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Fan Fiction

Posted By: Vector40<brandon@berkeleyhigh.org>
Date: 9 August 2002, 5:35 am

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Lights in the sky
Lights so bright
Falling from the sky
Falling in the night

We looked up to see them
We ran there to see
They came out to greet us
And killed us . . . but me.

Me, I turned running
Me, I knew
Seeing, they chased me
Hearing, I flew

I lifted my wings.
I lifted them high.
Jumped from the ground,
I fled through the sky

Streaking the clouds
Streaking, a ray
They’ll never catch me
Though they may pray.

They often try
They are too slow
Trying to fire,
They slip down below.

Now I hunt them.
Now they flee.
Screaming and pleading,
They run from my glee.

They scatter at my sight.
They know their flaws.
They suffer their deeds
try to escape my claws.

I will not stop this.
I will not spare them.
Not halt my grasp
Nor cease my venom.

’til the last one lies cold.
’til the last one is dead.
Only then will I rest.
Only then end my dread.

Many things in the world are beautiful.
Many things are bright, clear, and free.
Death is cold and uncaring.
I am he.