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End Game
Posted By: SyburWulf<syburwulf@mac.com>
Date: 15 May 2000, 4:23 am

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It was a clear night on Halo. A few marines were patrolling when they saw something that looked like a comet crash to the planet about 5 miles way. Having been waiting for something to happen all night, the marines jumped into their jeep and sped off to see what it was exactly. At the same time some covenant troops saw the meteor impact, and began to gallop off towards it.

The still glowing wreck lay in a trough about half a mile long, and the ship was twisted and ruined. The hatch on the side of the ship was trying feebly to open, but being half melted it could no longer slide into the wall of the ship. Suddenly the door exploded outward, and an armored figure fell out of the ship.

The covenant troops were the first on the scene, and they found the human still steaming on the ground. The air reeked of burnt flesh, smoldering wires, and melted heat insulation. They were confused whether to capture the strange looking human or to just kill it now. The leader of the covenant troops stuck his head above the crater wall to send a signal back to their base for instructions. It had just stuck its head above the rim when it exploded, showering the other troops with gray matter. The troops began to run for the ship to use it as cover when the marine jeep pulled up to the edge and the gunner mowed them down. They loaded the man into their jeep and after radioing back to base they raced back.

The medic frowned. "He's more machine than human... hmmm..." she flipped open her medical history book, " ah yes... He looks like one of the old Mark IV's, but that's impossible, they haven't made a Mark IV in at least 400 years." She reached down to check his pulse again when his eye snapped open, and he grabbed her wrist. His mouth opened and moved but nothing came out. He opened his mouth again and croaked, " Where...where am I?" and passed out again.

When he came to again, He was alone in the medical room. He sat up, and as he did, burn flesh crackled and tore. He ignored the condition of his body as he did a self-diagnostic. 97% Memory corruption, 45% Structural Integrity. Current objective: Find repair terminal. Secondary objective: Re-arm/Re-equip. End current objectives. The lens over the man's eye clicked as a filter was applied, and he began to scan the room.

Soon he found what he was looking for, and bent over and removed the plating off a section of the floor. Inside the hole was an old-fashioned regeneration terminal. He bent down and put his left palm onto the terminal. As he pressed down, a light came on inside the terminal, and a small bunch of wires clicked into terminals in his hand and arm. As the terminal hummed the man's skin began to heal, and his eye lens seemed to focus better. After 3 minutes, he got up from his crouch, moving much smoother now, and reassessed his surroundings.

Covering up the terminal, he moved about the room picking up medical instruments, and taking parts from certain ones. After making a circuit around the room, he dumped all the things that he had gathered on a table. He put together pieces till he had what looked like a child's cap gun, and then proceeded to melt the rest of his cache into needle pointed fletch. He then put them into the gun one at a time till he had 7 shots. He then stood up and went to the door. It was locked.

He accessed his memory, and checked to see what information he had on locks. WARNING: Memory Corruption 70%, old data not 100% reliable. Ah, he thought, there it is. In his eyepiece, a schematic overlay itself on the door, and a green arrow pointed directly to an emergency lock release. Holding his makeshift pistol tighter, he pulled the release, and as the door slid open, he advanced into the hallway.

The hallway was clear so he moved stealthily down it. Looking around, he saw colored lights on the ceiling. *Ah yes* he thought, *Have to love the standardization *. His gaze came to rest on a bar of yellow lights. He followed it, occasionally ducking through doorways to avoid people. He finally stopped at a door that had the words Armory printed on it. He opened the door, and stepped inside. As he turned to close the door, a cold hard muzzle was thrust into his back. "Alright mister I don't know who you are, but I do know that there is no-one in this base that look like you." The man had not noticed the cyborg's gun, so he palmed it as he slowly turned around. "My name is... Scanning>>>>>>Name Found. Gabriel." "Well, keep those hands where I can see em." the man hissed. * WelÁ¯m#... L*t me show you something...* Gabriel felt something take control of his body, and he suddenly spun of to the side of the man, lifted his gun, and shot him in the side of the head. * Wel‰ then, I believe my point iss made. You must go to the ships computer and uplink with it, thenn you you you must go to the alien stronghold near here and wipe them of the planet. ^&%^ Durandal will NEVER SUCCEED...*&% If you survive I will give you new instructions* Shaking his head to clear it, Gabriel grabbed a large machine gun and several dozen clips for it.

He moved out into the hallway, and put a bullet through the camera at the end of it. He then ran along the hallways with the green lights in the ceiling. As he entered the main processor room, a tech was there plugging away at something. The tech looked up and started to get a surprised look as Gabriel shot him. * Ahh good, let us finish this... I have WORK to do. *&%#HE ISN'T DEAD... I still CONTROL him&%@ * Grunting in pain from the volume of the words, Gabriel pulled the cable out of the keyboard, and stuck it in his hand. As the AI left his memory, he became more lucid, and to confirm is suspicion, he did a system check. Performing system test >>><<<Memory 100% >>><<<Structural integrity 100%... End system test. On a screen that was attached to the computer, the words "Very good. Now go and terminate the Covenant presence in the area." appeared to bleed.

Gabriel left the room, and began to make his way out of the complex when he saw the outfitting room. He looked down at himself, and realized that he was naked except for his metal parts. He went into the room, and grabbed a suit of armor and a helmet. After putting them on, he stepped back outside. He was grabbed from behind, and as he turned to shoot, a huge captain yelled at him. "Get with the rest of the battalion, we move out in 5 minutes." Looking around, he saw that the hallways were flooded with soldiers that were hurrying around. "Main entrance." the captain shouted as Gabriel began to walk off. "That way..." Grunting, Gabriel ran in the other direction.

He came to a large grouping of armed humans. Some where getting in jeeps, others tanks, and most were on foot. Gabriel moved into the empty passenger side seat of a jeep as a gunner and driver piled in. Suddenly there was a loud grinding noise, and a slit of light began to appear in the wall across from him. Turning towards Gabriel, the driver shouted, "Good luck... Make sure to bag a few cows eh... don't make me and Billy do all the work." The driver started the motor and they made there way out into the light.

The faceplate in his helmet darkened till the light wasn't so bright, and on every human was a green indicator signifying a "friendly". The human forces were splitting into groups consisting of a tank, a unit of infantry, and a jeep or two. Gabriel was in a group with only one jeep. Infantry jumped up on the tank, and the driver got a signal to scout ahead. He pushed the accelerator to the floor, and the jeep rocketed off of a large hill, sending it high into the air. As it came back down, Gabriel braced himself, but the impact was still jarring.

They continued like this for 10 minutes. The driver began to slow as they approached a point that must be near the Covenant base, and the gunner stood up and fired some rounds into the ground to make sure that his gun was working. As the rest of their group caught up, the driver drove them up the hill. As they crested the hill, Gabriel was a bit taken aback. He had never seen so many people fighting at the same time. Thousands of marines were exchanging fire with thousands of Covenant soldiers.

The driver floored it again, and as they approached the combat, the gunner began to fire. Gabriel leaned out the side of the jeep and began to take potshots at Covenant soldiers. Gabriel looked across the plain and seemed to meet eyes with a Covenant soldier that was armed with a rocket launcher like device. The soldier fired just as Gabriel did, and just before the soldier crumpled a green lance of light escaped from the launcher. "JUMP!" shouted Gabriel just before the projectile hit the jeep. Gabriel was half out of the jeep when it exploded, and he was sent flying up into the air. As he came down, it struck him as odd how peaceful the sky looked. Then he hit the ground, and with a sharp cracking noise, the world went black.