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Halo: Mercy Chapter 1: Talk is Cheap
Posted By: ssj9000chilango<ssj9000chilango@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 April 2002, 5:59 pm

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When a covenant talk it will look like this. "/It's the well of the gods".

      Location: Reach, The Fortress

      Dr. Halsey sat working as fast as humanly possible to delete and copy all of her files. "No way in hell am I going to let my work get stolen by those covenant bastards. If I die my work dies with me!" She had no idea what is going to happen to her. " Deja! How close are the covenant to my location!?" no answer. " Shit, the covenant got her!" She looked at a monitor seeing and elite placing an explosive in Dejas main processor computer. 5 seconds passed and the camera went out. She looked to another monitor and there were her Spartans fighting. She gazed at them proudly knowing this might be the last time she sees her Spartans. The Dr had a big grin on her face and said, " May god have mercy on those covenant bastards". She returned to work.

     At the same time out side The Fortress the remaining Spartans were fighting their way in to the Fortress to save the Dr. " Red two take out that damn ghost". " Roger Kelly" Two seconds later Kelly sees a plasma grenade land on the unsuspecting elite. Kelly smiled. "See you in hell". The grenade goes off killing the elite and sending the ghost flying in to a pack of grunts and a hunter killing them.

     " Red two that must be one lucky ass shot!" At the same time she kicked a grunt in the face breaking his methane mask. Then targets a direct three round shot in to a hunter's soft spot killing it. Then a fuel rod gun charge coming from a grunt hits Kelly. " Did that peace of shit just shot me?" " Sure did Kelly". " Fred do me a favor and give that grunt my thanks." " With pleasure."

     Fred ran at top speed at the grunt. He started shooting at the grunt. " /AHHH, ITS ONE OF THEM." The grunt Started running as fast as he could to a nearby elite. "/Commander its one of those cyborgs. Kill it-." As the grunt finishes the sentence the commander Elite fell to the ground dead. "/ HOLY SHIT THE CYBORG JUST KILLED THE COMMANDER. I DON'T GET PAYED ENOUPGH FOR THE SHIT!" Fred shoots a small burst into the grunt killing it. Fred stops right next to the grunt and kicks it. " You talk to much grunt. Talking gets you killed. Let this be a lesson".

     " All Spartans proceed in to the Fortress compound. We got a extermination and rescue mission to complete." All 15 Spartans left alive responded. " Roger."

     "Just give me a second I need to get a little friend first". " Fred what in the hell are you doing". Fred walked up to a wort hug on its side and put his hands around the rail gun and using his enhanced strength ripped the gun out of the hog. " I think I'm ready now".