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The Final Battle
Posted By: Peter Ultsch<articwolf@knac.com>
Date: 05 May 2000, 4:05 a.m.

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No one could ever have guessed that in only 1000 years the Humans race would have accomplished what it did. We have mad contact with another race called the Luftia. They are very similar to our own (size shape speech ect.), long distance space travel, genetic engineering, a single unified Earth, all of us speech the same language, and we have colonized Mars, Stratica, and Titan (Stratica and Titan are to planets discovered in a galaxy not far from here). But with all these new technological advancements we have begun to think we are the most superior race in the universe, we were soon to be proved wrong.

The year was 3013 a small convoy was traveling through space and was attacked by an unknown source with this we started to search the galaxies for the source of this unprovoked attack. In 3014 a distresses signal was send from Titan a galactic war had broken out on the planet between us, and the lufita against these 3 new alien races named the covenant the races are far far advanced in both the evolutionary stage and technological stage. within a day or two Titan was destroyed completely. THIS insult to all of us was the reason for us to go to war with these heartless monsters.

After 10 years of fighting we destroyed two of their home planets and they had destroyed all of ours but mars. Mars was doomed to be taken soon, so in a last ditch effort the president randomly picked 1000 civilians and 1000 well trained genitally altered marines and sent them to the escape ship (built when the war started it had enough materials ect. to build a settlement, and enough weapons, jeeps tanks, ect to supply the marines) as our last hope to keep the Human and Lufita races alive. They had taken off and only an hour after that mars was under a full assault by the covenant and within hours mars was destroyed too, and to make maters worse our escape ship with the last of our races was being trailed by 3 enemy fighters...... this is where our story begins.......

.........BOOM.......The sudden flash of the emergency lights and buzzers combined with sudden shock on the ship woke m from my sleep. I ran outside of my quarters and found many of us were woken by the suddenness of it all of in the distance I heard the pilot yell "WE'VE BEEN HIT!!!". a look of horror shock and worry fell over all our faces, we were the last hope for the human and lufita races, and now we all may die. "Losing engine 1s power......engine 2s gone....engine 3 is losing power.......engine 1s out!!!!!" yelled the co-pilot "were going down EVERYONE hold on to something!!!" with that we all ran for the sturdiest thing we could find and held for our dear lives...... time seemed to stop in the few seconds of our crash, panic flooded all our minds, screaming and crying could be heard from the civilian quarters. I figured all I could do was sit and listen to the pilots yelling.. "Were losing altitude fast.. all engines gone..... wings have been blown off...." on and on for what seemed like years this crash went, in space you fall until you hit something or the fuel tanks are hit, we had the best pilots in both races and we were still dogging incoming fire and debris, "Sir look....... a planet....." I look out the window to were I could tell the co-pilot was pointing, a large halo planet was within view, it looked much like Earth's landscape. I over heard the pilot yell "Ill try to land us there.....HANG on people!!"......... it became very hot as we entered the atmosphere of the planet everything was shaking and now the civilians were screaming even more chose was taking over the passengers minds now. with a defining bang we broke through the atmosphere, we hit trees and many other things as we mad our unstoppable descent to the surface............. "LOOOOK OUT!!!" a second after that we hit very hard into the bottom of a mountain. I lost my grip on the door frame and flew at least 10 feet until I was stooped when my head hit the wall............

* * *

As I slowly regained consciousness I opened my eyes and attempted to stand up and was met by a horrible pain in my head and chest..... I collapsed back onto the bed and felt my head first and found it was all bandaged up and a little wet with blood, next I reached for my chest and felt the dent in my right side and a dent in my upper chest. With a sigh of mixed emotions, I closed my eyes and tried to think of something other than the pain.... I heard a groan, looked to my left and saw that I wasn't alone in here there were about 5 people to my left and 3 to my right, the medic was checking the guy next to me and gave him something to wear on his arm, shoulder and leg, I assumed they were to fix what ever was wrong with him (Hey I was trained to kill not to heal). the medic checked him a bit more and filled out some paper then walked over to me. "Well......" (she picked up the scanner at the side of my bed) "Private Marcuss" she continued, "Lets seen now...... you have a busted head 6 broken ribs and a cracked sternum....... your lucky you were wearing your MICS (Military Issue Combat Suite) otherwise you'd be dead right now......he he he" she finished "hey what's so funny about me dieing?!?!" I demanded angered by her laughter. "Nothing" she quickly replied "here just put this on" she handed me what looked to be a vest of some sort, I attempted to sit up and deal with the pain, I slipped it on and instantly felt relief "this will heal your chest wounds and your head should be fine in a day or two" with that she walked on over to the next injured person and checked up on her.

