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Halo 3 ODST 2- Finale
Posted By: spartan shot<farfrompuken191@cs.com>
Date: 13 November 2009, 4:22 pm

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Interior: Pelican flying to the Ark's control center.

The Pelican was full. Buck and his team, along with Vergil, and several marines were part of a three team strike force that would disable the barrier to the Ark's control room. Cordo was with the Arbiter's team. Buck and his men, however, had a different mission. They were to find the door that led below the surface and find this so called "gate" that had been mentioned in the Dreadnought's failsafe message.

"We hit these three generators, and the barrier will fall?" asks Commander Keyes.

"A small section, yes" replies Guilty Spark.

"Good enough. Johnson, drop the Chief at the first generator, then head for the third. The Elites will punch right down the middle" says Keyes.

"Roger that" says Johnson.

Johnson then goes on a private COMM with Buck and his team.

"You and the marines have to secure the area quickly. I'll be right behind you" he says.

"Acknowledged" says Dare.

The Pelican bumped and slowed down. It had split from its formation with the other dropships. The two Phantoms which contained the Elites went for the central tower while two of the Pelicans went to the first. The remaining three banked left to the third tower.
The hatch opens up and the soldiers pile out, shooting down all enemies in sight. Marines are being shot left and right. The Rookie pushes through the fire and runs up a short ramp to the entrance of the tower.

"Keep pushing!" yells Buck.

The marines all followed the Rookie up the ramp and saw a tunnel filled with Covenant.

"Fire! Fire! Fire!" yells Buck. "Get some grenades in that tunnel!"

Everyone lobs a grenade into the tunnel. Most Covenant are killed in the ensuing blasts, but not all. They walked into the tunnel and saw the door to the tower's interior. To the right of the door was a group of Brutes. They had been waiting in the adjacent tunnel for the them.

"Not Good!" yells Dutch.

"Die Scum!" a Brute Captain Major yells.

The humans run back. They cannot defeat this many Brutes in a confined space. As they reach the entrance of the tunnel, they see a Hornet hovering overhead. It lowers itself and prepares to fire. The marines quickly run past it in time. The Hornet then fires a barrage of machine gun fire and rockets. The Brutes within are destroyed. Johnson then runs up from behind Buck with several men.

"Gunny!" he says.

"Sergeant Major" Buck replies.

"Good job securing the LZ" says Johnson. "What's our status inside?"

"No idea" says Buck.

Vergil then floats out from a Pelican and joins the team.

"Alright. Vergil, get that door open" says Johnson.

Vergil goes over to the door. The team of marines and ODST's stand around and wait. As soon as the door opens, green beams of energy shoot out and knock Vergil back against a wall.

"Hunters!" Johnson yells.

"Vergil! No!" says Dare.

Dutch and Mickey fire into the room. Dare pulls Vergil's body away from the door. She looks at him and realizes that there is no hope of saving him. He is dead.

"He's gone" she says.

"Dam!" says Romeo.

"Hunters are falling back!" says Dutch as he shoots his Spartan Laser.

"Everyone push in!" orders Johnson.

The team runs in and sees the Hunters fall back to the other end of the room. The Hunters stop and are joined by a large group of Brutes and they all fire. The team runs into cover. Buck and his men all are kneeling behind a wall with Johnson at their side. The marines run further in and take cover.

"Gunny, there's a door to the right!" yell Dutch.

"Go for it Buck" says Johnson.

Buck looks around. All the marines that had entered the tower were now dead.

"Sergeant, we're the only ones left!" says Buck as his faceplate depolarizes. "Do you know what they'll do to you?!"

"I don't care!" says Johnson. "Continue with your mission. That's an order!"

Buck stares at Johnson for a second then nods. He runs for the door. Romeo, Dare, Dutch, Mickey, and the Rookie all fall in behind him. They make it. The door shuts behind them.

"OK, now what?" asks Romeo.

"Now we head deeper into the facility" says Dare. "This "gate" we're looking for is at the lowest level."

