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Present Horizon Part III - No More Waiting.
Posted By: Spook<LtMarx@aol.com>
Date: 30 May 2002, 9:50 pm

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Note to readers:
Sorry for the lateness of this issue but we had some problems at work and I was busy Writing for the Halo Fan Fiction Project Visit the site at http://www.ibonk.com/phpBB2/index.php and if you want to have fun writeing then join up.

Sector: Delta Bravo Three
Time: 0800 hours 5 minutes
Date: 2571
Current: Classified

"Lara, whats wrong?" Hommel quickly asked.
"Nothing sir...." Lara had replied as the engins cut out.
"..Well maybe something, but its not too bad.." The engins roared to life again.
"Ok then set 'er down there." Hommel pointed to what seemed to be an underground shaft.
"Yes sir" Lara said.
The ship came to a hault over the shaft's enterance and began desent.
"Where are we supposed to dock this thing?" Rodreguiez asked.
"Right there" Hommel replied as he motioned to a single outstreached platfrom with docking clamps. The Longsword began to dock as hommel jumped from the hatch and turned to watch his twenty friends and troops get off the ship.
"Ok, we need to get ready for some opposition." Hommel said.
"What are you talking about Sir?" Marx asked.
"I dont completely trust that ONI guy" Hommel replied.
"Lara follow me, Rodreguiez take them to the armory"
"Yes Sir" Came back from Rodreguiez.
Hommel and Lara parted ways with Jose and his troops.
"Lewis, whats going on?" Lara asked.
"To tell you the truth I dont know yet"
"Well I hope it happens soon if at all"
"It will.... It will" Hommel said with a sigh.

A group of five pelicans approached the base's access doors.
"How far out are we?" asked Corran the 'ONI official'.
"Sir, we're on top of it now..." The ship directly behind it erupted into a plume of smoke and flame as it plumeted toward the ground.
"... Covenent sir twelve dropships closing in"
"Goddamnit get us inside now" Corran yelled.
"We are inside but the doors arn't closing fast enough.. they're in sir"
The pelicans landed on a newly extened platform and ran toward the enterance.
The blast doors started closeing before they could get through.
"SHIT.. choose a target and fire we can't get in yet" Corran yelled.
Corran activated the radio "Hommel get those doors open now we can't get in, covenent are opening fir...." His radio was hit by a plasma blast burning his hand.
"You sorry sons of bitches.." he yelled as he opened fire with his now drawn M6D pistol.

Red lights flased and klaxons blared in the hallways filling them with an eriee red glow. "What now?" Hommel said changing his pace to a bolting run toward the controll center. Hommel came to a large blast door that was closeing and he saw his troops on the other side. Hommel dove under the door followed by Lara just as it closed.
"Hommel get those doors open now we can't get in, covenent are opening fir...." the transmission died.
"Hello, come in.. do you read me? come in.."
"Lara In here.." Hommel said.
"Why are the blast doors closeing?" Hommel asked Jose as he stepped into the controll center.
"Automatic failsafe.. I think"
"For what?"
"I think something tripped an alram or sensor out there but I still can't get this thing working" Rodreguiez said as he hit the projector for an AI on the side of a console.
The AI sprang to life with a briliant flash of color.
"I am Glitch, Who are you?" asked the human cat mix in front of him.
"Glitch, I'm Lewis. Can you reopen the blast doors that closed?"
"Is there a manual override?"
"Yes but it is dangerous"
"How so"
"Its at the farthest end of this complex's tunnel system and there are traps, I cannot disable them."
"I'll go" Rodreguiez said.
"No you won't, I will"
Hommel quickly gathered the equiptment he would need and put it in pockets and on his belt. He stepped into the maintinance tunnel and looked around using his halogen lights. "Glitch, how far is this switch exactly."
"One point three Kilometers"
"Ok alert me when I approach a dangerous area." Hommel said.
"I'll be rihgt back" Hommel assured the group as he ran forward.
Hommel quickly passed several traps and pitfalls early in his run. At one point a trap door opened beneath him in mid stride to reveal a spiked bottom. Hommel quickly pushed off with his opposite foot and grabed onto the other side of the fifteen foot opening with his fingers. Just as he pulled himself to a sitting position he heard glitch.
"There is a trap door near you, it has a set of steal spikes on the floor."
"Now she tells me"Hommel said to himself. Hommel came to a door at the completeion of his run and saw a keypad.
"Glitch, whats the access code for this door?"
"C'mon girl i need that code.."
"Got it" Glitch said "3-1-5-3-3-6-5-5-4-8"
Hommel typed in the code and waited.
"It's not working the door's not open"
"The door doesn't open sir"
"What do you mean....." Hommel started to ask as the floor beneath him opened and he fell impacting a slick surface as sliding down. He came out to see two doors and a large controll pannel in the middle of the small room. He steped toward the control pannel and began to access the opening proceadure for the blast doors.
As the doors in front of him oppened he saw screens with live feed of Corran and his men still fighting the covenent as they continued to resupply themselves from their dropships.
Hommel hit the keyboard and the blast doors slowly opened.
"HEY GET DOWN" Hommel yelled into a mic.
The blast doors open and five men walking forward wearing heavy assult armor and carrying rocket launcers. The men fired and blew away three covenent dropships and killing some thirty covenent troops elites and jackels.

Corran fired two more shots into the elite as it fell spraying pyrple blood of the grunts behind it. "Damned dropships, they'll never run out of men.."
Then he heard Hommel's voice amplified by 100x "HEY GET DOWN" and then the blast doors behind him and his troops opened to reveal 5 men walking forward with rocket launcers. They fired and three dropships burst into flame and errupted into a fireballs.
"Thanks Hommel" Corran yelled as he ran inside the forward blast door that started to close again. The five rocket launcer toteing troops let another rocket go sending five projectiles of firey death toward the covenent.

Hommel hit the keyboard again to close the forward blast door. He then saw a flashing blue button labled 'Perimiter defense' he punched it hard. The acess shaft doors sealed and four fifty mm auto cannons activated mowing down the remaining covenent and the dropships. Hommel Let out a loud laugh as he ran back toward the control center via the tunnels.

Corran ran down the corridor and burst into the control center to see Jose entering commands into the keyboard infront of him and giving orders to the troops using his communicator. "Where the hell is Lewis?" Corran asked.
Jose and Lara turned to see Corran.
"He should be arriveing any moment now."

Hommel pulled himself from the tunnel access and looked to Corran.
"Explain yourself Now! Why are those sons of Bitches from ONI after us."
"Calm down Lewis, Its a long story. Lets set up for some more truble and then I will tell you..."
Hommel gave his orders and looked to Corran.
"Now tell me"
"This is how it happened..."