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A day in the life of Master Chief....
Posted By: That guy over there who smiles just a biiiit to wide....<spyroguy@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 July 2003, 3:25 AM

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Maser Chief fell the ten stories to the ground, but he actually landed on the last remaining Sentinel. Crouching on the metal body, he accessed the holopanel with his right hand. He had holstered his Battle Rifle on the way down. Knowing that the orders were broadcast via each Sentinel until they were all alerted, he punched another set of orders. Kamikaze observer. Observe and do not fire back even if you are fired upon. Then, Master Chief pulled Cortana out of his head, and placed her inside the Sentinel. "I have the location of the base of command. A large durasteel platform, currently hovering one kilometer up in the North West pacific. It looks like a tight operation; there are currently three billion in construction and about a sixth of that is complete. I am handing control of this baby over to you, just lean and turn to move" "Thanks Cortana, the marines need my help. But set us down near Guilty Spark first, my main priority is to disable him" "Negative! He is not Guilty Spark! I repeat, that is not Guilty Spark! Systems show he is plugged into the mainframe, I can locate him but it might take a while" "Don't bother, infect the system with a virus, lets let him come out for us"
Master Chief waited until Cortana told him to pull her out. He plugged her back in, and turned to the marines. A Warthog was overturned, and the Marines were using it as cover. The Gauss Warthog was moving fast, and it was being bombarded with plasma beams. Then, all the Sentinels went haywire. IFF systems were offline, then shape recognition, then communications. Everything was bugged. Some of the Sentinels both lay down on the road and proceeded to think it over with their limited AI capacity, but the others resorted to a much more effective method. They proceeded to destroy everything, humans, buildings, their own reflections in the steel, even their comrades. Master Chief pulled his Battle Rifle out and zoomed in, taking out the small node on top of the only Sentinel who was behaving rationally, shooting the Marines. Then, pulling his Pulse rifle he sent thin shards of pulsed energy slicing into the surrounding Sentinels. He jumped down and blew the circuits out of the Sentinel he was riding, and jumped into the empty seat of the Gauss Warthog, the driver dying shortly before by a stray plasma stream. Master Chief drove forward, and side swiping, slammed into the wall of an apartment building. He jumped out, and told the surrounding marines to destroy any and all blue orbs. They had not been told of the true nature of the mission, to incapacitate Guilty Spark. Master Chief went forward and heard a familiar humming. The AI was trying to hijack his ATV! Firing a short burst of paralyzing fire, he grabbed the skull sized ball and held his viewer to the ground. No need for his prey to know who he was. Cortana spoke with him. "Hello Guilty Spark! Imagine seeing you here. Now give us the vial of Flood DNA, or else my new host will force me into you, and that will not be pleasant." "The construct? From the Core? Impossible. I find this impossible. What happened to the Reclaimer? He can not be destroyed. His human qualities were bad, but we were willing to overlook them. Your new host is the same as Reclaimer. There can be no other. Now unhand me or I will be forced to unleash my Sentinels. No! What? It says that they are all Rampant? What have you done, Reclaimer?! Your unwillingness to co-operate on Halo was most unfortunate, but please listen to sense" "Chief, load me in." Master Chief plucked the small chip out of his head and plugged it into the slot on top of 343Guilty Spark. The AI slid from side to side as both the minds fought for control. Then, it stopped. In Cortana's voice, the floating blue orb said "Come on, I picked up reports of a Brute making his way towards us. We have got to get out of here, before he spots us!" Master Chief ran to the wall, Cortana beside him. "You can't imagine what it feels like to be able to control where you go" she muttered as they came outside and Master Chief relayed orders. "For me, that is something. Come on; let's get out of here, now." As the Marines piled in to the vehicles, Master Chief turned and said; "What was the first thing you said to me after I got out of Cryosleep?" "Reclaimer, what you know is true," said Guilty Spark. "I am not the construct. She was smothered in the struggle. There is no way to reach her" "Oh really?" growled the Master Chief. Sighting down the barrel he fired the last of the paralyzing rounds. "Oh dear..." was the last words Guilty Spark spoke for a very long time. Master Chief plugged his hand held computer into the slot on top. Cortana spoke to him through his radio. "He fell for it. Carrying a copy of a construct is very risky and in fact dangerous as both constructs are exactly the same. But I fixed the free will of my copy to only feel satisfied if it lost in the battle against Guilty Spark. Log the real me into the slot on top of the computer. Then, transfer all data to central control, and get rid of the carcass, we do not need to have another resurgence of the Flood." Master Chief sat there, doing the constructs bidding, and then got a radio from a nearby Pelican "Emergency, emergency, this is dropship Columbia 225, requesting immediate backup, I have twelve, I repeat twelve Covenant Banshee vehicles on my tail, requesting immediate backup, I am at location point 26486946 in New Mombassa, repeat, this is a mayday call to any UNSC forces in my immediate area do you copy, over" Cortana answered. "Roger Columbia, we have you on radar, we have fourteen marines, and one Spartan willing and able to help, is that you John?" As the radio buzzed with messages, Master Chief pondered that name. Then he remembered. He was John, John 117, and he had a family. He remembered, now of all times, going to sleep one night when he was five, about to turn six, and then waking up in a military camp, wanting only to work hard, not remembering. He shook his head, this was not the time. He concentrated on driving, twisting the maneuverable Warthog through a gap in a building, watching a marine climb over some rubble in his ATV, then he saw the squadron, twelve Banshees, he remembered piloting one, desperate to get away from the Flood, and then called out. "Keep moving, stay still and your a sitting duck for their cannons, Snipers exchange your weapon for a Battle rifle or Assault rifle and keep firing, no matter what you do, keep your weapon trained and squeeze that trigger. Let's get Columbine down safely." He drove around, the marines and the Gauss Warthog making short work of the Banshees. Then, Columbine settled down on its landing gear. Master Chief asked if he could use the spare front landing gear. He ripped the strong steel poles off and used two of them to melt Guilty Spark with the exhaust manifolds. As the pieces of metal dripped off onto the pavement, Master Chief reached in and pulled out a small metal cylinder. He dropped the remains of Guilty Spark. Then, reaching in and pulling out a small glass tube with both ends shut off, he walked over to a downed Banshee. Ripping off the manifold, he dipped the vial in an unprotected pool of live plasma. The Flood sample never had a chance. Master Chief walked back and turned to face the commander. Saluting sharply, he asked the commander if he had heard from UNSC HQ. "We tried to make a connection but the interference was too high. We need to check things out. All my boys haven't even spotted any action so they can go into patrol around the perimeter, and you and your boys can go back. Sir!" He saluted and turned away, roaring orders. Master Chief jumped in, and watched as his men ran and jumped in, eager for a chance at rest. Master Chief leaned back, and closed his eyes. It had been a tough day.