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Present Horizon Part II - Mistakes will be made...
Posted By: Spook<LtMarx@aol.com>
Date: 5 May 2002, 7:47 pm

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Sector: Omega Bravo Zero
Time: 0500 hours 17 minutes
Date: 2571
Current: Orbiting Station Alpha, Omega Class (2 MAC guns for defense)

The lights are out and little can be seen around the room. An AI activates in the form of a Marine.
" Sir... Sir... SIR WAKE UP" the AI known as Jaggers called to Hommel. His attempt to awaken the Master Sargent being unsuccessful he activated an electronic impulse.
"Sir.." Jaggers said again as he sent the impulse through Hommel.
".....Ahhahh.. What the, oh Jaggers what now?"
"The Admiral wants you in the ready room now sir"
"Can they not run this operation with out me?"
"Well my information proves that they can run with 97.3 percent ability with out y.."
"Would you shut up and send the Admiral a message I'll be there in fifteen."
"And activate the black lights"
"Yes si.."
"And put on some music, Insane Clown Posse from the 21'st century"
"Yes sir."
The room came to life with various black lights shining off of mirror balls and dancing holograms as the Insane Clown Posse song 'Riddle Box' blared out of his many speakers.
"Thats better" Hommel said as he strip himself of his boxers and wife beater as he stepped into his shower.
After five minutes in the shower and three getting dressed in his battle gear he headed up toward the ready room passing various soldiers and at least three ONI guards.
Hommel entered the ready room seeing fifteen high ranking officers and twelve ONI officials looking at him. Hommel saluted his superior officers, and looked at the ONI officials.
"Reporting as ordered" Hommel said.
"Sit down Lewis" Admiral Gram said.
Hommel sat on the right side of the rectangular table by himself. One by one his division leaders showed up.
"Whats this about sir?" Hommel asked the Admiral.
"Well these gentlemen here have some questions about that soldier you met during your mission." The admiral said to him.
"Master Sargent, do you understand that this is an official interrogation and that all of the information given by you must not be falsified in anyway...." The ONI official went on for what seemed like hours. Finally the man finished speaking and Hommel agreed to the terms and began answering their questions.
"Master Sargent does this recording look familiar to you?"
"Yes it does."
"What is it then?"
"This would be the recording from my helmet during my last mission"
"Gordon freeze the recording there."
The recording stopped to show a man catching a sniper rifle and seeming to blend with the trees behind him and then disappearing.
"Master Sargent do you recognize this individual?"
"Yes I do"
"Who is it?"
"He claims to be James Gregor"
"Did he tell you his allification?"
"He said something about UNSC covert ops"
The interrogation continued for almost two hours.
"Well Master Sargent thank you for your information.."
Hommel stood and turned to exit with his division leaders as the only one of the ONI officials that did not speak said something.
"Master Sargent...If you.. see that.. Soldier.. bring him.. to me." The ONI official had now rolled forward in a wheelchair shaking.
"Yes sir" Hommel said.
Hommel left the room with his division leaders. "You guys are dismissed for now, but keep your radios with you. I don't trust those guys"
Hommel left his friends to their business as he returned to his quarters to see it cleaned and the normal lights on with no music.
"Jaggers who was here?" Hommel said
The AI activated from its hidden Projector
"Sir, there were three men here while you were away. They took all of your computer files."
"God Damnit, Jaggers contact Rodreguiez and tell him to get the guys and meet me in the docking bay in thirty minutes."
"Yes sir"
Hommel gathered his hidden disks with his plans and documents he didn't keep in his computer and packed them up with some weapons and ammunition. Hommel ran down the halls seeing the three ONI guards again but this time they didn't move.
"You need to come with us." the biggest guard said holding his pistol up
"Really?" Hommel replied as Jose Rodreguiez appeared behind them with his assault rifle.
"Yes you do, no come ...AAAHHHGGG" the biggest guard had yelled as fifteen stun rounds were fired into him and his 'buddies'.
"Bye.. Thanks Jose"
"Anytime sir, by the way whats going on?" Rodreguiez asked.
"Have you been back to your room yet?"
"Yeah, someone searched it"
"ONI is after us, we know something were not supposed to"
"I think so"
"What are we going to do?"
"Were going to get our men out of here and find Hawk"
"All right, ill fill them in"
Rodreguiez ran ahead of Hommel and went to the docking bay.
Hommel had retrieved some weapons from the armory after having to blow the door open and stun twenty soldiers. When Hommel entered the docking bay he saw ONI guards firing at his men.
"What the hell do they want?" Hommel said as he saw his troops dwindle in number.
"GET ON THE PELICANS" Hommel yelled to his men.
"Lara take off.." Hommel started as he saw an ONI guard running from the pelicans hull.
"EVERYONE OFF..." Hommel yelled as he kicked in the door between him and the cockpit and pulled Lara out of the pelican. The pelican exploded before his men could get the rear door down he heard their screams as he used his body to shield Lara's.
"Can you fly that?" Hommel asked Lara as he gestured to a lone Longsword in the forward docking bay.
"Well I can try."
"RODREGUIEZ!" Hommel yelled.
"Yes sir?" Rodreguiez said as he ran with Hommel.
"Get as many people to that Longsword as you can have the rest find another way off."
"Yes sir" Rodreguiez turned around an d ran back to the fighting.
Lara and Hommel ran up the ramp of the Longsword and began launch procedures.
Hommel activated his radio "Jose, how long until your onboard?"
Rodreguiez stepped up behind Hommel and said "Is now soon enough?"
Hommel turned and saw 20 people crammed into the Longsword.
"Lara lets go.." Hommel said as they flew from the docking bay.
"How many people did we leave behind Jose?"
"None Sir this was all that was left."
"WHAT..?" Hommel yelled with pain and anger in his voice.
The radio came to life with the same voice he had heard this morning. It was the ONI official.
"...Lewis..keep going..i'll meet.. you when.. you land..I'm going...to help..you out.."
"Why should I trust you?"
A sound was heard. "Listen here Hommel. I'm not who you think I am."
"What the.."
"All that disabled shit is just a cover, I am a friend of Hawk's with the UNSC covert ops ONI does not know about us."
"Then why are they trying to keep it under wraps?"
"What makes you think that?"
'Their trying to kill us.. and their not doing a bad job of it."
"They think they know about us, but their assumptions are wrong"
"Well then I guess I'll be seeing you."
Hommel cut the transmission and deactivated the radio.
"Lara, you know where to go."
"Yes sir"