gender: Male
Age: 36
Nationality: Earth-born
Position: Support- Medic, sniper, demolition

Munn Hackenberg- who deeply, deeply prefers to be called "Steve"- is the Hawk's all-around support man. He has a full medical degree, and four years of clinical experience in an Earth hospital, as well as an additional two years as a corpsman during the brief Resurgence War. In addition to medically, Hackenberg provides long-range support- he has been a talented long-rifle shooter since the age of six, when his father showed him how to shoot an old Remington .22. He continued to hone his skill for the rest of his life, attending the prestigious Star-Light Glimmer distance firing school in the mountains of Sirius 4. After a short career in tournament shooting (short, but satisfying- he won three championships, including the Sven), he moved on to freelance support work- hiring out to individual armies, supplementing their sniper teams, and moving on when the need was passed- and eventually ran into John Banning in a bar on CentStat3. Banning made him an offer, and he joined the Silver Hawks on the spot.
Recently, Hackenberg has been taking on the role of a demolitions expert. Although all of the Hawks are fully trained demo experts, after some time they decided that, in the fast-moving world of explosive techniques and materials, there was too much for them all to keep up with. They appointed Hackenberg explosives watcher, and he stays up to date with the most recent developments.

Kris Salvador

Gender: Female
Age: 28
Nationality: New Italy/Earth
Position: Recon, pilot

Kris Salvador, the only female member of the Silver Hawks as well as the second youngest, is an Airborne-trained ex-paratrooper who joined the Hawks after her regiment was all but decimated in the Falkland during the Continental Disaster. She had been an avid member of the 357th Airborne, an elite SolCore Enforcement garrison stationed on Earth. When a fighter attack took out most of her force before they had left their jets, she landed alone in enemy territory and was forced to trek out 140 miles to the nearest friendly position, armed with a broken assault rifle and a knife.
She disappeared then, resurfacing four years later as a different person. She had a fiery temper, ************** /editpsychadmin/, and in the course of her exodus had received a pilot training. Her short fuse got her thrown out of numerous potential mercenary positions. Finally, she found her way to the Hawks, who took her in and focused her tendencies toward more productive purposes.
In addition to piloting and leading fabric and anti-grav para drops, Salvador is the primary recon commander, utilizing an incredible inherent ability to blend in with surroundings, advance virtually soundlessly, and move with unbelievable quickness and unorthodox approach. She moves lightly, penetrating enemy infrastructure without a second thought, and sabotages or collects data in moments before gliding out again. In the course of a heavy battle, she will use an auto-rifle, shotgun, whatever comes to hand, but once she moves into stealth mode, the weapon is immediately ditched. All she carries is a knife- or most likely, a number of knives, but none have ever seen more than one. She is both a connoisseur and a master of blades, and uses them to multiple ends.

Salen Macedon

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Nationality: Unknown
Position: Unknown

Salen Macedon is an enigma. The best of intelligence ef/CENSEXEC/. Even his name is uncertain- conflicting reports indicate that it may in fact be Selene. Little to nothing is known about his history. He appears to have lived a moderate portion of his life on Earth itself, but his place of birth is not known- inexplicably, no record exists of his birth. The only thing he is known for is the creation of Xian Xang, his hand-to-hand combat form. He created the form from studying numerous old Earth combat regimes, although it is not known what he drew from them- his art seems to have no relation to any previous style. He drew brief recognition for the deed, and quickly faded back from the public radar.
Macedon- sometimes called, apparently, "Mace"- is most often armed with a specialized heavy pistol. He is a extremely accurate shot with it, equaling or excelling the accuracy of trained riflemen, but where he learned his talent is not known. There are many gaps in the data on this man, and intelligence is laboring to fill the/CENSEXEC/.

Availability: ON ASSIGNMENT

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't flap about the writing, I know it doesn't sound like me. I didn't write it, some flunky in SCIB did. Not very good, is he?