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Posted By: Solidus Snake<chikornx@aol.com>
Date: 3 October 2004, 1:37 AM

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Here is a new really short story by me. Now don't get confused but this is my own story that takes place on Halo with a different main character and twist. This is more of a test story to see how people like it.


       Dilemma, what is dilemma? Dilemma is a situation, a situation in which a choice has to be made between two alternatives. Especially when a decision either way will bring undesirable consequences. You must always remember, life is full of choices, and sometimes you must choose wisely. That choice could be very important, it can either bring happiness and new life, or death.
       That brings use to this story I'm about to tell you.
       The story takes place on a mysterious Ring World fortress called Halo (Installation-4). This Halo is over 100,000 years old and not only does it hold the very secret of life, it also hold the very destruction of existence. The most dangerous enemy the Flood have been released from their cells after the Covenant went searching for answers. The Flood is so horrific that who ever en-slave them never intended for them to see light again.
       This brings use to Halo. The creators of Halo or also known as the Forerunners built Halo to detain and study the Flood. If the Flood was ever to be release then a Reclaimer must stop the infection. The only way is to kill all of its food. But that could mean the end of life as we know it. So you can have two choices, let the Flood infect all of life, or be the killer of all of life.
       This is the story of one man's dilemma.

       Through out the enormous structure of the Library which holds the key to destruction lies hundreds of bodies of the deadly infected Flood bodies. What person could possible kill so many of the enemy that has consume half of both Covenant and human life forms on Halo? Major Michael B. Ferguson, a 40 old veteran from Arlington Texas of the UNSC special forces.
       "I'll take that." Said a robot called 343 Guilty Sparks taking this cylindrical device called the Index. "Protocol is that I take the index for transport. Now, we must activate Halo to destroy the Flood, now come with me. We must head to the control room now!"
       In a instant both 343 Guilty Sparks and Major Ferguson disappeared from the Library as pulsating lights came from the ground.

       Guilty Sparks and Major Ferguson both rematerialized on a walkway over a black abyss below. It was the Control Room. In the center lied a hologram picture of a large replica of Halo.
       "Reclaimer, I'm surprised you haven't been infected yet. You are venerable to be consume by them, and you bring such in affected weapons to fight the Flood."
       "Yeah, speaking of the Flood, what the hell exactly is all this shit." Major Ferguson demanded to know.
       "You don't know? You are the Reclaimer you should already know."
       "Well refresh my memory why don't you."
       "Very well then. The Flood is a species that could consume all of life. They do so by infecting their chosen prey leaving the quarry some what paralyzed. From there they can take over the body and all of its functions and control all of it. But, whatever has been taking over by the Flood will have unimaginable pain."
       "Ok." He was still puzzled. "And who are you suppose to be?"
       "I'm 343 Guilty Sparks the monitor of Installation-4, in other words a artificial intelligence charged with maintaining and remaining operations of Halo. You must hurry and activate Halo and destroy the Flood before another major catastrophic outbreak occurs."
       "Yes you. You are the Reclaimer, you must stop the Flood." Guilty Sparks then gave the Index to the confused human. "Hurry and put the index in."
       Major Ferguson made his way to a holographic mechanically panel. Holding the Index in his hands he asked what to do next.
       Guilty Sparks replied, "put into the control panel."
       Just before he was about to he stopped. "How would this destroy the Flood?"
       "Why it will wipe the galaxy clean of all of the edible food for the Flood."
       "In other words you are saying it will kill everything, Covenant, humans, everything?"
       "Precisely. It's the only way to stop the Flood."
       "There has to be another way than killing all of life!"
       "There is no other way, the Flood is unstoppable. Mine opinion I would rather die than suffer."
       "That's right, you said the Flood would cause unimaginable pain to whatever it consumes. But are you sure there is no other way, maybe we can fight them off."
       The glowing robot laughed. "They can't be stopped."
       "What if we use some kind of self-destruct and destroy Halo and all the Flood before they can escape."
       "Halo has no such thing."
       The human passed back and forth trying to think of something better. "But there isn't no way they can get off."
       "Incorrect, they are working hard repairing your ship."
       "We could just destroy it couldn't we."
       "No, besides going to your ship is unacceptable and suicidal. If you don't hurry I might as well just kill you and find someone else."
       "No! No."
       "Then activate Halo quickly."
       It comes to this, the choice that could end everything. Is this the only way or is there another solution that he has been over looked to stop the Flood? But still, he is the one that holds the key, and he is the one that will choose the fate for everyone. Will he activate Halo and get everyone's death over now or will he back down and let the end take its course. Although you may never know, maybe the Flood will be stop. Of course he cannot foresee the future and he can't stop the Flood completely alone. He will die someday, and so will everyone else.
       Stepping up to the controls he inserts the Index into the control panel. Instantly lights started to flicker and the holographic picture of Halo started to pulsated. The temperature started to grow rapidly and it became bright. It was the end as everything did end in a instant bright flash. Worlds after worlds were destroyed and all was left was pitch black.
       Life is full of choices.