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Project Myrmidon- Part 5
Posted By: spartan shot<farfrompuken191@cs.com>
Date: 27 December 2009, 5:50 pm

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Hotel in Washington D.C. July 39, 2545. 1:45 A.M.

      Fhajad once spoke of a Spartan who had more luck than any whom he had ever seen. He said it made him much more than the other Spartans. Whoever this guy was, I felt like him. We were lucky to be alive. We were lucky to have noticed the problems with Project Myrmidon. We were lucky that the only person we could trust was on Earth at the time of the attack. Dr. Halsey said she would meet us at this hotel.
      Leila lay on the bed. I bandaged her wound to the best of my ability. Lucy sat at her side. John on the other hand, was sitting in the corner of the room. Just staring into space. I sat next him.

"You Ok buddy?" I asked.

"I killed that man" he said shamefully.

"Look at me" I said. He did as I asked. "You saved your mother's life. You saved all our lives. Don't feel bad about it. He was a bad man. And you put him in his place."

"I'm glad I did it" he said, gritting his teeth.

      I put my arm around him and hugged him.

"Vengeance is a powerful thing John. Don't let it get the best of you. Remember, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

      I looked around the room. Fhajad was looking out the window, hiding himself with the shades. Leila lay on the bed holding her wound with one hand and holding Lucy's hand with the other. Lennon was on the screen of Fhajad's laptop. We had put him in a Data Crystal Chip before leaving the house.

"She's here!" said Fhajad.

      I got up and looked out the window. A hooded woman wearing a green jacket holding a suitcase walked up the stairs and towards the door. A white lab coat was seen creeping out from the bottom of the hoodie. I went to the door and opened it. She walked in and lowered her hood, revealing silvery hair. Her icy blue eyes pierced through her glasses. I shut the door behind her.

"DeCorzo, it's good to see you" said Halsey.

"Likewise, doctor" I replied.

      She turned to Fhajad.

"Fhajad, what have you gotten yourself into?" she asked.

"I'll explain everything. But first, we need your help" said Fhajad as he pointed to Leila.

      She went over to her and sat on the bed. She opened up her suitcase. It had a large assortment of medical equipment.

"How long ago was she hit?" asked Halsey.

"Three hours ago" I said.

      She took a panel device and slowly moved it over Leila's body. It was an X-ray.

"Hmmm. She's a strong woman" said Halsey. "The bullet left her body but it made one hell of a mess. Her liver and one of her kidneys have been grazed. They'll need to be replaced."

"Can you do that?" I asked.

"I have a flash clone organ's kit and a sterile field generator. It'll take some time, but it can be done. Is there any place for me to work?"

"Well, there's the bathroom" said Fhajad.

"Alright, bring her in" said Halsey.

      I lifted Leila off the bed and carried her to the bathroom.

"Don't worry, your mother will be fine" I said to the kids.

      Halsey opened the bathroom door. She took out a small object and activated it. The room was covered in an orange looking field.

"It's clean" said Halsey. "bring her in."

      I carried her through the orange glow and laid her on the bathroom floor.

"I'll see you when this is over" I said and kissed her on the forehead.

      She smiled. I got up and walked from the room. I saw Fhajad's laptop and grabbed it.

"Doctor, this computer contains my personal AI. He'll help you" I said as I sat it next to her.

      Lennon blinked on the screen.

"Thank you" said Halsey.

      She shut the door.

UNSC Supercarrier, Lionheart. Detention level. July 25, 2545.

      The Covenant stealth corvette had emerged from Slipspace almost right in front of the UNSC fleet. It did not try to hide but turned around and slowly attempted escape. It flew as if it's engines had been damaged. When the engineers on the Lionheart examined the ship after it's capture, they were shocked to see it in perfect working condition.
      The crew was an even bigger surprise. They almost immediately surrendered after capture. Only a few Grunts and marines were wounded during the conflict. It was strange. The Covenant never surrendered so easily before. In fact, some even took their own lives before being captured.
      The aliens were put in separate detention cells. The Grunts only gave some information about Covenant controlled space, but it was nothing unknown to the UNSC. The focus of the questioning was put on the commanding Elites. It took six men to restrain and tie down each of the alien warriors. They tortured some until their deaths, but one eventually started to talk.
      A marine put a welding torch to his combat knife and kept it there until it glowed red. He stuck in to the Elite's exposed chest. It's skin sizzled and burned as he let out a scream.