"Great" says Buck sarcastically. "Any elevators?"

"Not sure. I was counting on Vergil for help, but…."

Buck exhales.

"Lets just go" says Buck.

The team goes through the structure. They take out several Covenant groups within and go down many ramps and stairs. Eventually, they see a vivid shape in the halls.

"What the hell?" says Dutch.

The shapes are Brute Stalkers. They fire upon the team and discard their camouflage. The team scatters. The Rookie ends up in a sub hall to the side of the main one. He is followed by a Brute. The Rookie empties a mag into the beast but to no avail.
The Brute tries to fire his Spiker Rifle, but is out of ammo. He charges the Rookie and grabs him by the throat. He puts him up against the wall and raises the Spiker. The Rookie kicks the Brute in the chest, causing it to miss. The blades of the rifle are dug into the wall, just left of the Rookie's head. The Brute then tosses the ODST to the other end of the hall. It looks at him with a devious smile and pulls a Spike Grenade off his belt. Just as he raises it, he stops. Blood drips down the sides of his mouth. Two blue edges appear, protruding from his chest. A golden figure appears behind him. The Elite deactivates his active camo and reveals himself. It is Cordo Kemdadlem.

"Mongrel scum" he whispers into the Brutes ear.

Cordo then pushes the Brute of his blade and deactivates it. He walks over to the Rookie and helps him up.

"Are you alright?" he asks.

The Rookie nods. Mickey then enters the sub hall and sees Cordo.

"Cordo!" he says.

"Troopers!" Cordo replies. "I was hoping to see you down here."

"Why ain't you with your squad?" asks Dutch.

"The Arbiter ordered myself and two of my commandos through a door. We intended to return, but there were always more Brutes. We just kept on pressing until we arrived here" says Cordo as he enters the main hall.

"Where's your men?" asks Romeo.

Cordo looks at the floor.

"They fell one level up" he says.

"Sorry to hear that" says Buck.

Just then, a door in the wall opens up revealing a shaft. Buck looks down it and sees an elevator rising fast with many Brutes.

"Grenades!" he yells.

Everyone lobs a grenade into the shaft. Several explosions occur before the lift reaches the top. A final one shoots Brute bodies out of the elevator when it reaches its peak.

"Let's get on" says Buck.

The team gets on the lift and rides it down to the lowest point. Upon exiting, they see a pair of Honor Guards guarding a door. They haven't spotted the team yet.

"Honor Guards" Dare whispers. "We must be close."

"Remain here" says Cordo. "I shall deal with these vermin."

"What are you gonna do?" asks Romeo.

Cordo does not answer. He activates his camouflage and draws his sword. He walks to the room at the end of the hall where the Brutes are. In an instant, Cordo slashes one Brutes throat and drives his blade into the other's chest. They drop to the floor, lifeless. Cordo then deactivated his camo and the ODST's followed him.

"Not bad" says Mickey.

"Honor Guards" says Dare. "This must be the Prophet's escape route or something."

"He will find no refuge here" says Cordo.

They enter the door which the Brutes guarded. On the other side was a balcony which had a ramp which led further down into the endless chasm. Cordo looks up to see a temple like structure jutting out from the top of the cliff, far off in his vision. The team is about to go down the ramp when something appears in the sky.
High up in the sky, a large object exits Slipspace. It flies over the temple and spreads much debris onto the surface.

"High Charity?" says Cordo.

The Covenant city flies over the cliff and out of view. Debris showers the ground of the Ark. Several large pieces crash into the ramp to the lower levels, cutting the team off. A large chunk of what appeared to be the Flood, flew into the door which the team had just exited. They all dive on to the floor and avoid the incoming dispersal pod. The pod takes much damage, but manages to break the door open.
As soon as the pod stops rolling, Flood infection forms crawl out from it and dig themselves into the bodies of the Brute Honor Guards. They arise as combat forms and charge the team. Cordo quickly takes care of the two forms, but many infection forms are coming out of the broken door.

"Down the ramp!" yells Buck.

