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A Marine's Prayer
Posted By: Solidus Snake<Chi KoRn x@aol.com>
Date: 1 August 2004, 9:45 PM

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A Marine's Prayer

It was cold night, for a lone marine
Who couldn't see his platoon in sight
Left alone, battered and bruised
Before him was a frightening sight
His legs gone, Gold Elite did him good
The Elite left him alone to painfully die
The marine isn't going to survive
His only option is suicide
Just go ahead and die?
And erase what was once life?
Holding the gun to his head
Finger firm on the trigger
Full of sorrow he bestow his pride
He was ready to end his life
Instead he drop his gun and began to cry

Lord is this to be my time?
I don't want to go this way
I don't want to die at this time
But I've done good in my life
Am I right? I'm dying for what is right
I fought for her like many others
Is this gonna be my fate?

The marine sobbed with questions

What's it like up in that place?
Is it cold and black?
Am I'm to leave this place?
Or am I'm to be saved?
Is there nothing more to come?
Will I lose everything I loved?
I guess I'll soon leave this race
Okay now, God . . .
Its time for me to leave
I am ready, shut me off

His vision became blurry
The pain started to stop
His body turns cold
The light he holds turns off
His heart soon after stopped
Death may come, at least he found
Everything he known was erased
Maybe his prayer
Will give him a better place
Now he is ready
Time for deep space