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The Captain
Posted By: Solidus Snake<chikornx@aol.com>
Date: 3 October 2004, 9:05 PM

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      The Captain

What is this?
Some kind of trick?
Or did I die?

Weird feelings in my mind
Opening me to a new pain
It feels like that I have died

Memories rushed through
Through out my swollen head
And I find I couldn't move

Screaming noise I couldn't stand
A loud earache sharp pain
The loud buzzing I couldn't stand

My sight was blurry
Bright haze came
Misshaped bodies formed

It was horrifying to see
What the hell is this?
This is too much to believe

I felt so very violent
I felt so much pain
I felt so very insane

Gut wrenching pain in my stomach
What is it that is in me?
In a instant I feel the need to vomit

This shit sickens me, sickens me
To hard to believe, call it asinine
Until the Chief came and killed me

Relieve me of my pain
Relieve this insane
Relieve me of this dream

No not a dream
What was in me?
Why a Flood sir

And now you're dead,