"Start talking!" the marine yelled.

"FINE!" screamed the Elite.

      It was like the alien was about to start sobbing, something that no human had ever witnessed.

"Bring me a star chart" he said.

      Several marines wheeled in a wide pane of glass. It flickered to life, showing star systems and asteroid belts. One marine released the Elite's left hand from the restraint on the wall. The Elite then pointed to a star system.

"The Salia System" he said. "It is a lightly defended colony world. The defending fleet is elsewhere."

"How long will they be gone?" asked a marine.

"They left recently for a month long leave" the alien responded.

      The marine pulled a memory chip from the console at the base of the screen and gave it to another.

"Franklin! Get this to command" he ordered.

      The marine ran through the great ship and made his way to the bridge. Supercarriers were the largest ships made by the UNSC. A monorail runs within the center of the ship which allows quick movement. This made the Franklin's journey easier. After exiting the train, running down a series of halls, and riding a few elevators, he made it to the bridge. Out of breathe, he approached Fleet Admiral Gibons and stood at attention with a firm salute. Gibons didn't even turn around to face him.

"At ease" he said without looking.

      Gibons was very young for a man in is rank. His skin was pale and he had dark brown hair which formed into small curls in the front. Rectangular glasses sat on his nose. Despite this child-like face, his voice was very deep. He showed no emotion and was often thought of as being like a robot. His tactical skill however, was incredible.

"What's the situation in the detention level?" he asked.

"One of them cracked sir" said Franklin.

      Gibons turned around. The marine handed him the memory chip. The admiral put the chip in the console at the base of the screen behind him. It lit up and showed the system which the Elite pointed out.

"What is this?" he asked.

"The alien said this colony is lightly defended" said Franklin.

"We can't trust it, but…." he thought for a moment. "ONI would want this information. Send the fastest ship we have to New Sydney. We'll get-"

"That won't be necessary Admiral" said Ackerson as he walked in.

"Colonel. I wasn't aware of your arrival. I wasn't even aware of your coming here. What can I do for you?"

"Have your fleet go to these coordinates. We're going to attack that colony" said Ackerson.

"Excuse me Colonel but I can't do that without ONI's approval."

"You don't need it Admiral. Go there. Now"

"Who the hell do you think you are? I outrank you Colonel. What makes you think you can order me around?" said Gibons.

"This" said Ackerson.

      He handed him a sheet of paper. Gibson angrily grabbed it from his hand and read it over. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"I've been replaced?!" he yelled.

"Not exactly" said Ackerson. "I've just been given temporary control of your fleet. We both still hold our ranks, but now I'm giving the orders. So you must do as I command and aid me in any way I ask."

"This is bullshit!" yelled Gibons.

"I'm sorry you feel that way. But you will obey me or I'll see to it personally that you are freezing your ass off in the New Dublin Base on Pluto. Now send your fleet to that planet" said Ackerson.

      Gibons' hands formed into fists.

"If I may ask Sir, for what purpose?"

"I'm glad you asked" said Ackerson. "You know of Project Myrmidon. Well I've been planning an assault on a Covenant colony for months now. We're going to capture a VIP and milk it for information. Who knows? We might even be able to force a truce."

"They will not give up the colony that easily. We need more ships."

"We're not going to take the planet. We're just going to locate and capture one of their leaders. It's a hit and run operation."

"So you want to use my fleet as a decoy while your robots take the prize?"

"Exactly. Congratulations Admiral, you are now a part of the turning point in this war. Welcome to Operation: RAGNAROK."

Hotel room. Washington D.C. Earth. July 29, 2545. 5:56 A.M.

