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Posted By: Solidus Snake<chikornx@aol.com>
Date: 6 November 2004, 6:56 PM

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I'm not much of a story teller but here something wierd and something new that I'm trying. Pretty much about an insane Marine. The next and last part is going to be even more F'ed up and just plan wierd. And also sorry if it seemed a little rushed with some mistakes. I've been busy with school and such and don't have much time to spend on my stories anymore.


       Private Jimmy always seemed a good boy, he was always doing a good in school and was there for his folks. When he was 20 he joined the Marines two months before the Covenant invaded the home world, Earth. He was good soldier and followed his orders, but soon he changed. About two days ago he ran away from his unit after he witnessed a mass slaughter. Over 39 people was killed by the Covenant, he witnessed it all. His unit tried to eliminate the Covenant but there was too many of them. They had to take shelter to keep from getting overran. From their shelter his unit saw countless of people getting kill as they where burnt as they ran in the streets.
       They manage to keep the Covenant from wiping them out and they saved about 10 people by bringing into their shelter. Soon after help arrived at the city with tank support and 20+ of additional men and a cyborg. By then the Covenant had additional tanks support as well but soon after the Covies were pushed back by one of the finest branch in the world.
       As for Jimmy, he was insane after he saw all those who died. "I can't take this!" He yelled as he cried on his knees in the middle of the mass pile of bodies and blood.
       He went insane.
       The Marines had set up a camp there and they made Jimmy rest. For five hours he slept, then he woke up jerking his head around looking all around him. On his mind he had some wicked ideas. Next to his cot was his weapons and equipment. He picked up his gun and his combat knife, he slang the gun around his shoulder and pulled out his knife. Up to the entrance was two guards. The first guard he snuck up behind and slitted his throat. The second guard was alarmed and yelled terrified. He yelled, "Traitor! Traitor!"
       But that didn't stop Jimmy from his intention. Quickly his stabbed the Marine straight in stomach and pulled up cutting open his stomach. The Marine felled to the ground as all the insides fell out. Quickly he ran into the night to escape.
       There was a witness

       "Private First Class Jimmy Langford. AWOL or traitor. He killed two of our men, it was a cold blooded murder. Pretty much went crazy."
       "So what should we do, sir? Look for him?"
       "Yes, exactly, look for him and bring him back alive if possible. Maybe we can help him but one thing is for sure is that we don't want him to cause anymore trouble. I'm gonna send you and two other men of your choosing. Are you up to the challenge Private?"
       "Yes sir."
       Private Zach Allen. He truly was up to the challenge, a man of his word and a excellent Marine. One of the best of his unit and is up for promotion, even though his was just assign to that unit. His records show that he is a remarkable Marine with great combat skills. He is slightly on the weak side but he can run like a bullet. Five days before Jimmy ran away he saved the second in command that is out of action now but still alive. That Marine was wounded badly with a missing leg. The Marines did a cover fire as Zach raced to the site. There was Covenant fire coming from all corners and some sniper activity as well. He took a blow to the arm but it was nothing and in no time he manage to bring back the Marine just as the Pelican arrived to get them the hell out of there.
       "Private Phillip Johnson and Private Timmy Turner. Gear up, we got a mission."
       "What mission?" Pvt. Turner asked.
       Zach looked at him with a cold look on his face. "Remember little boy Jimmy?"
       "We're bringing him back."
       Both of them look shocked. Turner jumped, "Why the fuck must we run after that lunatic?"
       Johnson intervene, "Yeah I heard he went insane after that mass murder."
       "He killed two of our men and gutted one of them. That seems crazy to me!" Turner shouted.
       "Listen!" Zach shouted. "I don't really know Jimmy that well but we must bring him back. He can still be helped. Yeah he is crazy but don't you want to bring him back before he does more harm than good? Besides, you're the only sniper we got Turner, just incase we need to kill him or we get ambushed."
       Turner picked up his rifle, and loaded a fresh clip. "Fucking risky, but okay."
       "Alright, if we find him, I'm gonna try to reason to him. Turner you will keep the sight on him, and Johnson, I want you to sneak around behind."
       "Sure thing." Johnson said.
       "Yeah..." Turner faded off as he walk out.

