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Posted By: Steve<EaGLesAllThEwaY2@aol.com>
Date: 8 November 2003, 7:31 PM

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The Marines jumped down off the ramps of their Pelicans and onto the dark browned sand due to a week of strong, hard rain. As they jumped off, plasma bolts rained down on the Pelicans. One of them even lost a one meter by one meter chunk of its ramp due to the heavy fire.
Assualt rifles chattered, sniper rifles cracked, and rocket launchers whooshed towards their enemy. After the first thirty seconds of combat, and out of the more than one hundred Covenant soldiers that had previously occupied this little bunker, only twenty or so remained. They were soon brought down by the rest of the Marines, who had only suffered one KIA out of the forty-five soldiers that had jumped off the three Pelicans.
The forty-four remaining Marines jumped through the two-foot wide gap and into the bunker. Their boots squished on the Jackles' and Grunts' bodies, leaving purple and blue foot prints towards the door that led out of this gore-splattered tomb.
The lead Marine, Sargeant Combs had just activated the door, when a neon-green plasma bolt shot through his skull, leaving a plasma burn, as well as bits of brain on the wall behind him.
Luckily, the Marine behind him, Sergeant Martinez pulled a grenade from her belt, and whipped it through the closing doors. A second after the doors sealed, an explosion was heard, then several more as plasma grenades went off, along with groans, screams, and cries.
Slowly, she entered the door to find that her grenade had proved most effective. 5 Elites in the room, three Cobalt Elites, and two Crimson Elites were blown to smithereens.
She had just relaxed, silently rewarded herself for a job well done, when she saw light blue in the corner of her eye. She had just started to turn, when a plasma grenade attached onto her right shoulder. She was two surprised to have the thought of mind to run away from he comrades, or even tell them before it was too late.
The Marine behind her, Corporal Fielding, had just realized a grenade was on the Sarge's shoulder, when it went off, killing Fielding, as well as seven more Marines behind her.
The Leathernecks at the bottom of the stairs were just beginning to figure out what had happened, when a Black Elite and a Gold Elite, wielding a plasma sword, stormed down the stairs.

Noma 'Prumamee had just shot a human in the head with his plasma pistol, ran to get his plasma rifle and throw the Gold Elite, 'Dualamee his plasama sword, when a grenade killed eveyone but himself and 'Dualamee. He then threw a plasma grenade on target, and killed a good number of them. But he was angry, as well was 'Dualamee.
They raced down the stairs, shooting and slicing every single one of the weak vermin. After a minite, he was actually having fun, occasionally catching himself laughing. He glanced over at 'Dualamee.
He had sliced a human in half as it tried to reload its bulky weapon.
'Prumamee head a roar, turned around, and saw a Human transport ship hover on the beach, as a single Human in green armor spang off the ramp with an assualt rifle in hand. The Pelican then took off to the east. 'Prumamee watched it until it went past a cliff.
The Human seached, keeping his weapon at the ready, until he looked through the bunker and saw them.
'Dualamee had just slidced the last of the Humans, when 'Prumamee nodded in the armor-cladded Human's direction. 'Dualamee grinned.

Through the two-foot gap of the bunker, slid a Black Elite, the comando types, and a Gold Elite with a Plasma sword. The Chief did not like this at all. A single Elite was enough, but a Comando, and a Gold Elite, with a Plasma Sword, this was suicide. So the Chief improvised. On the ground in front of him was a square, one meter by one meter piece of metal that must have been shot off a Pelican while it was decending. There was plasma scoring all over it, with a hole in the middle.
The Chief picked up the ragged metal, holding onto it through a finger hold in the middle. This wouldn't hold forever, or do a whole lot against a Plasma Sword, but it'll do for now.
He raced towards them, as did the Covenant Elites, each party firing as it went. The Comando Elite got there first, and also received a half clip of 7.62mm AP rounds. This knocked out his shields, leaving a vicious blow to the head by the Human's shield almost fatal.

'Prumamee knew he was in trouble when the Human revealed his weapon out from behind the shield. His shields were dead by the time he noticed, leaving a blow to the head deadly. He collasped on the dark browned sand due to a good unit's worth of raining. The Human pointed his gun one-handed at his head. 'Prumamee never even felt the pain.

'Dualamee arrived soon after the Comando's death, and he wielded his Plasma Sword high, then his brain sent messages to his muscles in his right arm to tense up and bring down the Sword with all your might. He hoped the Sword would go through that metal.

The Chief didn't want to take the risk of blocking a Sword that could possibly got through his shield, so he instead took a step forward and blocked the Elite's arm. The Elite looked surprised at that move. Good. He then stuck the barrel of his MA5B into the Elite's stomach, and pulled the trigger, releasing the remaining twenty-eight bullets into the Elite's shields.

'Dualamee was surprised at the Human's move and felt the hot barrel of the Human's weapon through his shields. They drained extremely quickly and he hoped the Gods would show mercy, and not allow this Human's weapon to fire.

The Chief's gun ran out of ammo. He quickly threw it down in the dirt, knowing he would not have time to reload.

The Gold Elite was truly blessed. The Human's gun berth stopped, leaving his shields at their very minimum. the armored Human threw the gun away, and 'Dualamee backed off. Now angry, he charged him, giving his war cry the whole way.

The Chief saw Elite charge, and knew he would not have time to aquire his pistol from its holster. He decided to take the Elite head on. The Golden Armor reflected the noon-day sun, making his visor adjust. The Elite brought the shimmering, melevlant blue blade down vertically. The Chief used his right hand to clamp onto the Elite's wrist, and put his left on the Elite's slightly bent elbow. The sword stopped inches above his head. He pushed his left arm across his chest. The Elite's elbow could not withstand the pressure, and snapped.

'Dualamee felt a snap, cried out in pain, and instinctively flexed his right hand, dropping the Plasma Sword.

The Chief saw the handle of the Sword start to fall and he grabbed it quickly with his left hand. With his right he pushed the wailing Elite back, and swung the Sword towards the Elite's midsection.

'Dualamee got pushed back, and he stared through blurred eyes at his dangling, useless elbow. Just then, as if in slow motion, the Sword he had once used was somehow in his enemy's hand, and it swung at his midsection. It burned through the remainder of his shields, past the armor, and through the torso, slicing his spinal cord, and releasing him to his own paradise.

The Sword went through the Elite's torso like a hot knife through butter. The Gold Elite tilted towards his right, making the upper part of his body slide off the lower part. It hit the ground before his leg did, spilling purple blood and entrails on the ground. It was a horrible way to die, and the Chief knew it. He pondered what it would feel like until the Pelican he called in came.
The Chief sat on the padded seat, deep in thought, when he looked down at the ramp and saw a ragged one meter by one meter square piece of metal missing. He let a brief smile, before the Pelican decended onto the landing pad.
John saw another Pelican, loaded with troops, and with his advanced hearing, he learned that they were going to get the arms cache. He hoped they'd come back.