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Present Horizon Part 1 - What Will Become...
Posted By: Spook<LtMarx@aol.com>
Date: 30 April 2002, 6:32 pm

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Sector- Zulu Bravo Niner
Time- 2100 hours 15 minutes
DZ- 5 clicks south enemy structure
Current- 2.5 clicks south of drop zone

"Lock and Load boys, we arn't here for tea" Hommel said to his troops. Master Sargent Lewis Hommel had a task force consisting of the 121st, 156th and the 115th batilions as well as seven Scorpion tanks and eighteen Warthog light ground assult vehicals. The drop ships Nicknamed Pelicans were slowing as they approached the drop zone.
"Thirty seconds until insertion" Lara Jones the lead pilot said over the intercomm on her ship.
"Alright boys I want a two by two formation off the Pelicans, Michell take three and scout the area. Move!" Hommel yelled as the drop ships came to a drop and go hover above the beach.
"Sir, Yes Sir" sounded from the troops in his ship as well as acknowledgement lights in his HUD from the squad commanders aboard the other Pelicans.
Four men jumped to the ground from the forward Pelican, obvioulsey Lt. Joe Michell and his scout team. After fourty seconds they had scouted the area.
"Sir, all clear no activity in the area. Our intell was correct." Michell wispered over the radio.
"Everyone off the Pelicans and Fall in" Hommel Yelled to the troops.
The troops formed six groups, two per batillion groups one through six.
"Groups two and three form up for recon, group two move northeast three move northwest. Report back every three minutes or when the need arises. Now Move" Hommel commanded.
"Sir, Yes Sir" was roared back at him from the two groups as they ran off in their ordered directions not breaking formation.
"Group five take the 'hogs' and head north in a two by two group six will follow up in the Scorpions one at a time. Holds back four 'hogs' and four Scorpions." Hommel called again and the troops took action.
The radio buzzed to life in Hommel's ear "Sir, enemy contact group three repeat group three northwest passage is a no go.... Damnit return fire.. sir too many.. we nee..sistance..Gold eli..too many plea..." The radio went dead.
"Soldier come in!" Hommel yelled back into the radio.
"Sir, what happend?"
"We just lost fifty men... Groups one and four fall in and break out the new weapons." Hommel replied.
The remaining soldiers pulled the cargo neting off of a group of ten crates containg a new form of weapon. Hommel picked up one of the new weapons and held it in his hands, it was considerably lighter than his normal assult rifle. He looked at the lable on the side

MA0B Urban assult rifle, use with extream caution. This weapon has an electro-magnetic particle charger within the barrel so be sure to load the ammunition provided. No user shou..