He and his men run down the ramp until they are stopped by the hole created by the falling debris.

"Now what!?" says Dutch.

"We jump" says Cordo.

"We jump?" asks Romeo. "Maybe you can jump that far, but we sure as hell can't."

"Fair enough" says Cordo.

The Elite grabs a hold of Romeo and tosses him across the gap. Romeo lands on his back and slides fifty feet down to the bottom of the ramp. Cordo then tosses Dare, then Buck, then Mickey, then Dutch. Before he can grab a hold of the Rookie, he hears the slimy crawl of the infection forms. They are just a few feet behind them. Cordo has no choice. He grabs the Rookie and leaps across the gap. He lands right on the edge of the other side and begins to fall backward. With little options, he tosses the Rookie onto the ramp. He then falls backward, off the ramp.

"Cordo!" Buck cries as he runs back up the ramp.

The Rookie is sliding down but grabs a crack in the floor. He then pulls himself up and follows Buck. They reach the top and look down the gap. Cordo is hanging on a cable. Buck reaches down and Cordo grabs his wrist. Flood infection forms jump from the opposite side of the gap. Some fall into the bright abyss below. Two wrap their tentacles around Cordo's ankles.

"Rookie! Shoot those things! Get them off of him!" yells Buck.

The Rookie fires two small bursts from his SMG. He is careful not to hit his friend. The spores are torn up from the bullets. One falls down the gap while the other hangs on lifelessly. Buck pulls his hardest and brings the Elite up. Cordo then grabs the ledge and pulls himself up. He sits on the top next to Buck who is breathing very heavily.

"You have saved my life just as I have saved yours" says Cordo.

He and Buck then get up.

"I am honored to call you my brother" says Cordo as he offers Buck a handshake.

"I am honored to be called your brother" says Buck as he shakes Cordo's hand.

The two stop shaking hands and walk to the bottom of the ramp with the Rookie. Once they reach the bottom, the enter through a door and continue their mission. With the arrival of High Charity, they now faced a new threat, the Flood. The team continued through the structure and encountered several Covenant patrols and Flood groups. They eventually reach the lowest level of the facility.
Cordo is the first to enter a heavy security door. He is followed by the ODST's. They are on the highest level of a five story room. It is filled with Honor Guards. On the lowest level of the room, at the opposite end, are to two ten foot tall pillars. They are feeding energy to a blue bubble in between them. It looks exactly like the Portal that was created on Earth, only smaller. Red lights flare from the ceiling and an alarm is sounding.

"Infection present! Infection present! Gate closure in seven minutes!" says a strange voice from the alarm system.

"Seven minutes?" asks Romeo.

"Lets get down there" says Buck.

They continue down two sets of stairs, silently eliminating the guards. Once they make it to the third level, they are noticed by a Brute.

"Intruders!" it yells, firing it's Brute Plasma Rifle.

The entire force of guards is now on alert. They are doing everything to stop the team. Cordo withdraws his sword and slashes any who get in his way. The Rookie looks at his mission clock. It reads three minutes. They needed to move faster. Romeo does the job of taking out the Brutes firing from a distance while Dutch uses his Spartan Laser to its last charge.
The team reaches the ground floor. It appears that all the Brutes have been defeated.

"Is that it?" Mickey asks.

"No" says Cordo. "There is one left. I can smell his fear."

A Brute then jumps from the second level and tries to crush Cordo with his hammer.

"Die Heretic!" it yells as it leaps.

