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Posted By: Steve<EaGLesAllThEwaY2@aol.com>
Date: 1 December 2003, 10:23 PM

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John flew the Ghost through the closing doors. The bottom scraped the doors just as it passed over, flinging John free, but causing the Ghost to roll over several times and explode in blue/white fire. He and his new armor skidded across the asphalt, shooting sparks every-which way. The Brute in the Ghost behind John flew through some smoke by a bombed car and gasped at the sight of a dead end. He didn't have time to stop, nor did the other Ghost behind him, and they smashed into the door head first.
The Chief got up from the ground clutching two SMG's.
"There's the cruiser," Cortana said, referring to a Covenant cruiser commanding the entire city, a blue gravity lift leading up from the ground into its stomach. "Now, all we have to...do...is..." Cortana trailed off at the sight of was seemed like a meteor shower all around them. Several angular black tubes landed around John, who was on a tall overpass.
Gasses seeped out of the tubes, a hatch blew, and the first of seven black commando Elites jumped out, snarling. The rest hopped out, and spoke to each other in alien hoots and woofs. The first Elite hit a button on a cylinder in his right hand, and a plasma sword sprung from it.
John raised his SMG's at the Elite, and heard six more shweeesh's. All of the Elites had plasma swords, and they formed a semi-circle around John, whose back pointed towards the edge. He smiled in his helmet and holstered the SMG in his right hand, then drawing a plasma grenade.
"Betchya can't stick it," Cortana teased.
"You're on," John said, priming the grenade. He wound up, did a pump fake with it to the head Elite who ducked, then side flipped it to the Elite on his right. It hit him square in the chest, then exploded, engulfing one Elite and wounded another.
The commando on his left charged at John, doing a horizontal swing with his sword. The Master Chief dropped down and picked up his legs. He supported himself centimeters above the ground with his hands and kicked the three times in the stomach, before it finished it's swing and backed off.
John got up, ran towards the Elite who was still dazed about what happened, his shields were gone, put hit right leg behind it, and then punched it towards the side. Because he had the leverage and tripped the Elite, it stumbled then fell over the edge to its doom.
Two more Elites raced to the alien who killed their comrade, and were within four meters of him, when John opened up with his SMG's, a gun on each Covenant. The bullets ricocheted off their shields like water off a duck's back, and John knew he wouldn't kill them in time, but that wasn't his goal.
They got to him, and punched at him with their swords. John got down, dropped his empty sub-machine guns, and listed to the crackling above his head, as two plasma swords missed his helmet by mere centimeters. Just as the Elites got even with John, he grabbed onto the left Elite's right leg, and the right Elite's left leg. With all his might he hoisted them up and over the side.
The Chief quickly pulled out his Battle Rifle and shot the last three bullets in his gun at the Elite wounded by the plasma grenade, finishing him off with a shot to the throat. The last Elite was across the road, and John quickly reloaded his weapon. When he looked up again, it was right in front of him, and as the Chief brought his weapon to bare, the sword came down, cutting the gun in half, nearly hitting John's fingers.
The Spartan backed away. He thought he saw the alien smile, and became determined to make that the last smile he ever had.
The last command drew back his sword, and hit the Chief with a sucker slap to the right side of his helmet with its free hand. John jumped up just in time as the sword flew through what would have been hit mid section. As he came down, he kicked the Elite with both feet hard in the chest, sending it flying and sliding towards the edge.
Oddly enough, a human light pole saved its life as it smacked up against the poles, its shields drained. The Elite shook its head to clear its eyes, when a light blue ball attached itself to his shoulder. The commando let out a depressed sigh, then had half of him blown off the side, while a part of him stayed forever on the paved road. The explosion forced the light pole out of its foundation, and crashing to the road.
From the other end of the street, John heard vibrations. Two Shadows and two Ghosts were headed right towards him.
Just then, two Banshees and a Pelican dropship came out of the clouds above him. 70mm bullets tore through both of the Banshees in seconds. Just before it pulled out of its dive, it fired two rockets at the Ghosts and Shadows. A Ghost went up in flames and a Shadow was catapulted over the side. The road was destroyed, leaving a ten-meter gap between the two chunks of road.
A Ghost and a Shadow were on John's section, however, when the gap was forged, and were left virtually unscathed. A new Covenant dropship came out of the sky and shot its purple fire at the Pelican, hit an engine, and sent it careening to the Earth. It landed on John's side, deposited six Jackals, and left, firing a few shots the Chief's way. Then it bugged out.
The Shadow was piloted by two Elites, and held four more. The Ghost, too, was piloted by an Elite. And seeing scattered Elite Entry Pods around, seven in fact, and seeing purple gore scattered around, were hesitant to go into battle with this armored freak. Instead, they sent the Jackals in to charge their pistols and take out his shields. Then they'd finish off the job and get the credit for the kill.
