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Desperation- Part One
Posted By: Sterfrye36<Sterfrye36@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 June 2003, 7:31 PM

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      "All right Hornets, see that diamond near the bottom of their formation? That's what we're gunning for!" Marcus yelled as he rolled out of the formation, with the rest of Hornet Squadron right behind him.

      Harksh, a Brute warrior, piloted is Seraph fighter over the North Pole expecting to find little to no resistance from the Humans' Longsword Interceptors.
      As he cleared the pole, saw hundreds of Longswords with variations. Some were normal, some were light and more maneuverable, and others were flying Wraiths, which surprised him. Command had said there were only a few Longswords left, and only one type as well..
      Command was dead wrong.
      Yes, as though that really matters, Harksh thought to himself.
      "Computer!" he barked, "target the nearest incoming Human fighters!"
      Six Human fighters were immediately boxed in red on his screen.
      Harksh smiled; this was going to be fun.

      Marcus screeched low over the atmosphere. He was hoping to pull up at just the right time and bite into the Seraphs' bellies.
      No such luck.
      Six Seraph fighters inverted and dove.

      Harksh grinned, centered on of the Longswords in his reticule...and peeled off as the Seraph to his starboard side blew.

      "Scratch my bandit!" Marcus whooped over the com.

      Must've been hit with some missiles, Harksh thought vaguely. It took a lot more than a few puny fifty-millimeter rounds to down a Seraph's shields.
      Just then, a Longsword roared in from behind him, plasma cannons thundering.
      Plasma cannons?
      Humans did not have plasma weapons.
      Harksh's shield bar dropped by three fourths.
      But apparently, they did.
      Harksh snap-turned, and raced out of the engagement zone.

      "Darn it, I missed!" Jordan whined as his target snap-turned to the right and roared out of the engagement zone.
      "Don't worry Jordan; there are plenty of other fish in the sea," Hunter said as his fifth kill of the day flew to pieces under a pair of missiles from his Longsword.

Admiral Stanforth stood on the bridge of the Leviathan, watching a camera view from one of the HAVOK nuclear mines he had transplanted in orbit and nervously brushing a button on his command console.
As the Covenant fleet edged closer, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.
      C'mon you bast---s. Just a little closer...Come on, come on. Right...
      He waited until the mines were directly above the Snipe's amidships.

      Harksh had just set his Seraph fighter down in the port side aft bay of the Godshands vessel, in order to report the technological advances made by the Humans.
      He was worried. After all, if the Humans had plasma weapons, what other little surprises did they have?
      An instant later, the answer revealed itself in a flash of light and heat.
      A billisecond afterward, Harksh couldn't worry.

      Zia's canopy barely polarized in time. Even on the far side of the planet, the nuclear explosion was dazzling.
      Admiral Stanforth's voice burst through the com: "All UNSC forces, break off, attack immediately! Let's show those sonsofabi—h just what a mistake they made by picking a fight with Homo sapiens!
      Zia couldn't agree more.

      All at once, every ship left in the UNSC fleet moved towards what remained of the Covenant task force: Not much. The Snipe was plunging down into the atmosphere at a speed that was sure to cause it to break up. Eight of the Destroyers were gone. Three of the four Cruisers had just vanished. The Two Carriers had survived as had most of the Frigates, due to their being on the outside of the ball.
      The two forces closed in on each other...

      Captain Reeves stood on the bridge of the Maverick. "Well, Sangan, how's it look?" he said to his ship's AI.
      "Not too bad Captain. Unfortunately, the nuke launching fighters from the Leviathan and Dauntless didn't make it. " Sangan replied.
      Captain Reeves regarded his AI.
      Sangan had chosen to take the form of a Marine Sergeant who still wore his helmet. Logic and calculation symbols streamed across the eyepiece in front of his right eye. He was very serious, and Captain Reeves appreciated that. He couldn't stand anybody who slacked off.
      "I suggest that we go after the carriers, sir. They're the most viable threat to Earth right now."
      Captain Reeves stroked his black mustache.
      "Do it."

      A new order appeared on Marcus's HUD.
      Keep the fighters off of the Maverick while it attacks the two Covenant Carriers.
      "Noooooo problem," he said under his breath as he set a new course.

      Ackreth had just picked himself up off of the deck of the Gods' Wrath when another huge explosion threw him into the bulkhead.
      "What was that!?" he barked at his Elite ship officer.
      "We were just hit by several of the Humans MAC rounds my Brute Lord! Hull breaches on Indigo through Azure level!"
      He froze. That meant his ship was shorn in half.
      "Where did the shot come from?!"
      "The Human cruiser called Maverick my Brute Lord! Sealing all compartments!"
      "Call for reinforcements!" he ordered, just as another salvo of MAC rounds hit the bridge.

To be continued sometime this week. Depends on if I can get the rest of the story straightened out.