Time went by slow that day the next time the medic came to make the rounds I asked how long I had been out, she told me about 5 days.... and said I would be out of the medical center of the base in about 4 days when my bones where repaired. Days came and went and finally my last day came to an end. In the morning I was greeted by Commander Vicson, " Up and atum soldier." I stood easily with no pain or anything thinking to myself thank God for medical technology. "Private Marcuss right?", "Yes sir", "You are to report to sector 3 for briefing of our current situation." he finished "But first report to sector 1 for a new MICS and weapon assignment", "Yes Sir" I saluted him and started of for sector 1, wherever it is.

Just outside of the Medical Facility there was a map "Wow this place is big." I commented to myself, "lets see now sector 1..... sector 1.......there it is." I traced the path with my finger then started on my way. I walked down the hall almost there when I heard a voice off in the distance "hey..... wait up...hey" it sounded familiar. As I the person came into view I saw it was David my friend during boot camp (we got separated after boot camp) "hey David where you been" I replied when he reached where I was "where you headed?" "sector 1" he replied, "What's happened with you and here?" he answered my questions as we walked the rest of the way to sector 1.4 It was a long walk and I learned after boot he went to drivers e.d. and became first in his class, me I went to special 101 and was trained to fly, and drive any vehicle and well trained with all weapons. When we finally reached sector 1 we found the weapon assignment room and got our gear David received the drivers equipment: MICS, machete, pistol, sub-machine-gun and shotgun. I on the other hand received the assault equipment: MICS, machete, pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, minigun, sniper rifle, harpoon gun, and the anti-armor and anti-air missile launchers. Its amazing how much the MICS increase your abilities without it I would hardly be able to hold a single gun, plus it has a special container for each gun i.e. a slot in the hip opens for the pistol. With our newly equipped gear we left for sector 3, to get our briefings.

We got to sector 3 and the briefing center to get our assignment and briefing. In the briefing we learned that the covenant haven't followed us onto this planet and if they have we haven't found each other. If you happen to see any of the covenant you are to shot to kill "What a coincidence our first mission is together." David's and mine were to patrol the mountain area where the base was built into the side. Excited to do our first real mission we ran for the vehicle garage and got our jeep. David hoped into the front with a gleam of fun in his eyes, Myself I hoped on the back and manned the turret. "Good luck sirs" the grad said as he opened the door. As soon as the door was all the way open David floored it and we were off.

We where having fun racing around on the rocky terrain, flying off jumps and sliding around turns.... after about an hour we completed our patrol and checked in, as we pulled into the garage David asked if I wanted to o have some fun, thinking about any consequences and finding none, I agreed. We told the gard we were gona go out with the jeep he said ok with a look in his eyes that he may know what we were up to. We started to go as fast we could racing all over the ground splashing through water and other paroles as we were driving I saw a hill that would make a perfect jump, we grinned at each other and he drove straight towards it, as were racing to it something caught my attention. He stopped the jeep and I took out my sniper rifle and zoomed in on the object I saw "Crap" I yelled almost dropping the gun from my shock "What..... what did you see?" "Go David Go!!! there is a covenant coming this way on some hover pod. "Crap" he replied as he shifted into reverse and drove as fast as he could away from the alien; but in this terrain it was much faster than us, I yelled to David that our only chance is to fight, he radioed headquarters and I started firing at the thing. The bullets had a small effect on the armor of the craft so I pulled out the anti-armor rocket and fired right at it. With a loud bang I hit it directly and all that was left was a smoking pile of debris and blood, thinking all was well after that we returned to base only to learn that recognizance has reported a covenant base in the area. All marines are on full alert and we are all join to attack in 300 hours.