Five blue shields and an orange one eased to John's position, plasma pistols glowing with green pressure in their hands. They formed another semi-circle around him. The Chief backed towards the edge.
"There are beams underneath that run with the overpass," Cortana said, reading the blueprints for this particular road. John backed off the edge. One Jackal fired the pistol in nervousness. Embarrassed, the young Jackal looked down. The orange shielded Jackal smacked him in the arm. They barked at each other for a second, before a metallic noise was heard behind them, and they turned around.
John had shimmied his way across the belly of the overpass like money bars back on Reach on Mendez's "playground", climbed up onto the street, and picked up the light pole. With all his might he swung it at the Jackals, breaking bones, causing internal bleeding, and damaging vital organs. Plasma bolts stuttered through the air from the now deceased Jackals.
The Chief rested the pole on his shoulder, when suddenly, green plasma from the Shadow's turret slagged the back tip of the pole, making it sharp and jagged. The Ghost charged forward and hit the Chief a few times with its cannon. The Spartan through the pole like a javelin at the Ghost. It landed right in front of the Ghost, only slightly to the left. Going full speed and unable to stop, the hovercraft went on the rail, but since off centered, flipped over, throwing the rookie Elite inside free.
John hustled over to the pole, picked it up, and did a 180, hitting the bewildered Elite just as he stood up, and tossing him off the side.
Fire from the turret got 117's attention, and he charged the Shadow. With all his might, he shoved the pole through the Shadow. The jagged pole went right through the driver, the front right passenger in the cargo bay's left shoulder, and the back right passenger's right shoulder. He then stepped back and rammed into the Shadow, picking it up, and slowly forcing it over the side. The Elite in the passenger side was trapped, the two Elites behind him were pinned down by the pole, but the two Elites behind the driver bailed out just as the Shadow plummeted to the rocky ground beneath.
The rookie Elite who bailed out peered over the side, looked back, felt hands under his armor, and had the sensation on flight. Then death.
There was another Elite who jumped out, however, and it was a Gold Elite. John recognized that he had the cylinder in his hand that held a plasma sword. The Elite did not turn it on, but instead looked at the bulky human, the sword, then tossed it over the side.
If it was hand-to-hand he wanted, then it's hand-to-hand he'll get. The Elite swung at the Chief who blocked it with his right hand, then punched with his left. The Elite grabbed his hand, pulled John towards itself, then punched John in the head. His audible alarm went off. It wound up for another swing, but the Chief ducked and hit the Elite twice in the stomach. He never got the third because it kneed him in the head.
John fell to the ground and coughed up blood inside his helmet. The Elite picked him up by his armor and threw him fifteen meters away towards the Ghost. Goldy noticed the Ghost, smirked, and walked over to it as John regrouped.
The Master Chief looked up towards his right. It was at least fifty meters to the bottom, probably more. Then he peered to his left. A Ghost drove exactly to where he was looking, then turned. John slowly got on his knees, then his feet. He walked away from the edge to his right, near the pods. The Ghost mimicked.
It fired a few shots, then charged the Chief.
"Wait for it..." Cortana said. A growl was heard from the Elite, and he pushed the throttles forwards. "Now!" she screamed, and the Chief jumped into the air and onto the left wing of the Ghost. John got a finger hold on a grey pipe along the top of the Ghost and swung feet first towards the cockpit, knocking him out of his seat.
The Chief turned the hovercraft to face him and relentlessly fired. The first four shots knocked out his shields, and the fifth and sixth wounded him. But it was gravity that did him in, because to avoid the plasma cannons, he stepped back. He fell for five seconds before staining the ground with his blood.
"I'll call in a dropship to-," Cortana started.
"No need," the Chief said, and he pushed the throttle full speed at the gap.
"Chief, tell me you have a plan."
"Does it involve falling 162.635 meters?"
"Hopefully not," John remarked, and he flew off the edge of the road, falling fast. Two Banshees came in from the left directly under him. The Chief unseated his ride and jumped onto the lead Banshee, while the second crashed into the Ghost and exploded in a fireball of lavender and sky blue.
John reached inside, grabbed the Elite's feet, and yanked him out of the craft. He then slid to the falling Banshee's left wing, used it as a foothold, and literally fell into the craft. He quickly regained control and saw an artillery piece up ahead and some Marines fighting Covenant guarding it. John fired his fuel rod cannon at one of the support legs, blowing it to smithereens. He knew the cannon didn't have time to recycle fast enough, so he aimed the aircraft at the second pillar, bailed out on top of a building, and watched the Banshee explode, taking the support pillar with it. The artillery fell forward, crushing most Covenant troops under it.
"Good job, Chief," Cortana said. Just then, a Pelican came down on the roof.
"Need a lift, Chief?" asked an ODST in his new black armor.
"You going my way?"
"You know it."