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Hell Turned Over
Posted By: topgunn123<topgunn123@home.com>
Date: 12 November 2000, 7:57 pm

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This day was cold and damp from the slush through the wet swamp infested with critters never seen before. The captain of the squad was leading the over exicted team to their rendezvous with a covenant reload and re-supply ship that was spotted fling over sector 4 earlier that day. Orders were given out to neutralize all threats and capture the ship with all supplies intact. Unfortunately there was one bit of information that was unknown at this point of time, that information was vital to the success of the mission and extremely critical to the survival of the team.
"John, head up on that hill and scope out the horizon for anything that doesn't look right." Sergeant Davis ordered. "Sir, doesn't it seem a little quiet? I mean we are out near the drop point but there is no noise and no sight of anything, it kind of makes me worried if you know what I mean." John replied into the microphone attached to his standard outfitted battle helmet.
"Hey sarge, you think we can take five? My back is killing me with all this ammunition." Jackson replied sitting down on a rock and taking his backpack off.
"Yeah go ahead and take five boys, looks like that ship is going to be a little late."
One hour and five minutes later there was a loud roar almost like thunder and a freight train all in one. The sky was filled with lush clouds billowing up as if mushrooms searching for life in the sky. One cloud stood out the most because of its enormous size and when the troops admired its beauty there suddenly was a dot that seemed to seep slowly out of the cloud followed by three more. The troopers got up and reached for their binoculars to investigate the dots. After four dots appeared out of the sky a larger one began to appear. The troops got to their feet because they knew what it was... It was only a matter of time until it reached them. They feared what it might hold, what it might be concealing in the alien looking craft, what kind of danger awaited head. As if ordered by the Sergeant they all took cover to hide and wait for the arrival of the craft. Over the hill they heard the Covenant coming, it must be the group that was waiting for the supply ship. The soldiers lay still as if ready to pounce on their victims like a tiger, they readied their guns and held their breaths as they waited.

Onboard the alien ship Nahra and Glud turned off the auto-nav and set a course for the drop zone. Also onboard were two Covenant guards that stood at the exit door holding their energy rifles low.
<Glud, is the shipment ready to offload?> Hahra said pushing some holographic buttons on the flight console.
<Yes it is all ready.> Glud replied.
<Excellent.> <This shipment will allows our troops in sector 5 to have a significant advantage over the human base.> Hahra smiled looking over the floating creates in the back of the ship.
The drop-ship came closer to the drop zone and began to slow and descend. The awaiting troops looked eager for the drop-ship to land and couldn't help staring at the ship.

"Ok troops we are going to get up slow and begin very slowly towards the rocks down there." Sarge said looking at the ship close in and drop to the ground.
"Sir yes sir." All the troopers whispered at once.
They began to crawl toward the rocks to get some ground, the Covenant might have more fire powers but the troops had one advantage they didn't have... The element of surprise. The troops made it to the rocks, examined their weapons and got ready to charge guns a' blazing.
"Ok we go on three." Sargent said holding his breath as he counted to two. "GOD SPEED! NOW CHARGE!" he yelled.
All the troopers got up and started to run towards the enemy that was waiting on the bottom of the small canyon. Gunfire broke out as they ran to the enemy many covenant were taken out by blind fire. The ones that lived saw them running to the drop-ship and opened fire. Marines and Covenant were running around firing at each other and both sides took cover again returning fire in sequences. The ground was muddy and so were the soldiers as they rolled around in it.
"Ahhhhhhhh! Sarge I'm hit!" A scream was head and then nothing.
"Sir, I advice we blow the damn thing up. There are too many of them. If we cant take it then why let them have it!" Johnsen yelled into the sergeant's ear.
"Your right soldier we have to blow it up, even if the mission states we have to capture it. Some losses will just have to be taken." Sarge ordered the troops to get three AT rocket launchers and ordered them to fire at the ship.

Hahra and Glud just looked out to the rocks as they saw three streams of smoke come out of the distance towards them. All they could do was say something in their native language and then it was all over... There was a huge explosion from what was in the ship, anything or anyone that was near it was incinerated by the billowing flames that exploded from the hull of the ship. When the ammo caught on fire the energy cells exploded with a gigantic explosion killing two covenant soldiers as they ran for their cycles. The darkness was broke with the light of the flames from the ship. It was over... well at lease for that moment. The men retreated back to base and were debriefed and then sent out on another mission. That mission was a critical element of this epic war. We will return to this as soon as the sergeant gets out of the captains quarters getting his ass chewed off because he blew up the shipment.

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