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A Corrupted Spartans Tale
Posted By: spartan001<medaman162006@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 November 2005, 11:35 pm

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hey guys im new so dont be mad if its not any good


this is set durning the battle of reach when the spartans just jumped out of the pelican on reach

As soon as the spartans jumped out of that blasted pelican, Spartan 533 Tom Heathrow decided it was time.
As they were falling towards reach tumbling inevtibly towards the ground a plan formed in his head, when he landed he immediatly ripped off a piece of the shoulder section of his armor, he looked at his hud, his vital signs flat-lined almost immediatly he frowned and when he stood up it felt like he took a shot gun blast to the chest at point blank. he stumbled and leaned on a tree, after catching his breath he looked around at his spartan squadmates and he frowned and gave them one last wave, and grabbing his MA5B Assault Rifle he turned from them and walked down a path leading to the hangars, once there he could take one of the longsword bombers and get off of reach once in space he could iinitiate the slipstream drive and escape to earth.....or some other place; he encountered little resistance on his way to the hangar. There was however 2 marines gaurding the hanger door Tom ran towards them and the soldiers looked at him in amazement, when he got to the marines he jumped intot he first one giving him a good rifle butt to the stomach then he turned to the other marine and pulled the trigger in a shot burst of three rounds, the bullets hit there mark right inbetween the marines eyes, blood and brains flew out of his head and onto the ground, then tom turned to the other marine who was on the ground curled into a fetal position, tom couldnt blame him either, a hit from a spartan travelling at 20 MPH at least was not a thing one wanted to feel. After cleaning up that mess he ran inside the hangar where 15 other marines were standing around in battle ready positions as soon as he stepped in they opened fire on him, he dived off to the left behind a large crate and reloaded his rifle as he thought, "well this certainly is a change of pace, one second im fighting the covenant and now im fighting the marines, no matter they're going to die anyways." he dived out of his hiding place directly behind another crate firing his rifle as he went, he brought down 4 marines with that first dive, once behind the other crate he took out a farg grenaden and tossed it out into the opening, 3 marines saw it and ran for cover but the others werent so lucky, the grenade exploded sending schrapnel everywhere, tom stepped outino the open and saw that one of the three marines that ran for cover was also killed in the blast.
one of the two marines that were left alive screamed and shot at tom with his M6D pistol as the bullets hit toms shield flared tom lifted his rifle and pulled the trigger unloading all of his bulelts into the marines body. the last remaining elite stood over to toms left trembling in fear so tom did the justice of making it quick for him, he took his rifle and through it directly at the soldier it hit him in the head giving him a wound he would never recover from. he heard someone speak into his comm, it was a voice he recognized, the voice of a fellow spartan, tom closed his eyes and listened "SPARTAN FREEZE, tom raised his hands and turned around afcing one of his best friends in the world. Spartan-993 xeones sparker. tom sighed and said. "please dont make me do this xeones". theres was something about him though, it was his armor, his armor was diffrent thats it, it must be one of those Mark VI MJOLNIR armor systems that had been rumored to exist. tom sighed once more as xeones said "do what tom? attack me? i dont think youre gonna do it." tom started walking towards xeones with both of his fists clenchedxeones lifted his pistol and said "youre making a mistake tom" "it doesnt matter Xeo, all i care about now is getting off of this wretched planet before the covvies bomb us to hell". xeones lifted his M6D pistol and shot tom the the chest 3 times toms sheilds flared and dissapeared and warning sounds resounded within his helmet, he grabbed xeones's arm with supriseing speed and strength, xeones dropped the pistol, tom the turned around to get behind him and he grabbed xeones by the leg and lifted him up throwing him hard down on the ground, as xeones was getting up tom grabbed his pistol and aimed it drectly at his head, you couldnt see the look on his face but you could tell he was shocked that tom would do this, tom pulled the trigger of the pistol 6 times all 6 bullets hitting xeones's helmet eventually he fell backewards blood spilling into his helmet but not before he said one last thing that left tom in a state of shock, "you were like a brother" tom dropped the pistol and walked over to xeones's body and he picked it up and draped it over his shoulders and he boarded the nearest longsword bomber, he layed xeones down and took off all ofhis armor and took of his own, he put on the MARK VI armor and dumped his own outside onto the ground, after wards he grabbed xeones's body and threw it out harshly beside his old armor, he walked to the pilots seat and sat down and prepped the ship for take-off.
What he just did really spooked him he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and 5 minutes later he was off in space flying through the chaos until his ship was attacked by three covenant ships, there plasma cannons blew his ship into dust killing him almost instantly.

----------------------THE END-------------------

hey guys, if i get a postive responce from this one ill make more if not ill fine tune my writing and make a better one btw if you have any suggestions for anything tell me ill try and get them wrote. (first come first serve)oaky guys thats it l8r days