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Hollow Life: Personal Diary
Posted By: Solidus Snake<chikornx@aol.com>
Date: 4 October 2004, 12:53 AM

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This is a diary that I written way back when which is base on the main character of my series Hollow Life. The find out more about the series just click on 'More by this author'. I will try to write part 3 of that series as soon as possible too which will blend this into with the story. As for this, all of these entries are real. I try not reveal too much and I also kept it Halo related too.

Hollow Life: Personal Diary

      A Marine search through the wreckage of a house. Looking in one room he found a diary laying on the floor. The Marine picked it up, on the cover was black ingraved letters on a leather cover. It didn't have a name but a title like a book: Hollow Life.
      That was the name. The Marine opened the book up and started to read.

January 23rd

       Today is my birthday, I'm 15 years old now and this is my first entry in my new journal. I find my journal to be my confessions and to let out all my problems in life. Okay, first of all, my dad left me and my mom when I was like 3, so I live all my life without a father. It sucks because I feel betrayed, he never came to visit me, I never even talk to him before. I kinda hate him for that, but I'm not sure if I can hate him. Why hate someone that you don't even know? But I know someone I do hate. Alex, he use to be my stepfather, I hate how he treated my mom, used her that's all he did. I wish he would die. Oh and we're in war with a powerful alien force called the Covenant.

January 25th

       School today sucked like usual. I hate everyone at my school, they're all assholes. I'm not what you call "popular", everyone says I'm a nerd, uncool, call me weak. I don't give a shit about that kind of stuff, all I want to do is live. They make fun of me, tease me, push me around. What am I, a fucking clown to you. I wish to be left alone, I think. I don't know, sometimes being alone is a real drag. My mom is hardly home and I have no bothers or sisters, so I'm mostly alone at nights. She's too busy running around having a great time to give a rat's ass about me. I'm paranoid too, I feel that everyone is out to get me, I feel that someone is always trying to break in. I guess that's what happens when you've been alone for so long, you start to feel unsafe. Neglection really screws with your mind. So do these memories, I always had a bad life, so I have bad memories. Average teen I guess.

Flips through pages.

February 18th

       School is really starting to get hard now, not work, but socially. I'm not a very social person, I don't talk much in school. Well, I'm gonna go to the movie theater with my mom for the first time in years. I'm not sure if I want to go with her. Me and my mom don't really talk much or anything. She is mostly at work and running around the town. And whenever we talk its like I'm talking to her for the first time. Falling away.

March 10th

       I've really been depressed for a long time now, ever since December. I remember, it was December, I was out for Christmas Holiday and it was such a jolly time. People were celebrating Christmas, despite the all the men and women dying. I guess its because there were trying to forget it and try to make the best of their Christmas Holiday. Well I was depressed on Christmas, I did go to my grandparent's house that day, and I did get some nice gifts. But I didn't really care for anything. I didn't care about getting anything, I didn't care about giving either....
       I just didn't care...

April 10th

       School is out, I past moving onto the 9th grade. And I've been hearing a lot about the Covenant lately, I hate them bastards so much. Many people are dying, I found out the my neighbor that join the Marines awhile back is MIA. I never knew the guy or so what talk to him, never bother to have a conversation with him, never. Well I'm going to leave for a month or two, going to Cali.
       Long vacation.

July 18th

       I've been back home for a month, haven't made a journal entry in a long time. And yesterday I heard that Cote D'Azur was invaded by the Covenant. Damn Covies, they are wasting many lives. Whey the hell do they want to kill us, we already got enough shit like that going around this world today. And I got to go back to school in August. Damn. Got to put up with all that crap AGAIN.

August 2nd

      I've written a poem today:

      Twist of Fate

      Hate is pure
      Love is strong
      But our bond
      Is no more
      I have fought
      For so long
      But this pain
      Isn't letting up
      Can't go on
      God help me
      Break this bond
      I am ready
      Heart now stops
      All that pain
      Is now gone
      Twist of Fate
      I fall down

Flips through pages.

August 30th

       I can't take this place, I can't stand life, why the hell is life so hard? I feel like nothing, a waste, loser. Why? Damn this life, I feel like killing myself at times. I hate feeling this way, oh God this feelings, its not worth it, all my life I've been teased, push around, I get so pissed off at everyone. I want to kill them, everyone that makes my life a hell. I was listing to this one song today called Hating, its so true about me. All my life I've been hating, hating everyone that makes me feel this way. The anger, it is changing me. Now I see why them school shootings happens all the time. All them stupid little faces, I hate them as much as I hate the Covenant, they are making life even more harder. So are them thoughtless people...
       Ok, I'm out...

August 31st

       Feeling the pressure in school all over again. And everyone is preparing incase the Covenant do come here to Earth. But they haven't found Earth yet. I don't want to die. Maybe things will be better, I don't know. I prey for things to get better, but what I prey for is useless, nothing happens. And more and more poeple just die. Where's God...?

September 3rd

      Well things are actually starting to get better now. Finally got over this shit and its going away. Life as I know it is changing for the good for now. All my probl

From there the writing stops. The rest of the page that was there was missing and half burnt. Outside fighting started up agian and the Marine stuck the diary into a pocket.