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End of The Maw
Posted By: someone that you dont know<dpne2000@yahoo.com>
Date: 30 May 2004, 12:15 AM

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Authors note: I wrote this while working on the third addition to the Guerrilla Defence series. This portrays how I feel about the famous "warthog run" in The Maw. Enjoy!

Shoot, the ships gonna blow
Only four minutes, gotta go!
Conveniently placed
Warthogs to race
Don't mind the other fools

They wont survive

No time to wait, no time to lag
Instead of gunning em down, just squish the fag
Burning rubber
No cover
Get out of there fast

'Cause I say so

Don't wait for Foehammer
Just leave, and let Cortana stammer
Launch bay seven
Escape, or the gates of heaven
Take the shortcut you idiot

Huge jump ahead, warning

It's the home stretch
One Longsword fighter, docked for you to fetch
You survived the fall eh?
How's the timer? Is it ok?
You win, the cut scene starts

Now time to beat it again, in legendary, the end