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His Home
Posted By: Ubiquitous<UbiquitousWaste@aol.com>
Date: 26 February 2001, 9:41 am

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The log was his home. It's massive form lying horizontal on the side of the hill and braced against another tree standing high. Toppled unknown ages ago, it's cool bark provided for the growth of dark green moss which cushioned the marine's body. The wood provided shelter just above the marine's head. It smoldered at spots with gray smoke rising from splintered holes. Birds circled in the blue skies above making the only noise in the solitary forest. The marine breathed slowly and cautiously. The rest of his squad was scattered through the green foliage. He couldn't help them now. There's no way to help the dead. He listened for the sounds of inevitability, yet heard nothing but silence. His grandfather was a fisherman on one of the colonies and made prolific usage of the phrase, "the calm before the storm." The marine knew he wasn't on open seas now, but the threat of danger lurked within these motionless trees and strangling weeds as deadly as any storm his memory could conjure up. In contrast to the silent forest, the radio in his ear crackled with life. "This is transport group 7 requesting the location of the infected area, please respond Squad 43." The marine knew the noise would attract unwanted attention. He felt a tickling on his hand.  A lone insect climbed over his bleeding knuckles searching for food. The marine vaguely remembered punching the ground in anger, but it all seemed so distant, as if from a dream. He summoned a quiet rumble within. "This is the single remaining member of Squad 43. Section 25 is beyond containment. All is clear for neutralization." Seconds ticked by as the beetle on the marine's hand sucked at the running crimson liquid. "Understood 43," the voice paused with regret, "commencing neutralization in T- 30 seconds." The marine heard a crack of motion in the distant. A familiar hum of a vibroblade raised alarm in his mind. The blue figure stepped out of the shadows. It noted the marine's wounded body and halted it's approach. The marine smiled. Over his radio he heard "7-6-5-4-3-2-1." Through the forest in front of the marine's failing body, a glowing whiteness began to emerge. The blue figure turned towards the light, it's weapon dropping slowly into the dirt. The light grew increasingly bright... hotter then the sun above as trees crashed down like dominoes towards the marine's body. His flesh began to burn, the beetle on his hand shriveled. Peace entered his mind, then nothing. The log became his home for eternity.