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A Poem Of Covenant Characters
Posted By: Squeaky<afterlife007@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 July 2004, 9:33 AM

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There once was a young hunter
Who was a toe punter
I hunted him down
But he was killed in the town
By a marine who couldn't think it any funner.

There once was a group of flood
Who had emerged from a puddle of mud
I took my assault rifle
And blasted them to a fruit trifle
and I said, "Tough luck, bud!"

There once was a small grunt
Who enjoyed the occasional punt
I tossed him a grenade
Which, mind you, was hand made
and he said, "Ahhhh! You bloody runt!"

There once was a jackal
Who was quite good in a tackle
I performed a melee
(Which made my day)
And finished him with an evil cackle.

There once was an elite
Who had smelly feet
And with my rifle sniper
I made him wish he was wearing a diaper
'Cause he knew he was gonna be dead meat!