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Once, In A Field with Dying Hopes
Posted By: TheRambler<brutalpoetic@hotmail.com>
Date: 31 July 2003, 5:52 PM

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I saw him once, I was fallen and wounded from battle,
But he took me upon as a burden,
And I had never been so thankful.
He battled those who came to consume,
Those who wished our deepest fears.
They came, with better technology, and superior numbers,
But he fought on, like the Sun fights the Moon,
And how we seem to fight time.
Unwavered by the fact tommorow was not promised to him.
But he became victorious somehow,
Not letting science or math tell him what was possible.
One by one, I heard them scream as he freed them from battle.
Never letting anything stop him, never.
I looked upon him again,
His clad body shined like lightning,
Plasma hit him like a tornado,
But he hit back, and even harder.
He held the hamer of power in his hand,
And a weak poet on his shoulder.
Even when he was outnumbered by what The Covenant feared,
He still kept his humanity.
He protected it like he did for us,
Whe he knew he was our the last, dying, hope.
And when we knew he was our saviour.