The Elite sidesteps and tries to cut him with his sword. This Brute was wearing the armor and helmet of a Chieftan, but with the shoulder and leg armor of an Honor Guard. The blade of his hammer had been replaced by the colorful blade of an Energy Stave. The Brute dodges Cordo's sword and swings his hammer around. He slams the floor and sends Dutch flying a few feet back with the gravity shockwave. He turns around and does the same to Mickey and the Rookie. Buck jumps on the beasts back and tries to stab it in the neck with his knife.
The Brute grabs Buck's wrist and flips him over his shoulder, slamming him on the floor. It then raises it's hammer and tries to crush Buck. At the last second, Cordo grabs Buck's leg and pulls him from the hammer's path. The hammer then crushes the ground where Buck was laying.
Cordo swings his sword and slashes the Brute's face. The beast lets out a loud scream and clutches it's face. It then removed it's hand and revealed a nasty cut across it's cheek. In a rage, the Brute swung it's hammer. It kept swinging and crushing, making Cordo back up until he hit a wall. He had nowhere to go now.
The Brute roars. He then turns and swings his hammer and tries to cut Cordo with the blade. Romeo however, had other plans. He recognized this situation as one he had been in just a month ago. He aims for the Brute's head but misses and hits it's shoulder, wounding it.
The Brute staggered. He missed Cordo and dug the blade into the wall behind him. Cordo then drove his sword through the Brute's chest. He then pushed it off of his blade and onto the ground. The Brute was doubled over on the floor. It looked dead. Cordo wanted to be sure. He stood over the beast and raised his sword.
The Brute then roared and stabbed Cordo in the leg with a Spike Grenade. Cordo gasps in shock. Within a second, the grenade detonates and both Cordo and the Chieftan are dead.
Buck gets up from and shakes off the dreariness of the shockwave. He then sees the bodies of the two aliens.

"Cordo!" he yells as he runs over to the bodies.

He kneels down at the Elite's side. Cordo's body is riddled with spikes. Dare then approaches from behind.

"I think we were the only human and Elite to call each other brothers" says Buck.

"Buck, there's something I should tell you" says Dare.

Buck looks up at her. She continues.

"ONI wanted me to try and bring Truth's flagship back to Earth. So I aborted the self destruct sequence. If I hadn't done that then Vergil and Cordo….."


Buck was confused and furious. He searched for the right words to say to Dare. In his search, he heard Cordo's words.

"This force, the one which you call love, my people believe that it never dies."

Buck calms down. He then rises and takes Dare's hand.

"It's OK. I'm glad you told me" he says.

They kiss. The Rookie looks at his mission timer and sees that there is only one minute left. Suddenly, the body of a Brute flies out from the Portal. Everyone runs over and examines it. The Brute is riddled with bullet holes.

"Are those bullet holes?" asks Dutch.

Buck pulls out his knife and digs one of the slugs out. He examines it.

"That's a sniper round!" says Romeo.

"Whatever's on the other side, I'm guessing it's friendly" says Buck.

"It closes it twenty seconds" says Mickey.

"Should we go?" Buck asks Dare.

Dare grabs Buck's hand and looks him in the eye.

"On three" says Buck.

"1" says Mickey.

"2" says Dutch.

"3!" says the Rookie.

Everyone jumps in.

Legendary Ending:

They jumped through the Portal to immediately find themselves on the top of a green hill. It is surrounded by forests. There are two pillars feeding the Portal energy just like the one on the other side. The Portal had closed just seconds after they exited. After they all get up, they look around.

"Where are those friendlies?" asks Dutch.

"Look around, they gotta be here somewhere" says Buck.

Buck looks up. As the clouds break he sees that the ground curved upward. They were inside a large sphere.

"What the?" he whispered.

"Uh, Gunny!" says Romeo. He is looking through his scope down the hill.

"What?" asks Buck. "You found them?"

"I hope so" says Romeo. "You may wanna take a look at this."

Buck takes the rifle and looks through the scope. Romeo points to where he saw the target and Buck aligns his sight. He sees ten figures walking towards them. Three of them are at least seven feet tall. Buck recognizes them as Spartans. One of them has a sniper rifle resting on its shoulder. One other is in normal military clothing. Another is an older female in civilian clothes. Buck sees the final five and does not recognize their armor. It is similar to that of the Spartans, but they are much shorter. He does not know it but they are Spartan-III's. One of them is also carrying a sniper. Buck lowers the rifle and stares.

"Oh My God" he whispers. "Where are we?"