       Three lone Grunts stood by a smashed up car. Two were sleeping while one stayed up on look out and reported back to his Commander by the hour. A dark low voice broke over the Grunt's COM channel for the hour report.
       "Everything is clear on my part. No activity." The squeaky Grunt said.
       Not far from where they were was Jimmy. Hiding in a dark ally between two buildings. His face was twisted as he stood there not blinking waiting for the right time. Slowly he brought around his weapon and aimed it at the pack. He opened fire, the bullets sprayed out killing the reporting Grunt. Both of the other Grunt were startled. Two bullets struck one in the throat. The other Grunt was shot in the leg and brought down.
       Jimmy ran out from his hiding spot. Looking at the Grunt struck in the leg; he pulled out his knife once again. "Time for a slaughter." He said with a dry scratchy voice.
       The Grunt pleaded for mercy but it had no affect on the human. He bent down and slit the Grunt's throat.
       Once again the dark low voice broke over the dead reporting Grunt's COM channel. "I heard shots from your area, is everything under control?"
       No one answered and soon the voice repeated over and over, "Answer me!"
       Jimmy left the area. Five minutes later a small Covenant unit showed up at the scene.

       "No sir, no. We haven't found him yet but were looking in the location where he was saw running....yes alright." The two Marines was looking at Zach waiting for further orders. "We'll keep looking for another hour before we stop."
       "What's the point?" Turner said.
       "We been through this before." Zach said annoyed.
       They kept walking through the smashed city, looking left to right hoping to find him so they can get the mission over with.
       "Wait." Johnson said. "Hard to see but there is someone walking towards us."
       "Hold on." Turner pulled up his rifle and looked through the scope to confirm who or what it is. There was a pause, "Its him."
       "Alright. Turner, see that small building behind us?"
       "Yes sir."
       "Get on the roof quickly." Turner headed off. "Johnson go around and try to get behind him."
       "Yes sir."
       "And as for me." He said to himself. "I will confront him."
       Zach walked toward Jimmy, closer and closer they got til they met each other face to face. Behind him Johnson sprinted across quietly and got behind a car. As for Turner's progress, he was in the building but trying to find a way to get up to the roof. The stair to get to the roof were blocked off and he had to clear it.
       There was faint laughter. "Yesss?" He said with a twisted vioce.
       "What the fuck happen to you?"
       "Hehehe, oh nothing, nothing at all."
       "Listen man you need help."
       "Help killing you? No!" He stepped one foot closer and raised his middle finger.
       "Your like this because of what you witness."
       He was silent.
       "Come back with us and we can help you."
       "Fuck you." Quickly he raised his rifle to point blank.
       Johnson stepped out from behind and ran towards to take him down. Hearing him coming he turned around and fired three shots into his chest killing him. Zach yelled, "Turner fire!" But there was no shot. Quickly Jimmy faced Zach again.
       Zach pulled up his weapon but before he could pull the trigger it was too late. Jimmy had the gun pointing straight at his head. One bullet flew out and into his head, the brains splattered out of the back end. There was a bullet hole left. The body fell to the ground.
       "Oh God!" Turner heard the shots and wasn't sure who shot them. Quickly he hurried to the roof top. When he got there he set up his rifle and looked over the area where Johnson and Zach once stood. "Dead!" He yelled, looking frantically for Jimmy. "Damn! Damn! DAMN! Where is the fucker?"
       "The fucker is right behind you." Jimmy had a pistol pointed to the back out his head.
       Turner took his eye out from the scope view and paused. He started shaking like hell.
       There was a sick twisted laugh, "Looks like you pissed yourself." And he did. "Now like the others and all them people, your gonna die a quick death."
       Click, click.
       "Hahahahahaha, had you fooled. The gun isn't even loaded. And your were so scared like a little fag."
       "You son of a bitch!" Turner threw down his rifle and turned around for what he excepted to be hand to hand combat. But instead, he got nothing but steel. Jimmy had his knife out and when Turner turned around. He had jammed the knife into his left eye.
       Jimmy pulled the knife out from the shocket and looked at the bloody blade. Softly he said, "More."

To be continued...

Next part will be called Wicked!