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Guerrilla defense -Part One- New York Is Going Down
Posted By: someone that you dont know<dpne2000@yahoo.com>
Date: 28 May 2004, 2:01 AM

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Authors Note: Just to let you know, you may think this is a ripoff of the Defending America series. In essence, it is. The whole deal about defending an American city and all. But, this is somewhat original. My own story. I just liked the whole "defense" thing. This is my first attempt at anything serious. Finally, something from me that is not a comedy or a poem. Oh yea, I didnt use the "code" so you code lovers out there, dont flame the reviews about the code. Love it, hate it, whatever. Enjoy.

Location: New York City
Date: 12/30/2567
Time: 1:00 AM

Sergeant Jamie Hazard rose from his bunk. With heavy eyes, he strode outside and let the fresh air wake him up. There was a sense of doom all around, filling the sergeant with despair. Not to mention how irritable the sergeant could be at 1:00 in the morning. He decided to see how the marines were doing; they have been working all night making a defensive grid around New York City.

As he approached the large buildings that made up New York City, he could barely make out the sound of power drills whining. The sergeant smiled to himself; at least his men were following orders, even during these tense times. Next stop, the communications room.

The communications room was botched together, using ancient Pentium VII computers and a whole arsenal of obsolete equipment. The COM room has been acting up lately, signals not getting through, power failures, everything bad that could happen, happened. One of the COM room operatives was busy typing madly on a computer. Not noticing the sergeant's presence, he continued to type and drink his coffee. Suddenly, the screen turned black, and green ominous letters appeared on every monitor in the COM room. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.
"Covenant hackers!"
"Can you fix it?" The sergeant spoke up. Every COM room operative immediately stood and saluted.
"At ease"
"Permission to speak freely sir?"
"Permission granted"
"Sorry, we did not notice your presence sir"
"I can't seem to lock on the hacker's source, it's moving too fast."
"What does this mean...."? Suddenly the monitors exploded, killing all of the COM room operatives, and a piece of flying shrapnel cut a deep gash across the sergeant's right cheek. Blood poured out of the wound, but the Sarge paid no attention.
"They're coming"

Location: New York City
Date: 12/30/2567
Time: 1:30 AM

By now, everyone was wide-awake. The marines manned their stations and prepared for the worst. The snipers were camped up on the medium sized buildings, their spotters keeping close watch with sharp eyes, looking through high tech night-vision telescopes.
Then, the signal sounded. A shrill whistle, piercing the early morning darkness, blew for the duration of 30 seconds, followed by a repetition of 5 short blasts. The covenant had arrived.

"Let's do this thing!" A marine shouted, followed by a roar of approval from the other marines. Surprisingly, their war whoops were drowned out by a much louder sound. Marching towards the doomed city, 1000 covenant soldiers seemed to have come out of nowhere. Running at full stride, tens of thousands of plasma bolts illuminated the sky in a fiery blue blaze. The marines shot first. A few rounds struck the grunts in the front row, killing them instantly. One round hit a methane tank, exploding, causing a chain reaction and effectively destroying the front ranks of covenant soldiers in a colorful arc of flames.
"Hell yea!"

Things were going well, until a whole fleet of wraith tanks came into view.
"Shit, wraith tanks!"
"Fire the moat!" The marines had previously dug a 10-meter wide 20-meter deep trench and lined the bottom with tungsten spikes. And just add to the fun, they filled it with 500 gallons of gasoline and other flammable liquids. The marines fired the moat. Resulting in the largest case of Greek fire ever recorded in human history. Flames 30 meters high towered over the covenant attackers. They paused for a minute, and proceeded. The wraith tanks easily dealt with the intense heat but were immediately stopped by the tungsten spikes, impaling the elites inside. Then they exploded, causing the trench to cave in and extinguish the flames.

"Damn it! That was our best defense!" The sergeant seriously had to rethink battle plans. They would have to save their anti-air missiles, just in case of an aerial assault. The snipers easily took care of about a hundred more covenant soldiers. Their screams of pain unnoticed by the adrenaline pumped marines.

The covenant commanders ordered a retreat in their tongue. Suddenly all was quiet.
"Yes! We won!"
"Not so fast soldier" The sarge ordered all to be quiet.
"Trust me, this is not like the covenant. They never retreat."
"Expect anything"

And, true to his word, the covenant came back for a second wave of assault. But this was a last ditch attempt. The wailing of banshees was heard overhead. Then, one by one, they crashed their craft into the buildings. Hundreds of marines garrisoned in the buildings died. Some jumped out, not wanting to die a burning death. One building fell, crushing the main portion of HQ. Unseen by the humans, a whole army of jackals were waiting just beyond view. And at the signal of the gold commander elite, all shields were activated. Blinding the humans for a second. The formation was ingenious. The front row of jackals formed a shield barrier, and the second row formed a barrier to deflect any overhead strikes. The classic. The marines fired their MA5B's merely bouncing off the shields. The jackals shot their plasma pistols, killing off half of the remaining marines. Not a hundred marines remained.

"The crossbows!" 20 giant crossbows were created as a last resort defense. They could only be shot once so the marines had to make sure they didn't miss. "Fire!" and twenty arrows, each one measuring 10 meters, went right through the luminescent shields and impaled about 300 covenant soldiers. "Who's up for some shish kabob?"
"Damn it! We can't hold them off for much longer. Everyone! Retreat to the World Trade Center!" After suffering 2 terrorist attacks, the World Trade Center was rebuilt. This was the third time it was rebuilt and it was about to get destroyed again.

To be continued.