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A Chiefs Requim
Posted By: TheRambler<brutalpoetic@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 June 2003, 12:58 AM

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I watched as all I loved broke,
Like falling glass fighting against the oncoming concrete.
Every step that I take has been paid with there blood,
Falling so I that I can now stand, and only half paid.
Paving the route with there sacrifice so I wouldn't have to.
Dropping into war itself with pride and honor,
Falling, with dignity itself on their shoulders.
And so here I stand,
Without any brothers but with seventy-four at my back.
And only worlds themselves can repay my loss,
But only the ones that might feel this same dagger.
Screams of anguish will always live in my memory,
So will eyes of fire that wished to burn all in their way.
And so too, the determination to fight even when none but themselves stood.
My brothers were sent to due to a duty that was devised in desperation,
And that we alone could perform.
I am not alone, And I will always stand with eyes of fire.