"All right all marines report to the front gate for squad and vehicle assignments........" When the measure over the intercom was finished I left for the gate and met David on the way. We ran as fast as we could and met up with the other 9998 marines. David was assigned to be a one of the drivers for squad 15, I was assigned to squad 8 as a attacker. The commander of my squad was inexperienced but I seemed to be the only one to notice it. I was positioned on the front right of the large tank, we followed the lead of squad 7. "Move out!" there was a rumble from the tank and we were on the move and going straight into what could possibly be a horrible demise for many of us. we were moving in a line, just as we cleared the top of the first hill we looked out over the expanse of a flat valley and with a shock I saw 1000s upon 1000s of the covenant waiting there for us. We all stood in amazement at there numbers and the only thing that broke the silence was a crack of thunder and lightning as it started to poor down rain. Both side just stood there staring.... waiting..... listening....... fingers twitching on the triggers for anything to move, it seemed like a lifetime. One of them made a move and all commanders in a simultaneous scream yelled "FFFFIIIIIIIRRRREEEEE!!!!" a defining outburst of gunfire and shells hitting the piles that were starting up. Time ceased to exist in the first moment of fire...... As I fired my assault rifle and the tanks barrel and maching gun fired a scream....... a defining, screeching, scream broke out above the noise of lightning rain and gunfire....... with that the entire land light up green as the covenant fired back. I shall never forget that green glow, it was the glow that would scare the ground into running away, the glow of an energy bullet speeding right at you..... screams of agony and pain broke out as the people around me collapsed into the grip of the grim reaper. I fired as much as I could using all my ammo for all my guns but the pistol, anti-armor rocket launcher and machete........ I loaded the last round into the rocket launcher and fired the last two shots... just as the last shot left the barrel I was blinded by green...... everything went silent.......... I felt a pain I had never experienced..... it was more than agony, more than words could describe then the blinding green turned to black.......... I felt the air rush around me as I fell on the tank and rolled of onto the ground.......

* * *

I felt something hit my chest...... I choked and coughed up blood.... attempting to breath I rolled onto my side and spit out the remaining blood left in my mouth. As I opened my eyes I was blinded by the brightness of the sun. I waited and my eyes slowly focused, I sat up gasping for air, I couldn't feel my left arm I moved my other hand and felt for my arm, as I started reach for it a hand quickly grabbed it and told me not to touch it. I attempted to see my eyes were still very blurred from the green flash. After about a minute or so my eyesight returned and I saw the leftover tracks of the tank I was sitting on. I turned to look the other way and was meet by the site of the field medic... still not sure where I was I sputtered out "Am I alive or dead?" "Your....." the medic started to say but was cut off by "Yes your alive stupid.... barely" a voice called "David where are you?" "Turn to your left." I slowy turned and saw him standing there.... I scanned him from top to bottom he was wearing a pair of strange looking pants and no shirt.... I recognized the pants they looked much like the vest I was given for my chest. "My legs got hit pretty bad .... at least not as bad as your arm......" he remarked with a smile. I turned and looked at my arm a small percent of it was missing the rest looked to be burned horribly. the medic slipped a shirt over me. "What happened to me?" "One of the covenant bullets grazed your arm and hit the tank you fell of just before the tank blew your the only survivor of you squad." replied David...... "there you go all set...... your back will be fine in about 4-6 hours and your arm should be back to normal in a week" said the medic as she slipped a shit thing over my head and arms. "Hey can you walk?" "I think so" I stood up and stretched a bit. "hey over here." I followed him down the mountain to the where the covenants bodies were. "So that's what those bastards look like" I said "Yup, ugly aren't they?" David replied. "So we won this battle? I asked "Yup" "What do we do now?" "Whatever we want." "I'm going to my quarters for some sleep." "Same here I guess." We walked to there nearest jeep David was about to get in the drivers seat but hesitated...... "ah maybe you better drive this time." He slid over the passenger side and I took the drivers seat. I drove back to base and parked in the garage. "Well, see you in a while" I called as I entered my room. "Yeah we've earned a rest" he replied as he entered his room.

I woke late in the day, glancing to the clock I saw it was about 12:00. I shakely got out a bed and stumbled into the MICS, rubbing the left over sleep outa my eyes I walked for the cafeteria to grab some food. Half way through eating David came and sat down across from me. "Morning." he said in between bits of his food "Morning" I replied. Suddenly without warning the emergency sirens sounded.......... Instantly everyone stood and went running for the front gate there we were met by a massive wave of incoming fire....... "Run!!"......"Return Fire!!"......."Attack!!!".. orders were erupting from everyone's mouth, pure chaos took over us all many just started firing... some ran for cover... myself I ran to the nearest rock I could hide behind and fired at anything on the other side of me. "Marrrr!!!" David's voice was cut short as one of the bullets past right through his chest. His limp body collapsed to the ground I ran for him and met him just as he hit the ground with a thump that could never be erased from my memory. Rage, Hatred, and all evil emotions took over.... I don't know what happened then..... all I know is that I ran straight towards the enemy, all I did was run, everything but me seemed to disappear, I lost all concept of reality, then I felt the pain in my heart, the pain of sorrow, the pain of disgust, the pain of death, I felt a cold arm wrap around my soul, I felt my heart stop pounding, I felt faces of all that I killed, I saw my memories run before my eyes, I saw my life begin and end in a second then..... then I...... I felt nothing at all........I.......

The End