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Posted By: someone that you dont know<dpne2000@yahoo.ciom>
Date: 27 March 2004, 4:56 PM

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It was bad vs. good
Terrorists vs. cts
With the beginning of the round
Spartans buying weapons
Paying their fees

Go! Go! Go!
Sounded the radios
The rush was on
Armor clad warriors
Killing their foes

Of course there are the cheaters
The hackers that suck
They never miss a shot
While the real Halo-strikers
Play with none of the cheating f*ck

Bomb has been planted
Now where could it be?
Ct Spartans searching
They find it they defuse it
But it explodes, in the face of the ct

They play for fortune and fame
Guns and bombs is what you live for
That's the name of the game