      The next four hours were the longest of my life. Not knowing what was going in that room was torture. The kids fell asleep on the bed. Fhajad was sitting in his wheelchair next to the bathroom door while I sat on the bed.

"That Spartan you were talking about before, is he still alive?" I asked.

"Yes. He's still around" said Fhajad. "I haven't seen him in years though."

"You said his luck made him more than the others. What did you mean?"

"This man was as strong and skilled as the rest of us. But, he was a natural at everything he attempted. He always led us out of the fire intact. He had something that you can only be born with."

"And what might that be?"

"As I said before. Luck."

"Sounds like one hell of a guy."

"Yes. I remember in one of our training missions our drill sergeant had left us for dead in the mountains. He dropped us all at different locations and said that the last one on the Pelican would be left to fend for themselves. We all met up after the drop and John made sure he was the last one on that Pelican."

"John?" I asked.

"Master Chief Petty Officer John-117" said Fhajad. "The greatest warrior to have ever lived."

      I turned around and looked at the kids. My mind was filled with wonder about them. What will they do in life? I've already filled their heads with crap about the military and defending Earth. John had just killed a man and his future was already looking like that of a marine. Lucy would probably share the same fate. I only hoped that they would make the right decisions. I only hoped that they would be as successful as that Spartan. Halsey then opened the door and looked me in the eye. I got up.

"So?" I asked.

      Her look went from serious to comforting as she smiled.

"She'll be fine."

      I hugged her. She was a little shocked at first but had accepted it.

"Thank you doctor" I said.

      I looked past her and saw Leila on the floor with a blanket over her.

"Should we move her?" I asked.

"Yes. Put her on the bed" said Halsey.

      I went in and lifted the unconscious woman off the floor. After I laid her down on the bed, I lifted both the kids and put them on the floor.

"So what happened exactly?" asked Halsey.

"Do you want to know the full story? Or just how she was shot?" I asked.

"We've got plenty of time. Start at the beginning."

      It took a full hour to explain everything that had surpassed in the previous two years. Halsey stopped us after she heard of the budget for Project Myrmidon.

"That's ridiculous!" she yelled. "How didn't ONI see that?"

"I asked myself the same thing" said Fhajad.

"The Spartan-II Program doesn't cost nearly as much" said Halsey.

      We had earlier brought Fhajad's laptop into the bedroom and sat it next to Leila. Lennon browsed through ONI files.

"What's this?" he asked. "Operation: RAGNAROK? Ackerson is attempting another mission with his toys."

"What do you mean?" asked Fhajad.

      The computer screen showed a star map and Ackerson's plan to attack the Salia System.

"He took control of the Eighteenth Fleet about four days ago" said Lennon. "He's been moving into position and preparing for an assault."

"What intel do they have on that planet?" asked Halsey.

"It doesn't say" said Lennon.

"Does Ackerson really have ONI tied around his finger like this? They're letting him do anything he wants!" I said.

"I know for a fact that the Covenant wouldn't leave a planet so lightly defended" said Fhajad. "It must be a trap."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked.

"Maybe this will persuade you" said Lennon. "A Covenant stealth corvette emerged from Slipspace right in front of the fleet. It basically surrendered without the slightest bit of resistance. They then gave them the intel on the system."

"My God" I said. "It is a trap. Covenant would never surrender. They sure as hell wouldn't rat out their own kind. How doesn't Ackerson see this?"

"I'm sure he does. He's just too damn arrogant. He puts to much faith in his project" said Halsey.

"Well, we're fugitives now" said Fhajad. "How do we stop this?"

"Too late to stop it. How do we help them?" said Halsey.

"I know someone that can get us there, but what good will we do?" I asked.

      Halsey thought for a moment.

"I know some people that can help."

      She and Fhajad looked at each other and smiled.

Bridge of Righteous Execution. August 9, 2545.

      The command crew of the Covenant flagship went about preparing to spring the trap. Xotenlee had sent a single ship to lure the UNSC fleet away from an undefended planet and bring them to this system. He patiently awaited their arrival. The Fleet of Glorious Atrocity stayed in formation behind the planet and waited.

