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"You all will die"
Posted By: Tycho [OSC]<eaglsfanatic@halo-net.com>
Date: 05 June 2000, 8:01 pm

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His Head was ringing. His vision was blurry. The Marine struggled to free himself from his premature tomb. The ground was nothing but mud from the rain of the previous night. The Marine still struggled against his tomb. When the Marine finally broke free, he looked back across the ruined field. He saw nothing. No bodies, no wreckage, save the burned out hull of the tank that had threatened to bury him. The only other signs that there had been a battle was the single marine helmet lying in a patch of mud, and spent shell casings. The lone surviving marine picked up the helmet and wondered. Wondered if any others had survived the carnage...

The Marine looked to the sky.

The Marine woke up to a dull throbbing pain that escalated as he gained consciousness. The Marine tried to survey his surroundings, but could only stare blankly at the sky above him. The Marine wondered at how he had gotten here, and where here actually was. His unasked question was answered by a large covenant towering over in his field of vision. The Marine could not move his head around to better see his opponent. The Marine then realized that he was tied to a table. They were going to sacrifice him. The Marine began to struggle in his binds, which only brought an unexpected voice from the side. "You all will die" the inhuman voice said. The Marine realized his fears, and laid back. The Marine didn't make a sound as the knife plunged into his chest, only wondering if there were any other survivors...

The Marine looked to the sky.

The sniper pumped another round into the covenant troopers in the distance. His spotter called a target. The sniper fired again. The pair had been unable to support the 101st in the slaughter of the previous night. There were too many targets. Now the pair had brought the fight to their enemy. The pair had tracked the covenant force to one of the small structures that apparently were being used as a base of operations. The spotter called a target, the sniper fired again. There were now 18 covenant bodies littering the grounds of the base. The pair thought that this was too easy, on other hunts the covenant would have retaliated by now. This hunt had been permeated by a sense of uneasiness and dread. Ever since this hunt began it seemed too easy. The spotter called another target. 19 covenant bodies were now one with the soft mud. The sniper had had enough. He motioned for the order to move to a new nest, this one had become triangulated, and the sniper soon expected retaliation. The sniper could not have been more right. As the sniper turned to face his partner, a wave or gore washed over him, splattering his face shield. The sniper continued his turn, at the same time bringing his gun to bear. A huge covenant trooper came into view. The sniper fired. More gore washed over the now standing sniper. The sniper brought his gun to bear on a charging covenant. The loud retort halted the threat. The sniper reloaded. Warily the sniper crept form the hilltop. A green glow in his peripheral vision gave away the presence of more covenant. The sniper went into a combat roll, dodging the three energy blasts fired at him from the base. A large foot stopped the snipers roll. The kick knocked the sniper to the ground, removing his helmet and his gun from his possession. The sniper glowered at his new assailant. The sniper got to his feet, and leisurely dusted himself off. The sniper had never seen a red covenant before, and wondered if it could be killed. Then it spoke in an inhuman mockery of english. " You all will die". The sniper reasoned. IF it talks, it breathes, if it breathes it bleeds, if it bleeds, it can die.

The Sniper spat at his foe as he charged.