"Fuck it" Hommel said to himself as he riped the lable from the magazine intake and shoved a clip in.
"Lets go boys, Shot first, shoot again, shoot some more, and then if anyone is alive shot them too." Hommel Yelled to his troops as the took off into the jungle after the tanks and 'hogs' but in a wider spread pattern.
"Sir, Five Leader contact red elietes. No real danger we have them suppresed."
"Alright Soldier keep the fire down and we'll be there in a minute." Hommel said as he came up behind one of the 'hogs'.
"OPEN FIRE" Hommel yelled to his troops. The gunners in the warthogs stop fireing and the troops on foot opened fire into the group of Elietes with the EMPA assult rifles. The bullets pelted the elietes with a blueish ora as they penitrated the shields and inflicted damage on the purple flesh of the elites.
"Seise fire" Hommel yelled as the last of the elites fell dead. Just then a green blast was seen only for a moment as it impacted the forward 'hog' and blasted it over the others to land in the back with its passengers laying where it was dead.
"HUNTER, OPEN FIRE" Hommel yelled as loud as he could.
"Four move to flank, one and five open fire to distract him." Hommel ordered but calmer in tone.
A loud blast was heard and the hunter fell spraying blood from its forhead. A hole was visible through its sheild armor and head.
"What.. where did that come from?"
"What the hell was that?"
"Holly Fuc..."
"Find that sniper, I want him at our RV ten minutes ago" Hommel interupted.
The troops moved out as normal to their RV at the edge of the jungle with a .5 klick run to the sturcture.
"Hogs stay under cover of the trees. Tanks move to the edge we need you to cover our asses. Group one on the hogs, group four second wave." Hommel gave his orders.
"Sir, your sniper" Michell said as he pushed a man forward wearing hand restraints. The man was about six foot and built tough, you could tell he was agile by the was he moved. His right eye had an optics unit over it that appeared to be giving him data even now his body was covered with a type of armor that seemed to change color to match its surroundings.
"We found him with this" Michell said as he handed a odd looking sniper rifle to Hommel.
"Thanks for your help.. But who are you?" Hommel asked.
The man spoke as if he was a prisoner to Hommel "0957382910, James 'Hawk' Gregor UNSC covert ops"
"Well Hawk, I am Master Sargent Lewis Hommel of the UNSC myself so stop with the damned formal shit."
"Well then Master Sargent let me go." Hawk almost ordered.
"Then go. Michell cut him loose" Hommel said as he tossed the rifle bask to Hawk.
Before Michell could cut the restraints Hawk had boken them and cought his rifle, he was almost gone before anyone realized what happend.
"OK.. That was odd" one of the soldiers said.
"Group one onto the 'hogs' and get ready, group four prep yout long range weapons, MOVE" Hommel yelled
"Yes Sir" broke back from the troops.
Hommel was grasping the right roll bar of a 'hog' in his left hand and one of the MA0B's in his right as the fourteen Warthogs burst from the edge of the trees almost at top speed with the guns blazing from the turrets.
"Keep them busy five, one group this is our stop. Every one off" Hommel had said into his Mic as he dove off the 'hog' landing in a forward roll stoping to come up on one knee and fire a burst into the closest grunt patroll.
"One move to the front of the compound now, five mop up the covie forces that flee" Hommel yelled into his mic running toward the front door of the covenent compound. He stoped to see group one slautering a small group of grunts that were now pleading for their lives.
"Siese fire! SEISE FIRE" Hommel yelled as a few final shots were fired into the group. Five remaining grunts stood there on all fours waiting for death, Hommel removed his M6D pistol and aimed it at one of the remaing grunts. He fired and the grunts life support system was ruptured and it fell to its knees grabbing its throat. Hommel took aim at another grunt and fired, its head exploded from the neck Hommel shot two more leaving one trembling.
"I know you understand me you peice of shit, how do we get into the base?"
The grunt replied with a few squeaks and moans.
"Damnit speak English"
"Die Human Scum" the grunt said as it fired a single shot from his plasma pistol Hommel did the same from his pistol blowing the grunts head clear off.
Hommel was hit by the plasma directly in the chest, his armor took most of the hit but it chared his chest.
"MOTHER F...." Hommel swore very loudly.
"Sir, incoming Banshees they'll be in maximum range of fire in thirty seconds" Michell said to him..
The troops blasted the doors open with various explosives and ran inside fireing, a Banshee got off a shot just as the got inside it hit Michell and he flew forward.
"AHHH" He had yelled as he was vaporized.
The Covies inside the base had started running out the back as they were blasted to bits by the gunners on the 'hogs'.
"Six blast them damn banshees out of the ski, they got Michell" Hommel commanded.
"Consider it done sir" Jackson replied.
Various explosions were heard as the Banshees were eliminated.
"Sir, The base is set to go up in five minutes" Marx their Demolitions expert said.
"Lets go boys, time to go home" Hommel yelled as he ran out the back doors.
"Holy shi..." Hommel started before he sliped on a large ammount of purple and blue blood. The rest of his men exited the structure and helped Hommel up and into a 'hog'.
"Back to the beach, this place is gonna blow" Hommel yelled to the driver of the 'hog'.
Groups one, four, five and six retreated to the beach and filed into the pelicans with the already waiting group one.
"Lets go boys" Lara said as she accelerated the pelican with the back hatch remaining open.

A lone golden eliete walked toward a beeping noise being made at the center of the structure.
In their language "What is that noise?" The bomb came into view with the counter reading ten.. nine ect. The eliete quickly kneeled and figured out how tto disarm the bomb.. He laughed and disarmed it, and the counter Stoped at two.
The counter beeped again and it read one.

Hommel watched as the structure exploded in a nuclear blast.
"Mission complete" Hommel wispered
"Rodreguiez get me a list of the KIAs" Hommel ordered
Hommel sat and watched the sea below them on the trip back to HQ.