"Master, how do you know the humans didn't just destroy the ship we sent?" asked the Shipmaster.

"You ignorant fool. The humans can not afford to let any possible information slip away. They also cannot afford to pass up the opportunity to destroy an undefended colony. They will come expecting an easy victory but instead they will receive annihilation!"

      They have been waiting patiently for days. It would not be long before the UNSC Eighteenth Fleet arrives.

"Sir, our sensor stations are picking up movement within the Void!" said an Elite at a communications array.

"Good, they have come!" said Xotenlee.

Bridge of the Lionheart. August 9,2545.

      Ackerson had a smug look on his face for days. For the entire journey, he had bragged about Project Myrmidon and about how Operation: RAGNAROK was nearly flawless. Fleet Admiral Gibons was infuriated but he could no longer show it. He was almost certain that this would not work but Ackerson had him by the balls. He could not do a thing.
      A man appeared on the holo-tank in the bridge. He had short brown hair and was wearing a white tabard with a red cross on it. Underneath it was chain mail. A great sword hung from his belt and a bright red cape hung from his shoulders.

"Sir preparing to exit Slipspace" he said.

"Thank you Richard. Do so when ready" said Gibons. "And may God help us" he thought.

      The fleet emerged from the Slipstream and into the Salia System. The only things that were visible were a planet and it's moon.

"See Admiral, nothing to worry about" said Ackerson. "The Elite's intel was solid."

"Admiral, we're picking up several pings on a low radar grid" said Ensign Gage.

      Ackerson didn't even acknowledge the ensign's statement. Gibons went over and looked at the station.

"This will be a glorious day for humanity!" said Ackerson. "Commence with Operation: RAGNAROK."

"Look, there's a few more" said Gage to Gibons.

      As the fleet neared the planet, three more pings appeared on the radar. Then ten more, then twenty more, then a hundred more.

"Send a message to the fleet! We're getting out of here right now!" yelled Gibons.

"Like hell we are!" said Ackerson.

"Colonel, look at the radar system damn it!" said Gibons. "It's a trap!"

      Ackerson glanced at the radar for a second.

"Phantom pings Admiral" said Ackerson.

      He pointed out the main viewport without looking.

"Look there's nothing out-"

      He looked out the window and saw a massive fleet of Covenant warships. He was speechless.

"Congratulations Colonel" said Gibons. "You've just damned the lives of an entire fleet."

"No….." said Ackerson.

      The Covenant fleet neared the humans. Gibons thought for a second. He then exhaled and pulled himself together.

"Alright, standard defense formation on the double. Focus on the support ships."

"Are you insane Admiral?!" yelled Ackerson. "There's no way we can defend against that!"

"You got my men into this mess Colonel. I'm getting them out! I suggest you sit down and shut up."

"I'm in command here Admiral!" yelled Ackerson. "And I say we get out of here!"

"It's too late for that! And I'm re-taking command of my fleet. You've done one hell of a job getting us all killed! I'm going to save as many as I can!"

"I SAID NO!" yelled Ackerson.

      Gibons turned around and took a viscous swing at Ackerson. He hit him dead center in the face. Ackerson fell over like a collapsing brick wall and landed face down, out cold. His nose dripped blood on the deck. The command crew smiled. Some even began to clap and cheer. Gibons, to say the least, was relieved.

"Alright, let's get this situation under control" he said.

      The Covenant fleet came even closer to the UNSC.

"Have all ships fire MAC rounds on the carriers! Fire Archer missiles on the support ships!"

      Hundreds of MAC slugs and plasma torpedoes shot through space. They closed in on and shot right past each other. Some even made contact and exploded harmlessly between the lines of ships. Those that didn't, neared their targets. Several MAC rounds shattered the shields of the Covenant ships and left them in smoldering ruins. The Covenant fire splashed against and burned through the hulls of the UNSC ships. The battle had just begun