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Love is Lost
Posted By: Solidus Snake<chikornx@aol.com>
Date: 6 November 2004, 7:05 PM

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Always wanted to try a love song. And sorry if it seems to fall apart near the end, didn't really spend as much time on this one.

      Love is Lost

It was day unlike any other day
That day I lost something apart of me
In the mist laid sorrow in a shade of grey
Seeking a miracle I couldn't learn to see
My love is gone and there's nothing I can do
At first everything was a happy blue
But soon they killed and turned to black
She'd be here if only I knew
They came so soon with nothing to lack
So sad this is; my heart is broken
In my heart the anger starts to build

Knowing I can never have her back

That day I lost apart of me
I lost what I've once loved
I am scarred in this black sea
Left to cry in a puddle of mud
Asking, "how could this be?"
I'm left inside broken
The hurt rising, its tearing my soul out
To myself be damned

Why must she die?
Why must she die?

My Love is Lost