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My name is Master Chief and I'm here to say...
Posted By: stan<stantrl@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 December 2003, 7:03 AM

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      It's Silent Cartographer again, my favorite Island. I wonder what I'll be doing today...

      From the looks of it we're playing it easy so I figure I'll be doing some warthog launching(I hate tricks). Or not. It's hard to tell, you never know when you're going to fight, or when you're going to play. You know what's coming but you never know how you're going to respond. It's not up to you, you aren't in control, you are there, you are the one firing the rifle, throwing the grenade, but you didn't make the decision.

      My name is Master Chief and I'm here to say, this is my life.
I don't want to play.


      We're over the beach now, about to land. This is the fun part: my last opportunity for control. See, when this pelican lands my destiny is no longer mine to decide. I might fight valiantly or I might cower behind a rock. I might shoot one of my own marines, or I might blow myself up with a grenade. I might drive a warthog, or I might get in the gunners seat. I might do any number of things and there is nothing I can do to change that.


      The marines have hit the beach and I'm right behind them. My pistol is drawn, but I don't think I'll be fighting this battle. Oh well, the marines can handle themselves, lord knows I've seen them take this mangy bunch of Covenant down before. Hell, I'd say the majority of the time I don't even get to kill a Covenant soldier on this level. Why bother? There's much more fun things to do on this island then kill Covenant. In fact, if I had to pick a favorite level this would be it. At least here there are many more things that I might do. And sure I've done them all countless times, but hey, at least I'm not running through the same damn room or across the same damn bridge over and over again.


      Right now I'm standing behind a rock about two meters from the drop point. The marines are a hundred yards up the beach now, but they're firing sporadically. They haven't killed all the enemies though; Foe Hammer hasn't arrived. But she will. She always does. You know her motto: She delivers. She isn't lying either, she hasn't failed yet.

      "Affirmative, echo 419 inbound..."

Ah, here she comes, right on time.


      Looks like I was waiting for the warthog, because I'm running towards the marines now. My pistol is still drawn and, oh, I'm shooting a marine in the head. I guess the covenant aren't the enemy today, in fact maybe I'll get a quick death by marine. I mean, killing marines is fun, but today I really wish I could play legit. Maybe if I die right now, before I have the chance to do anything else, I'll get to do that.
      No such luck, one marine down and I've stopped shooting. I'm sitting in the warthog now, heading towards the ocean. How original, I'll be doing a little invisible wall ramming today.

Maybe I'm just going for a swim.

      A grenade launch is what I'd prefer; the ocean is so damned monotonous. Actually, everything is monotonous for me now. I mean, how many times can you fire your rifle straight down at the water? Guess what, it's still going to kill you! Or how many times can you jump on a pile of grenades and get launched through the air? See, they might not know it but I do: There is a limit to how high and far I can fly. And you know, even if there wasn't I'd still be dead; Checkpoint loading.

      My name is Master Chief and I'm here to say: Sometimes I wish I were a character from Daikatana.


      I'm at the invisible wall and I'm spinning. Everywhere it's the same horizon. If I was able to, I think I'd be sick right now. But I've never been sick. I've fired millions of rounds from my rifle. I've killed scores of covenant. I've destroyed Halo, I've killed the flood, and I've done the Maw run in under a minute. I've failed. Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, I've done everything there is to do on this ring world, but I've never been sick. I've never done anything that I have wanted to do. I see the same scenes day in and day out and in a sense I know the future. But I'm powerless to change it.
At least Bill Murray had free will.

I am a slave.


      I'm lost. Everything looks the same under the ocean. I don't think I'll be making it back to shore today. Nope. I'm throwing a grenade straight up and I know where it will land. One thing that does still amaze me is how similar an underwater explosion is to one on shore.


      I'm dead.

Checkpoint loading...

      I've been resurrected.

Wish me luck.