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500 Men. 1000 Covenant. 1 Spartan. 1 Building.
Posted By: Steve<EaGLesAllThEwaY2@aol.com>
Date: 28 November 2003, 2:27 AM

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John reviewed the plan in his head. Himself and 500 other Marines would launch an all-out assualt on a Covenant stronghold, take it, place thirty kilos of C12 in the building, let the Covenant take back the building, then blow it up.
Thirty-four heavily armed and heavily stocked Pelicans flew down through the clouds and into a raging battle. The Covenant were shooting at the humans below through out the windows of the 150-story building. Each Pelican had two rockets on each wing, as well as 70mm chin mounted cannon on the front of the nose (they would have had more ammo, but were weighed down by troops), and not one of the Pelicans hesitated to use them. Rockets whooshed and cannons roared. Glass, smoke, fragments, and bodies rained down on the Marines below.
But the Covenant had tricks up their sleeves, too. From the higher floors that were missed, fuel rod cannons from both Grunts and Hunters, as well as small arms fire, rained down the the Pelicans. The lead Pelican, the one directly in front of John, was engulfed by at least eight fuel rod hits, and a barrage of green and blue fire.
John cursed under his breath. John's Pelican, as well as ten others flew for the top, 70mm bullets covering their movement. The remaining Pelicans went to the ground.
The Master Chief jumped off the Pelican and shot two Grunts in the head with his battle rifle. A Jackle jumped out from behind a vent, a Plasma Pistol charged in his hand. John rolled. The bolt went straight between his legs, and when he came up feet first, he was able to smash in the Jackle's skull with his rifle.
John was heading towards the door that led down into the rest of the building, when the door practically exploded with Covenant.
They were so focused on the Marines and the Human in the green armor, that they didn't realize the two grenades that lay amongst them.
The white-hot fragments ripped anything within a five meter distance, damaged anything within ten meters, and got the attention of anything within fifteen. Many were stunned, allowing battle rifles and SMG's to finish off the ten or so who survived, seven Elites. 150 Marines ran down the stairs into the building.
The Marines at the bottom had already made it to the third floor without taken heavy casualties. A team was hard at work preparing the C12. Some Pelicans provided coverfire, others sat waiting to bug out.
The Chief led the team, two SMG's in each hand, slaughtering the enemy in blue and purple blood. He had gone done six floors, was about to turn a corner, when he heard a sound, something charging, the charging of a fuel-
He stopped at that corner a put his fist up. The team stopped. John signalled up a rocket jockey. He pulled the M19 SSM off the Marine, balanced it on his right shoulder, and rounded the corner. He didn't even bother to see if it was indeed a Hunter. No need. It really didn't matter anyway, whatever was there was vaporized in a rocket. The orange blood on the charred wall proved John's theory right.
"Yeah! Let's get 'em!" a fresh-face private yelled, and he ran around the corner.
"Wait!" the Chief called, but the Marine had already turned the opposite corner, when a gasp was heard, and the private's body was blown into a million pieces. John ran to the other corner, rounded it and fired the other half of the launcher.
The team ran through the gore splattered hall, and into a giant warehouse room. There were twelve hostages in the far corner. John crossed his arms, an SMG in each hand, and opened fire on the Covenant Grunts and Jackles to his flanks. Two Sargeants behind him, Cooper and Vice, fired their battle rifles over the Chief's shoulders at the two Elites that had their rifles pointed at the hostages.
The first Elite's shields failed on the third shot and got a slug in the skull on the forth, but the second turned and shot two of the hostages. Vice's rifle ran out of ammo, as well as Cooper's and John's. The Chief through down his weapons and charged the Elite. He had finished killing a forth of the hostages, when he turned just to see the Chief.
John stepped on the Elite's knee, breaking it, then got a left foothold on it's armor, and then kicked the Elite in the head with all his might with his right. The Elite's shields failed, his head flew back, and his neck snapped, killing him instantly.
"We got the hostages," John said over the radio, as the cobalt alien fell to the floor. "Come with us." The hostages were helped up, and taken out of the way.
Suddenly, the door on the far right began to melt away.
"Get them topside, I'll keep them occupied," the Chief orded.
Just as the Marines went back through the Hunter splattered hallway, the door exploded, revealing four Elites and a host of Jackles. John still had his rocket launcher, and he let the brunt of the rockets do the work.
Over the radio, "Chief, you got one minute before it explodes. Get to the Pelican on the roof."
"Roger." John pulled out a kilo of C12 that he had the sense of mind to take, and applied the adhiesive to the wall.
"Time to go," he said to himself, putting a burst into an Elite.
0:14, 0:13, 0:12...
He stomped down the hall, running as fast as he could through the halls and stairs, making it to the second to last floor by 0:10...
0:09, 0:08, 0:07...
John made it to the top and ran towards the departing Pelican, slowly sliding off the roof.
0:06, 0:05, 0:04...
John jumped onto the Pelican that was two meters off the roof, just as the pilot pushed the throttles to the max.
0:03, 0:02, 0:01...
A crimson Elite had just popped his head out of the door, when the entire top of the building exploded, sending the Elite over the side. His armor saved him from the explosion, but only prolonged his death as he fell 145 floors. When he got to the 5th floor, another explosion from about the third floor blew him horizontally through a window of another building.
As a blessing of the Gods, he survived the fall, although barely consious and bleeding profusely.
The C12 at the bottom of the building weakened the structure, and the wind from the west had a small, but significant effect on the building's tilt and fall. The surviving 379 Marines left on twenty-four Pelicans ten seconds earlier, and also gave them an excellent view of the victory that they had achieved.
The crimson Elite stared up at the human ceiling, just to see it collapse under the opposite building's gerth, and smother his body beyond recognition.
"Good job, Marines," General Patterson said over their intercom. "You killed an estimated one thousand Covenant troops. We've won the battle, but not the war. Carry this victory into the ensuing battles for Earth. Patterson, out."
-Earth rules!