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A Broken Covenant
Posted By: TheRambler<brutalpoetic@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 June 2003, 6:03 PM

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You're death is the will of my brethren, who fell in what I will accomplish,
For I am there mean, I will make your families hate me, and your race fear me.
For now I have become death, Now I have become the shatterer of worlds.
My conviction has known only victory, my enemies only sorrow.
I am a weapon from almost birth, and will always be.
I sing my brothers requiems with pain, with tears I could never shed,
But I'll sing yours like hymns, knowing Im getting closer to your genocide.
I will destroy anything you hold dear, and rape anything you hold sacred.
I will make your covenant a broken one, begging for mercy under my steel will.
I am a SPARTAN, and you're biggest mistake was to even let me hold a thought.
I am the Master Chief, and you should pray as to never see me.